Excellent Reviews! Clean. Safe. Great Location!

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此房源不適合嬰幼兒(0 - 2歲)入住,且房東禁止攜帶寵物、舉辦派對或抽菸。
Convenient. Clean. Safe. Great location.
Our condo has a new kitchen, new furniture and a nice view.
Near everything! It's just a 10-minute walk to beach, resort area, restaurants, bars, and the Micronesian Mall.
Clean and comfortable with everything you need to enjoy your stay.
Tumon Horizon is a very safe area.
Our condo is one of only 34 short-term rentals certified by the Government of Guam. To be safe, choose only certified rentals for your stay.

(NOTE: We have always had an easy cancellation policy, and we've been full all year. But recently, many guests have reserved but are just hoping to stay. Then, they cancel because they can't really come. We understand how difficult it is, but because of this, we have set our cancellation policy to be stricter. We really would love to have you as a guest, but please be sure that you really can travel before you book. Thank you!)

We love the Tumon Horizon Condos and think you will too. It's in a great location. It has good security. And we really like its house rules so everyone can feel comfortable. (We’ve lived in neighborhoods without rules, and if anything goes wrong, there’s no one to go to for help.)
The huge windows make the rooms feel very large, and any unit there has a nice, green view. This unit has a new kitchen with washer/dryer, refrigerator, microwave, and everything you need. We’ve put in new furniture so you can be comfortable during your stay. There is also some shampoo, soap, and enough coffee to get you going when you first get there.
Plus, if you get tired of being inside, you can always go out to the gazebos, the barbecue and the pool.
We’ve added 50Mbps wifi, the fastest speed in Guam. Nevertheless, because the internet speed can vary wildly here, the speed may vary. But it's still far better than a mobile hotspot or mifi.
The Horizon is in a central location, so you can go anywhere easily. Some of our tenants even prefer to walk downtown or to the mall rather than drive the short distances there.
Security is very important to us, and the Horizon is one of the safer places to be. Wherever you are, you need to use basic cautions, but we can’t remember the last time anything happened at the Horizon.
Plus, we are certified with the Guam Government. Only 10% of short-term rentals have been certified. So you can be sure that we’ve followed Guam laws and that our units have been safety inspected by the Fire Department, the Department of Public Works and the Compliance Branch.
We think you’ll enjoy the Horizon for its great location, its comfort and its security.

You may find cheaper places or even places at the same price, but you won’t find them with new kitchens, new furniture and the great location we offer you.

Thanks for looking at our place. We look forward to meeting you.

You get the entire condo. Two bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living room. Wifi. Electricity. Hot water. Everything.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

1. Why do I need to give you personal information?
We need some information from you in case of emergency. If something would ever happen to any of the guests, this information can be helpful to, for example, finding them, helping them in the hospital, or informing the consulate which can help them. There is a special section in the Airbnb or other sites for you to add this information, but many of our guests do not fill it out. So we do ask for it. If you were to stay at a hotel, you would be giving this information there as well.

2. Do you have a rice cooker?

3. Is there laundry detergent, dish soap, cloths and towels for cleaning, and other cleaning materials?
Yes, there are. There is usually enough of all these things for your entire stay. If you use it all, we ask that you provide your own. If you do not use it all, please do not take the remainder with you so our next guests can use these.

3. Can we use the barbecue?
Yes, you can. You can use the barbecue near the gazebos and pool. You will not need to reserve the barbecue. The only exception is for large groups which must reserve them. If someone else with a large group has already reserved them, which is very seldom, you will not be able to use them at that time. This is rare.
We do not stock charcoal or wood for barbecuing.

4. Is it really only a 10-minute walk to the main beach road (San Vitores Road) and to the Micronesia Mall?
For us and according to Google maps, it is a 10-minute walk. It depends on how fast you walk.

5. Why do you care about kimchi and other foods that have a strong smell?
We do have a small refrigerator for strong smelling foods.
We have other guests coming in after you who might not like strong smells in the large refrigerator. It is very difficult to get rid of these smells from the refrigerator. We just ask that you try to keep strong smells under control so that people of other cultures aren’t bothered. Thank you for your understanding.

5. Can we check in early? Or can we check out late?
Generally, the answer is no. However, we will try to help if we can. In case of early check-in, if the previous guests are scheduled to leave early or if there are no guests the day before, we can try to accommodate you. For late check-out, basically the same. We will try, but we can't guarantee that we can help. Thank you for understanding.

6. Can we leave our luggage early on check-in day?
Same as #5.

7. What is the address? When I get to customs, I will need to tell them where we are staying.
Tumon Horizon Condominiums #207, 1128 N. Marine Corps Dr., Tamuning, GU 96913.

