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Stone Town Historical and Cultural Walk with a Local
Join me or one of my team guides on this insightful walk, within the hours invested in the tour you will gain a great understanding of the architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will soon notice how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Other things to note: The tour duration is not limited to 2 hours, depending upon your interests it can be more or less.
Dar es salaam by Night
We can start the night at 9.30pm at a nice chill relaxed lounge or bar area (around Mikocheni or Masaki) for a meal if you would prefer where you can have some of our famous tasty meat, there will be options of Nyama Choma and Mishakaki these are skewered meat(chicken/beef/goat)marinated in some spices and cooked in a hot bed of coal served with lime and hot chilli, seafood will also be available .For Vegetarians please inform early so I can plan ahead. Then we can head to the Masaki Strip, where we will first pass by one or two famous bars to start off our night . And then we can also check out the clubs too, so come with close toed shoes, depending on the night some events might require entrance fee, that shall be covered. Then we shall head to oyster bay area and check out the beach bars. We shall party the night away with afro beats/hip hop/reggae/ pop music. For Sunday bookings we shall be going out at the Mbezi Beach area, we will meet at a bar around mbezi beach and then head to the beach bars around the area Other things to note Just have your GPS on it will help in maneuvering through different locations, and Uber also help. Also carry a phone charger and if possible have a fully charged power bank. And Don't walk around with your passport, , also please carry enough money for food and drinks, as I only offer drink coupon of TZS 15,000
Dar es Salaam by day
I live within the city of Dar es Salaam, there are a lot of different places to explore different activities, being performed by artisans, including Art Bazaar, Art Workshops, performing art. We shall start at the Mwenge Tinga Tinga, it has the best source of handmade Tanzanian art & Craft and guests can even buy there very own customized handmaid art or paintings for themselves and we can also move around and look at the famous VInyagos(Wood Carvers), From we will visit the Village Museum at Makumbusho, look at the traditional tribal houses fully furnished with local features surrounded by fields of crops. There will also be some local artists for visitors in form of cultural activities and tribal dances.Then we will move to the city center and explore some of the historical sites like askari monument, the state house,st. Joseph Cathedral,Azania Front.The we will finish our trip by visiting famous local market Kariakoo, and go see the famous Beda Amuli designed market, which is one of a great example of brutalist architecture and an example of sustainable design. Furthermore the visitors can do more shopping as it is the best place to go if you are hunting for best bargains and can even watch how people gather around the city to purchase the fresh fish catch of the day. Then will end our day by passing by Coco Beach and having some of their famous local Cassava. Other things to note Wear some hats and comfortable shoes.And bring a bag or purse to safely put your things
Zanzibar spice tour & cooking class
Spice farm tour with Zanzibar cooking class. You'll start the day at a local market Darajani in Stone town for ingredients shopping, afterwards head to the spice farms, farm tour + learn about the spices, then proceed to a cooking class with experienced local chef. Available for all dietary options i.e Vegans - vegetarians - gluten free etc.
Eco friendly cooking class Zanzibar
Mindful sustainable cooking class, I teach how to cook simple, fresh and healthy food, completely organic ingredients from farms to market, 95% of food we will shop organic food from local producers, food is coming direct from their farms. We use whole organic coconut which we make milk from the scratch after grating it, spices from Zanzibar farm , we buy fresher healthiest leafy green vegetables to cook with customers who are just starting out or would like to refresh their skills and knowledge of cooking without wasting resources, Now we prefer to utilise natural gas stoves are eco-friendly and energy efficient as fuel is directly used for cooking. , anyone looking for improvement of their health, protect our earth and build a stronger, positive connection with organic health food. The lessons aim to expand knowledge about the relations between our health, our food, how and our environment, while stimulating us to make decisions that will protect our health and the environment. Even what we buy always we get fresher. We love when we do harvesting with our customers and cook from the scratch, enjoy this experience, Eco friendly cooking class in our kitchens is about saving energy, food and live healthy. The money you pay also used to empower poor women and youths of Ndagaa community to improve their organic project of farm to table. Eat healthy and support others .
Zanzibar Night Market Experience
Zanzibar is very famous for spices and Seafood around the world. So that you will learn differently spices as an ingredient we use for cooking and different species available in the ocean that we eat. This Tour will allow our clients to learn more Zanzibar local food and have the chance to test the food. We will pass different places in Forodhani Night Market to show you around a different kind of food available in Zanzibar, how we call it in Swahili, ingredients, preparation and also you will have the opportunity to test the foods like Zanzibar Pizza, Urojo and plates of seafood like Octopus prawns, calamari and lobsters. You will interact with chiefs and you will ask questions if you need more information about how we prepare our daily local foods.
Discover reality of Tanzania
The Tanzanian culture at your hand 1.We will visit local areas in which we will be able to practice local activities including cooking local food learn how coffee is this, made, 2. The other stop will be at a traditional shop to see different traditional medicines and to a khanga shop which is African print then from there, 3..We will go to a local market to see different activities also we will be able to visit a local movie theater in which in Tanzania we call (Kibanda Umiza). 4.Our last stop will be at a traditional dance in which you will see different cultural dance and if you want to dance your warmly welcome to join. With every booking you do ,it will be able to contribute to climate action,and to education materials for children to the areas you visit.Through TanzanAfrica Tourism Growth an NGO that works to promote Tanzania Tourism while conserving the environment for poverty reduction. NB:You can also bring educational materials that you wish to bring to the children.#travelwithcause#sustainabletravel
Walking through the beautiful trails of Stone Town
Walk with me on the most beautiful trails of Stone Town. I personally will provide you with an insightful walk through the city. During the experience, you will gain a great understanding of the city's architecture, culture, daily life and the fascinating history of Zanzibar's world heritage site, and its significant areas, buildings and historical sites. You will learn how Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan roots blend with African traditions to shape its unique culture. Please note: - Depending upon your interests, the tour's duration could take up to 2 hours, however it can be more or less. - Sights that are included: Old Slave Market/Anglican Cathedral, Mkunazini Road, Stone Town, Zanzibar City Tanzania You will truly see the most interesting places like: Old fort , Old slave market, House of Wonder, Forodhani garden, Hammam bath and the unique carved Zanzibar doors .
