已為 10 萬名逃離烏克蘭的人找到住宿

了解 應對烏克蘭危機的策略。
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3 月 3 日
Airbnb 已停止在俄羅斯和白俄羅斯營運

我們正努力為留在烏克蘭的社區成員提供支援。Airbnb 已暫時免除烏克蘭境內新預訂的房東、體驗達人和旅客服務費。我們也針對烏克蘭採用《特殊情況政策》,讓房東、體驗達人與旅客可以免責取消符合規定的預訂。

3 月 2 日
猶他州帕克城的一位房東想出了可以幫助烏克蘭房東的方式:預訂遠在 9,660 公里外的房源。雖然她不會實際入住,但此舉卻能為當地房東提供經濟支援。這名房東名叫 Sarah Brown,她告訴《今日秀》:「對我來說,這是與另一個人建立連結最簡單的方式。這就像雙腳踩在地上一樣,是再自然不過的一件事。」自此之後,其他房東也開始為身處戰亂中的房東,提供精神與經濟上的支援。歡迎觀看 Sarah 分享她的經歷,並前往社區中心,與其他房東一起討論相關事宜。

在這個危急時刻,看到社區用戶慷慨解囊讓我們深受感動。在過去 48 小時內,我們免除了新預訂的服務費,同時也注意到許多用戶自動伸出援手,預訂烏克蘭的房源,為當地房東提供支援。在短短 2 天內,世界各地的用戶預訂了總計 6.1 萬晚的住宿,其中美國房客所預訂的晚數就占了 3.4 萬晚。

3 月 1 日
為多達 10 萬名難民提供短期住宿
許多人都在關注全球事件,想知道自己可以如何幫助烏克蘭難民。我們想藉此告訴大家, 已承諾資助並提供免費的短期住宿,協助安置多達 10 萬名逃離烏克蘭的難民。如果想幫忙,你可以加入計畫,在你的所在地區提供緊急住宿;或者也可以捐出善款


March 2
Hosts helping Hosts in Ukraine
A Host in Park City, Utah, came up with the idea of supporting Hosts in Ukraine by booking and paying for stays in homes almost 6,000 miles away–with no intention of staying there–to provide a financial boost. That Host, Sarah Brown, told the “Today” show: “For me, it was the simplest way to feel connected to a person, like boots on the ground. It just seemed like the natural thing to do.” Since then, other Hosts have started doing the same as a bit of moral and financial support for Hosts in the war-torn country. You can watch Sarah’s story and join Host conversations in the Community Center.

We are moved by the inspiring generosity of our community during this moment of crisis. In the past 48 hours, as we’ve waived our fees for new reservations, we’ve noticed a grassroots movement to book Airbnb listings in Ukraine with the objective of supporting local Hosts. In just two days, people around the world booked more than 61,000 nights in Ukraine listings, including more than 34,000 nights booked by U.S. guests.

March 1
Offering short-term housing for up to 100,000 refugees
Many of you have been following world events and wondering what you can do to help Ukraine refugees. We want to let you know that has committed to funding and facilitating free, short-term housing for up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine. If you want to get involved, you can sign up to provide emergency housing in your area or make a donation.

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