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Montserrat is a beautiful and tranquil island located south west of Antigua, a British overseas territory with a rich history and strong Irish heritage.

During the 80's Montserrat was a hidden jewel attracting many famous musicians of the time to record in Sir George Martin's AIR Studios, Sting and Dire Straits among them. Bear Mountain is a 6 minute walk from dinning opportunities at Olveston House and has uninterrupted views across to the Soufrière Hills and out across the leeward sea.


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Old Town、Saint Peter Parish、蒙哲臘

Thanks for your interest – we think Montserrat is very special, and we hope you will think so too!

Getting here!! It’s part of the adventure! AIR SERVICE: Best to fly to Antigua, which is 27 miles from Montserrat. There are a number of direct flights to Antigua or you can be routed through San Juan or St. Maarten to Antigua. If you have to overnight in Antigua there are several options: you may try the Heritage in the centre of St. Johns. The beautiful Siboney (MY FAVOURITE!!) or Buccaneer Beach Club (both very nice!) on the beach at Dickenson Bay, or Dickenson Bay Cottages where you get an entire apartment.(check www.antiguanice.com for Antigua info) if you are just overnighting there is the cheap and cheerful guesthouse Wind Chimes Tel: 268-728-2917, windchimesinn@gmail.com, www.windchimesinnantigua.com at USD 100/night single, or the modest but next to airport Carters Guesthouse near the airport (www.cartersguesthouses.com) – it’s cheap and clean (but has hard beds!) - US$ 70/night for a single includes transportation to and from airport. (If you are just in Antigua for the day in transit going either way, and want to “beach it”, not shop, try Millers By the Sea, a great restaurant/bar/beach place where you can even get a shower before getting on your next flight (just take a plastic bag to pop your wet swimsuit in afterwards, and a T- shirt makes an adequate “towel”!). Luggage requirements for airline are one 50 pound bag per person, and a small carry-on. If you bring more they may charge you for extra luggage (US$ 40/bag). SVG airlines has flights, 2-3 per day, baggage weight limit is 44 lbs. (664-491-4200) and Fly Montserrat has several flights per day as well, 491-3434 or on the web at www.flymontserrat.com. The Jaden Sun ferry travels between Montserrat and Antigua twice per day 5 or 6 days a week Tues – Sunday. Info is available online at https://ferry.mniaccess.com - also info on Tourist Bd website (www.visitmontserrat.com). We recommend a taxi driver in Antigua for trips when you need to keep your luggage with you – Jerome 1-268-786-4545 (Big J’s Taxi Service). You can safely and comfortably leave him with your luggage while you shop or whatever and have him come back and pick you up later. Make sure you him ask in advance what the fare will be. Taxi fares for Antigua are also online. Trip around the island is USD 25/hr.

When you arrive on Montserrat you can request that a taxi driver meet you & take you to your villa. You will most likely want to rent a vehicle which will be waiting at the villa – the most popular is a Toyota Rav 4 at about US$ 35-45/day. Unlimited mileage!! A local driving license is US$ 20 and you need to show your home license to get one. Driving is on the left, and the cars/Ravs are right hand drive which makes it easy! (If you have been here before and know your way around the vehicle can be picked up right at the airport or ferry port.) Taxi rates from Airport to Isles Bay is EC$ 65/USD 25, Olveston EC$ 50/USD 20, Old Towne EC$ 55/USD 21, and Woodlands EC$ 48/USD18.

The taxi driver can stop you at the grocery store on the way home (the store is on the way), so you can get the basics for dinner & breakfast. (Yes, liquor is available at our grocery stores!) (You should add EC$ 10/USD 4 to your fare if they take you for a quick grocery shopping.)

We have a number of grocery stores but we do not have Supermarkets, nor big pharmacies like you have at home. If you need something special, bring it with you. You cannot buy suntan lotion here – I don’t know why!! So bring it if you want it! Also really GOOD coffee – you can get Maxwell House at Rams & Dominican coffee at the other stores.

The currency is EC dollars (Eastern Caribbean) used in a number of islands, but USD or US travellers cheques are widely accepted. Many businesses do not take credit cards; others take Visa and MasterCard (no Amex). The Royal Bank does have an ATM machine so you can get cash 24 hours a day. The EC dollar is standardized to the US$ at approximately 2.7. So one US dollar is about $2.70 EC$. A humorous phrase here is “EC come and EC go”. Many businesses including Tradewinds take Visa, Discover or MasterCard, but not Amex. Make sure your US dollars are uncreased and unmarked – they only take “fresh” US currency at the bank or stores!

