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Gift of Life Experience
The Gift of Life (GOL) Experience is for guests whose "GOL" is to embrace the natural gifts that life has to offer, such as rivers, beaches, mountains, freshly organic foods, etc. Our beautiful island of Jamaica is abundantly blessed with these gifts, so as your beloved hosts, our "GOL" is to share them with you! On this journey we will start by having some real Jamaican vital breakfast which we will provide to help get your body started for your journey ahead. We will head out to the most popular beaches and rivers located on this side of town. Starting with Bob Marley Beach to Cane river. There will be many places to get food on route to each venue, so don’t leave your food money however Water will be provided for this journey. The first location will be Bob Marley Beach, get to enjoy the early rising sun and experience the natural salt waters, light exercise session (on request) . Next will be Cane River Falls, Climbing the hillside with a great view of the luscious mountains and then going through the caves to get to the fall (Adventurous). This is a whole day filled with fun and activities including of meeting locals while having the true Jamaican experience Starting @: 9am and Ending at 3pm (6hours). Transportation, Entrance Fees, drinking water, and breakfast will be provided by us. All locations will have food and drinks that can be purchased on this experience
Blue Mountain Coffee & Hiking Tour
The Culinary Blue Mountain Trail is a fun and beautiful day hike. We begin the journey in Kingston and start the day at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Blue Mountains where you have the option to purchase breakfast. After breakfast we will visit the coffee farm where you will learn all about Blue Mountain coffee and why it is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Very interesting and informative tour where you can taste the best coffee in the world. We then continue to the next stop for a short (1 hour) nature walk, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the hike we will have another coffee break with a beautiful view to take photos from the viewpoint. If you love nature and coffee, then this tour is for you. Note the Food, Drinks & Entrance is not included in the price. The Coffee Farm & Restaurant accept credit card and cash but the nature park only accepting cash JMD or USD. ************************************************************** *****Please note this tour needs a minimum booking of 2 persons***** **************************************************************
Bob Marley Birthday Month Tour
A truly Jamaican cultural story tour beginning at the famous Devon House with its rich history of centuries past, then on to the world famous Bob Marley Museum tracing the ascension of reggae music and the rastafarian who made that genre spread globally. Our next stop would be The National Gallery, archiving our famous artists depicting all the rich vibrant moods of the Jamaican art scene. The Trench Town Culture Yard Museum the roots of many Jamaican superstars, probably most notably, Bob Marley would be our final stop. The culture yard is a piece of history that was preserved in time. The tour gives an authentic feel of what it was like growing up in a Jamaican "government yard" in the 60s coming forward and highlight personalities that evolved from Trench Town. There will also be a stop at our Heroes Park showcasing our National Heroes burial ground with war memorials & funerary monuments. This rich experience for the day would leave the individual with a fulfilled cultural experience complimenting any Jamaican vacation. Other things to note Excellent safe knowledgeable driver with years of experience doing small group or individual cultural tours in the city capital and across the island. Guests should wear comfortable footwear and adequate sun protection. Each venue MAY charge an entry fee for guided tour so CASH is recommended.
Luxury picnic at black sand beach off the beaten path
Our mission is to curate experiences as unique as our clients. We will start our tour at the beach in a place full of nature, enjoying the waves until we reach a beautiful setting for your private picnic in front of the beach, where you can connect with the magic of the place and enjoy good food. You can observe local sea birds, fishermen and surfers while you enjoy local food. Picnic ends with a beautiful sunset over the Caribbean sea. We are unique in providing personalized approach and generating memorable experiences for very special occasions. We offer the ultimate picnic experience. Each picnic set up is designed based on the occasion to make it memorable for the group. Seasonal grazing boxes that are sourced from local businesses are complementary with this experience. You will be also contributing to local businesses to grow. We want your experience to be perfect from start to finish. This experience includes three features: food + drink + nature observation. Come in sandals so you can enjoy your experience barefoot. The beach can get windy at times so leave hats or anything that can blow away at your hotel along with anything valuable like travel docs.
Downtown Kingston Walking Tour
Welcome to Kingston, Jamaica, a city pulsating with music, history, art, and culture. Join us on an immersive walking tour through the heart of Kingston, where every step unveils the city's rich heritage and artistic spirit. The guide will be done by either me or my colleague Courtney, a guide, a poet, and a musician. We meet at National Gallery of Jamaica. We will visit: 1. Mural Exploration: Embark on a visual and musical journey as we traverse through Kingston's streets adorned with captivating murals. Discover the vibrant colors and compelling stories depicted by local and international artists, each mural reflecting Jamaica's diverse culture and heritage. 2. Institute of Jamaica: Our next stop takes us to the prestigious Institute of Jamaica, a treasure trove of history. Immerse yourself in the museum's fascinating exhibits, showcasing Jamaica's past, including its indigenous roots, the colonial period, and the historical figures contributing to Jamaica's greatness. 3. Waterfront Downtown Kingston: Stroll along the vibrant waterfront of Downtown Kingston, overlooking the changeable waters of the Kingston Harbour. A sampling of delicious ice cream or coffee will add the right touch to your rambles through the town. 4. Parade in Downtown Kingston: This centre is a historical and cultural hub. Then we head back to the Gallery.