Private trip - Mnemba with Lunch, Snorkeling, Sandbank
We start the trip to Mnemba Island at 09.00 from Kendwa Beach. On the way to Mnemba we normally see dolphins and you are free to jump in and swim with them. When we reach Mnemba you will be snorkeling with a lot of different fish species around the island, while we prepare the seafood and chicken BBQ lunch, seasonal fruits and soft drinks for you. If the tide is low, we also get off on Mnemba sandbank were you can take some magical pictures on the white sand in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We start to sail slowly back from Mnemba around 16.00 and watching the sunset before reaching Zanzibar around 18.30. You will be back with a whole new experience and view from what is under the surface of the Indian Ocean.
Zanzibar's Authentic Spice Tour, Cultural & Culinary
Embarking on a journey through Zanzibar's aromatic spice farms offers a unique and enriching experience. This adventure provides an opportunity to delve into the rich history of the spice trade, which has significantly shaped the island's culture. You will be surrounded by the vibrant colors and scents of spices like turmeric, clove, and cinnamon. As part of the experience, you also get the chance to indulge in traditional Zanzibari cuisine, enhanced by these freshly picked spices. The food, rich in flavors and aromas, represents the essence of Zanzibar's culinary heritage. This tour not only educates you about the spice trade but also engages your senses with the tastes and smells of authentic local dishes. Booking this tour means immersing yourself in the rich aromas and flavors of Zanzibar, offering a truly sensory and educational experience.
Zanzibar Dhow & Snorkeling Safari
Embark on a captivating full-day dhow cruise from Zanzibar's vibrant Forodhani Gardens to Fumba, and then set sail to the pristine waters of Kwale Sandbank. This journey is not just a cruise; it's an invitation to explore the enchanting underwater world at exclusive snorkeling spots, where the rich marine life of Zanzibar awaits. Relax on secluded sandbanks, soaking up the serene coastal landscape of Zanzibar. Your experience is enhanced with a sumptuous fresh seafood lunch served on a quaint island, offering a true taste of the ocean's bounty. The tranquility and beauty of the surroundings promise a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. To ensure a seamless experience, we include beverages like water, sodas, and beer, along with all necessary snorkeling equipment. Additionally, for our guests staying in town, transportation to and from the cruise is provided, making your journey comfortable and worry-free. This cruise offers an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and excitement of Zanzibar's coastal wonders.
KokoTEN Studio Weekend is for Arts and Coffee
Never paint an artwork before? Great! Simply come with a willingness to be vulnerable, and an idea or two. I will coach you every step of the way, from picking an idea to materials, to putting it on canvas or paper, adding some texture, and more. In this 2 hours session, you will start from scratch and complete, original artwork with me, a professional artist at KokoTEN Studio, Kigamboni. And after the session, you’ll be able to work away with your artwork. This experience is great for one-on-one private sessions to pen your own individual skill, and also for groups as a team-building activity! I’ve worked with dozens of individuals, businesses, museums, schools, and other organizations to lead and facilitate interactive group art-making sessions
Professional Photo Shoot In Zanzibar
I love to photograph travelers and their experiences whiles visiting Zanzibar, to give them unforgettable memories of their trip. We will go to the most interesting, unusual, and unique places in Zanzibar, there are lots of hidden gems on the island that we can introduce to you. I will take a lot of beautiful photos of your trip, which you will keep to remember the fun, life-changing, and fantastic moments you had in Zanzibar. Photoshoots always are private. For one person, couple, family, travel group, etc. We are also open to your curated location or at your hotel. You will get around 14 well-edited images and extra 80 unedited jpeg raw photos (with beautiful color grading and light correction), which I will send between 10 days after you select your final sets for edits. We are also open to sending a few within 2-3 days if it's your birthday or anniversaryy. Other things to note We are really open to all Ideas of guests and our experience is very comfortable. We curate every part of the trip and also provide help, and advice on other interesting things you can do on Island.
`Intangible Cultural Heritage of Stonetown` Walking Tour
Our meeting point is in front of Cape Town Fish Market ( a South African and Japanese cuisine restaurant) in Zanzibar. We will start our tour in the iconic place - The Forodhani Gardens is a small park in the historical city of Stone Town, Zanzibar. We will continue to Fuerte Viejo De Zanzíbar, also known as an Arab fort, one of the oldest buildings in Stone Town, originally built by the Portuguese in the 17th century. You will get chance to see the evidence of historic interactions between the Swahili Coast and Arabian Gulf as a part of 2018 excavation works. Then we will pass the `House of Wonders` ruins to know how the name came about and why the whole East Africa knows about this building. Then we pass by the Palace museum, also known as a The Sultan's Palace and Then Old Dispensery. Next point is the Anglican Cathedral Stone Town Zanzibar, the most prominent example of early Christian architecture in East Africa. You get a unique opportunity to walk through underground slave chambers and see extraordinary historical monuments, followed by the Old Slave Market, infamous for being the most brutal. After that we come back to our meeting point in The Forodhani Gardens.
Romantic seafood dinner on a traditional dhow
This is a private trip. We start at 17.00 along the coast of Zanzibar. The two captains will prepare the seafood BBQ dinner for you while you are enjoying some drinks. At 18.00 we serve you the delicious dinner while enjoying the beautifully sunset together. You will be back at 20.00.
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