Phones: Cell phones that have the band 850 MHZ work here, so do quad band Blackberries, iPhones, Samsung and most other PDAs. If you bring your own UNLOCKED 850 band cell phone, you can get a sim card at Cable & Wireless if you wish a local number and “top up” as needed. You can also buy an inexpensive one for about EC$ 125 (USD 47) at one of the local stores.

Internet: All of our villas have WiFi.

Shopping: There are a number of interesting souvenirs and hand made fine quality crafts to buy here, although shopping is not one of Montserrat’s strong points: National Trust Gift Shop for a variety tropical items is the best place for gifts and souvenirs and while you are there take a look at the Botanical gardens – fabulous! (Salem) Luv's Cotton Shop in Salem Centre has wonderful Sea Island cotton woven items. Easi Living just opened at Hilltop and is also worth a visit for local crafts and spa items.

Olveston House (Sir George & Lady Martin’s private home on Montserrat) enjoy Margaret’s delicious cooking in a charming Inn setting with lush gardens. Many other events – call 491-FOOD,
olvestonhouse@gmail.com www.olvestonhouse.com OPEN DAILY except Monday
Watermelon Cottage Bistro – Trevor’s luxurious and exclusive restaurant, call 491-5305 for info or reservations
Isles Bay Beach Bar –meals, sundowners, and SUNSETS every evening. open Thurs & Fri 4-10, and Sat & Sun from 12:30 pm until!
Ziggies - Mahogany Drive in Woodlands .- Elegance, and great food - need a reservation: 491-8282
The Attic - try the roti or quesadilla! M-F for lunch – 491-2008
People’s Place at Hilltop, great local food and goat water, fun Friday afternoon Brit hang-out
The Yellow Bus – near Little Bay – grab a sub and sit on the beach at Little Bay for a lunch break with a difference
Trixies and Summer Breezes are both at Marine Village in Little Bay – gorgeous location, watch the pelicans as you eat and drink. Summer Breezes features fab Indian food and an impressive bar selection.
Vue Pointe – now open for drinks and meals Sat – Wed evenings 491-5210

This is by no means a full list - For more variety – see the Montserrat Guide.

Night Spots: Soca Cabana – live music on the beach at Little Bay, food, lots of fun during the winter months

Coffee Shops –
The Hilltop, open Thurs, Fri & Saturdays with coffee and homemade treats 491-5812. Lots to look at!
The Odd Cup at the National Trust – Tuesday - Friday mornings

Catering –Sarah at Olveston House also makes wonderful pot pies, quiche, etc ready to take home for an easy meal. 491-5210 or 491-3663.

Montserrat National Trust still has the Botanical Gardens & gift shop in Olveston (2 doors from Tradewinds)

Other shops: Sea Island Cotton – Luv’s Cotton Shop in Salem – 496-7864
Royal Palm Glassworks – call Terranda at 496-3727 to arrange to view the items (at the old Royal Palm Club up Mahogany Dr)
Cecil Wade will make you fabulous hand crafted sandal – at Cudjoehead – 492-2814
At the BBC complex in Brades Gessie Smith’s unique African fashions are fabulous!

Diving or snorkeling from a boat or the shore - call SCUBA MONTSERRAT (Andrew & Emmie) 491-7807, cell 496-7807. Or Charley at Island Dive Centre 496-4995. Never done it? Well, Emmy or Andrew, or Charley, can give you lessons and PADI certification upon completing & passing the dive course. See the pristine marine environment with an expert, and have a great adventure! Check them out on Face book!

Boat rentals, Sunset Cruises, Island tour by Boat, amazing trips by sea to Plymouth, the former Capital, and trips to secluded Rendezvous Beach – call Hubert 492-1570. He does boat trips once or twice a week so make sure you call and let him know you are interested so they can schedule you.

Fishing: Call Hubert (492-1570) (hubert@candw.ms), or Bruce in Bruce B II (farara@candw.ms) and catch mahi mahi, tuna, mackerel, sail fish, snappers, wahoo!

The Buried City Tour – highly recommended – in Dec 2015 the MVO gave the all clear for supervised trips to the buried city of Plymouth, Montserrat’s former capital. Several people will take you on a pre-arranged tour right into the jetty in Plymouth – not to be missed! Call Winston at 496-7710 or Sun Lea at 491-2124.

Emerald Isle Helicopters: Fab new business – take volcano tours, aerial views of Plymouth, Redonda, etc, or over to Antigua. Call 496-3438, 496-3465 or 496-3466.