Experience Jamaica like a Jamaican
We'll meet at the popular Emancipation Park in Kingston then from there we'll take a local bus to downtown where you'll experience the local market where you can get the best fresh fruits & vegetables, the national museum (which currently has several interesting exhibitions on Jamaican history, optional) & the beautiful waterfront (the view here is breathtaking right at Kingston's harbor). From there, we'll get some Jamaican patties or local food (all optional). (Bring extra cash for fare, food, fee & whatever you would like to buy). This is normally a 2-3 hr tour You will have the opportunity to connect with local Jamaicans and immerse yourself in our daily lives, learning about our customs, traditions, and way of life. We will take you on a journey through the bustling markets, vibrant neighborhoods, and stunning natural scenery that make Jamaica so special. Our knowledgeable and friendly guides are passionate about sharing their love of Jamaica and making sure you have a memorable and authentic experience. Whether you're traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, we can tailor the experience to meet your needs and interests. Come join us and experience Jamaica like a Jamaican. Book now and let us show you a part of the real Jamaica!
Dancehall Exhibition Tour with Curator
We will be viewing the only Dancehall Art Exhibition in Kingston and getting a guided tour with the exhibition curator. Taking pictures of/with your favourite artwork is permissible. After the visit to the gallery, participants will have the option of visiting the public murals located close by CreativSpace. Participants will also receive complimentary water, juice, coconut water, or Jamaican beer.
Welcome to Kingston City, the capital of Jamaica and the perfect foodie spot. Kingston Foodie Tour is an all inclusive experience that includes and showcases authentic Jamaican cuisine from two of the island most rated restaurant. This is personalized just for you based on taste, mood or general curiosity. - when you book, no cash required. (Tips are welcomed) All you need is just you and and an open appetite. This tour will provide public/private transportation to both restaurant location. Where we go is all about you and your interest. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’re celebrating or just in the mood for a night out on the town. If you’re down to eat up a storm then I’m your girl. All  restaurants suggested are  5 stars and selected based on Diversity, Culinary Innovation, Taste and Ambiance. Bring your tummy and let’s go get something yummy!. #kingstonfoodie.. talking with our mouthful!
Get fit and feel fabulous on Kingston's Hiking Trails
Explore the mountains, waterfalls, unique trails and roadways in Jamaica. Meet me in Kingston or the foot of the Blue & John Crow Mountains where we start to explore the ins and outs of humble Jamaican life, pick wild berries, guavas, mangoes, or avocados, walk through coffee plantations, pine forests or in the clouds. For two years I’ve mapped out routes for my friends and family and I am now offering this hiking experience to visitors like you.
Paint, Sip and Inspire --Creating a Beautiful Picture
The activity will take place in the Masterpiece Gallery and Studio. In the space the participants can view my art gallery and learn about my art journey as a Jamaican Creative. Then they we will paint a picture together. All the art supplies: artboard, apron, brushes, paint etc. will be laid out for the session. Persons will follow step by step instructions on how to create the piece of artwork. They are encouraged to tap into their own creative space to create a unique piece of art that will help them to connect with and remember their visit to Jamaica. I will provide guidance and feedback to each personally individually as we go along. During the session, we will have story time, where I share my stories and inspirational insights on being a creative in Jamaica and my journey to painting my life beautifully. At the end, the participants will take away their completed artwork. For the Holiday Season, I will be gifting copy of my book: "Life on Canvas", The Art of Painting Your Life Beautifully.
Kingston NightLife Entertainment
We would meet up at the famous and trendy Usain Bolt's Tracks and records Restaurant and Bar indulging in the delights offered on the particular night ,then taking our tour on the road to a high energy street type dance. Depending on the night of the week determines the event. Monday we visit the Uptown Mondays, Wednesday it is off to the Renown Stone Love Entertainment Weddy weddy Wednesdays, Sunday treat is Wet Sundayz. Thus offering a different experience to immerse in our a different dancehall fare. Other things to note Adequate cash to cover the night's entertainment. Comfortable footwear
Iconic Tours
Take a trip through the hustle and bustle of Kingston Jamaica. Have your photos taken while enjoying the cultural experience of iconic Jamaica landmarks. Walk through Kingston's craft market while picking up your personal Jamaican souvenirs. Forget the fancy restaurants have lunch like a true Jamaican-like a yaadie. At the end of the day's experience you'll leave thinking, feeling and speaking like a true Jamaican. Appreciating the food the culture and the people.
Textile day out with local artist
This experience is ideal for individuals and small groups. Participants will engage with international fiber artist and lecturer, Katrina Coombs, who has conducted workshops in finger knitting, tapestry, weaving, or fabric manipulation. The upcoming sessions will focus on felting.
Dance the Night Away in Kingston
NB: I can tweak this experience for you. I am pretty flexible and can do anything in Jamaica. If you don't see a date or time you'd like, message me and I'll schedule it. We'll meet at the Deck which is a popular open-air bar& club in Kingston.At this club, I'll show you how to move & groove like a Jamaican. You are guaranteed to learn a few Jamaican dance moves to take home with you! There are other clubs we can explore if the Deck is closed. Message me if you have any questions, would like to suggest a place or time and I'll make it happen! This is your vacation and I will make sure you have a great time :) The Best Nights to Party are weekends. You have several options on Fridays on Saturdays from MVP Fridays at Puls8 to Beermug at Marketplace. There's Kingston Dub club on a Sunday. If you're not seeing an available time or would like to do something else than partying, message me. Check out my day tour - Experience Jamaica like a Jamaican. Other things to note Clubs/Nightime events normally attract an entrance fee. We'll be travelling via taxi if we are going to a next club so there's also travel
Parish Church & Art Gallery Experience
For this experience, we will visit the Kingston Parish Church. You can see the beautiful architectures, hear the history of Jamaica's link with religion . Then we will travel to the National Gallery of Art, to see 2 floors of various art pieces mostly done by Jamaicans. A guided tour is not permitted at this time because of the pandemic, but your guide will usher you around. Afterwards, you will be taken back to your starting point. Other things to note Bring your camera and sunscreen. Gratuities are not included in cost.