8. What kind of A/C do you have?
We have central A/C. This is very common in condominiums in Guam. There is one A/C that cools the entire condominium.

9. Why do I need to keep the A/C at 70F degrees or higher?
There are two reasons for this. One is that Guam is a small island, where they generate all the power for the island. It is not the most efficient power system in the world, and it is good to try to conserve energy as much as possible. Second, because Guam has a hot, tropical climate, this places quite a bit of stress on A/C systems. In order to keep the system running smoothly, 70F degrees is the lowest temperature at which they will operate for long periods of time without problem. We also ask that you set the A/C for 80F degrees when you are out. The condo will probably not ever get to 80F degrees because it is insulated by the units around it.

10. I have children. What kind of noise will be a problem?
Whether you are in a hotel or condominium, there can be people below. So bouncing balls, excessive running, and other activities that can be heard below might cause some irritation to other tenants.

11. What can I do to make sure I am not too noisy?
Number one is to follow the rules that do not allow parties. But for most people, just use common sense. Set the television or music you want to hear so that you can hear it in your condo unit but so others can't hear it.

12. What if someone parks in our reserved parking space?
It doesn't happen often, but it is possible. In that case, park in a guest parking spot and call us. We will call security or the manager to make sure you have no problem leaving your car there. If you see a security person, tell him. He will try to find the owner of the car and have them move it. It is possible that he will have the car towed away.

13. Why is it important that the short-term rental is certified by the Government of Guam?
You have probably read about scams with Airbnb. If you know that the unit is certified, you will have no problem. The Compliance Branch has inspected to be sure the rental unit is there and suitable for use.
Second, you will be staying in someone's place. If you have a problem, the Government of Guam can more easily find you and assist you. They have no records of uncertified short-term rentals.
We're one of the few short-term rentals certified by the Government of Guam. Be sure to look for a Guam certification number wherever you decide to stay.

14. How does it feel when someone rates the "Location" as a 4 instead of a 5?
Answer: Not great, but other places in the same location get that too sometimes. I mean, there is almost nothing closer to downtown or in a more central location. It's about as good of a location as you can get, except for the resort hotels on the beach. If this was in Sinajana or Hagatna or somewhere else, yes, that's a four and sometimes a three. But, really, you can't get a much better location than this for an Airbnb condominium. :)

15. Some wrote that they were happy to be able to walk downtown and to the mall. Some others wrote that they thought it was dangerous because of the big road. What can I expect?
If you have no problem walking, it isn't a problem. We've had many guests who were happy that they could get out and walk. There is a signal at the big road telling when to walk or wait. If you are with older people who are rather slow and take time to cross the road, this could seem dangerous, and it might be better for those people to drive or be driven so they don't feel uncomfortable.
Convenient. Clean. Safe. Great location.
Our condo has a new kitchen, new furniture and a nice view.
Near everything! It's just a 10-minute walk to beach, resort area, restaurants, bars, and the Micronesian Mall.
Clean and comfortable with everything you need to enjoy your stay.
Tumon Horizon is a very safe area.
Our condo is one of only 34 short-term renta…


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In the morning, there's a coffee shop just a 10-minute walk away called the Coffee Beanery in the Pacific Plaza. Just across the street is the Westin Hotel where you can get buffet breakfast.
Those are the closest spots. All along that beach road are many other resorts and restaurants as well. You'll find the Hilton, Hyatt, PIC and many other resorts, and you'll find plenty of restaurants.
There is a lot of shopping in the area. On that beach road, there are all the luxury shops, souvenir shops like the ABC Store, and many other stores.
Or you can go to the Micronesia Mall where there are many stores in one area including Ross Dress for Less, which is quite popular.
At any time of day, there are many restaurants both on the beach road or at the mall. At night, bars open at between 5 and 7 o'clock. Our favorite is Shamrock's, which opens at 5 and serves Rogue Ale and a large variety of beers and other beverages.


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Richard retired as a high school teacher in Kyoto. His aim is to provide beautiful, clean accommodations in what is called Upper Tumon, the most convenient area of Guam. Yukari has also been a school teacher and also a training and development manager for luxury stores. Her goal in everything is to provide excellent customer service and high quality.
Richard retired as a high school teacher in Kyoto. His aim is to provide beautiful, clean accommodations in what is called Upper Tumon, the most convenient area of Guam. Yukari has…
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We are available most of the time, and we will quickly answer your questions. If we need to be there, we can be there to help you out in usually 10-30 minutes.
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