Other Activities: Do you play Bridge? Ask us at Tradewinds and we will help point you in the direction of joining some of the bridge players who play several nights per week. Or go for a hike with Forest Ranger “Scriber” and you will see him call the Montserrat Oriole, our national bird, plus he will show you other flora and fauna. Tour guides Winston, or Sunny Lea are great for a road trip all over the island with a running commentary. H’Ash House Harriers, (Drinkers with a Running Problem) hold regular events. Are you a Rotarian? – we meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:45, Olveston House, (you can ask Susan for info 491-2004). If you are here in July, Aug or Sept., make sure you view the beautiful hawksbill, green turtles and leatherbacks nesting at the beach, best in a full moon! A Discovery Channel type experience you will never forget. Three of the world’s seven species of sea turtles call the waters around Montserrat home. Love bird watching? – well we have over 100 species of birds, including the Montserrat Oriole, Brown trembler, bridled-quail dove, and several beautiful hummingbirds.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory - 491-5457 for info. See the scientists and monitoring equipment at work! A view you won’t believe! The Visitors Interpretation centre is open from 10 am to 3;15 Monday – Thurs, and a film about the volcano is shown every hour starting 10:15. Cost is EC$ 10 entrance fee to the Centre. Also check out the cool T-shirts and caps, as well as the posters for sale at the MVO shop. Or, just drive up to the MVO anytime to stand on the viewing platform and gawk at the incredible views of the volcano, Plymouth, and the Belham Valley – panoramic!!
Communications & Utilities: All the villas have Cable TV with about 55 stations including the major US networks, CNN, BBC, etc. We are on Eastern Standard Time (EST) April through October and Atlantic Standard time between Oct. and April (EST PLUS one hour) (we do not go on daylight savings). Local Radio station is ZJB on 88.3FM , 95.5 FM Local radio is also on Channel 99 on Cable TV. Local news is on the radio at 7:05 am and 6:00 pm. Radio station ZJB is also streamed on the internet, www.zjb.gov.ms Our water is delicious and plentiful (no need to buy bottled water), and we generally have no electricity problems. However sometimes power will go out – suggest all visitors bring a small flashlight to keep next to the bed (good advice for travel anywhere in the Caribbean!).

Montserrat is safe and friendly, and don’t forget – you can drink the delicious mountain spring water right from the tap!!

Phone directory: if you would like to look up a number (white or yellow pages) in our Montserrat phone directory, it is online at www.montserratyp.com.
Tourist Board: www.visitmontserrat.com
Montserrat Animal Protection Society www.mapsmontserrat.com
Development Unit – www.devunit.gov.ms
Governor’s Office in Montserrat - http://ukinmontserrat.fco.gov.uk:80/en/
MVO – www.montserratvolcanoobservatory.info

TRADEWINDS: Our office is located on the main road north of Rams (just two houses south of the Montserrat National Trust in Olveston). Come on in and visit us! Office hours are 8-4 weekdays.

Have a great vacation!! The Montserrat Tourist Board has come up with several slogans in the past decade – now it is “ Come, we have time for you”, which followed the awful “Off The Grid” and before that it was “Montserrat Relaxed”. Prior to those, and even better - “A Caribbean Treasure, Spectacular by Nature”. But perhaps the most loved by all was the even older slogan, “The Way the Caribbean Used to be”. Whichever you prefer, we know you won’t be disappointed! Montserrat is all of these…and more!

Susan MacLeod Edgecombe BA. M.Ed.
Tradewinds Real Estate
Box 365, Olveston, Montserrat, West Indies
Tel: 664-491-2004 Fax: 664-491-6229 Mobile 664-495-2004

Liability Clause: The properties are privately owned; neither the properties owners nor the property management agent (PRM/Tradewinds Montserrat Ltd) are responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses that occur while on the premises or its facilities. The owners/agent are not responsible for loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guests. All guests who rent a property agree that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.
Thanks for your interest – we think Montserrat is very special, and we hope you will think so too!

Getting here!! It’s part of the adventure! AIR SERVICE: Best to fly to Antigua, which is 27 miles…


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My husband, children and I live in Southampton on the south coast of the UK. We have a strong connection with Montserrat with close family permanently living there. We bought Bear Mountain recently fulfilling a long held ambition to have a family retreat on the island. We love to share our home with others who would like to visit the beautiful Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. Our agent on Montserrat is Susan Edgecombe of Tradewinds Real Estate (email: (Email hidden by Airbnb) and telephone: + (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) Susan and her team manage the house for us and are on hand for your local assistance.
My husband, children and I live in Southampton on the south coast of the UK. We have a strong connection with Montserrat with close family permanently living there. We bought Bear…
Our agent on Montserrat is Susan Edgecombe of Tradewinds Real Estate. Susan and her team manage the house for us and are on hand for your local assistance. Her contact details are in the house manual with the villa.
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