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在 2020 年,世界旅遊聯盟 (WTA) 認可本學院的努力,並給予「透過旅遊減輕貧困的最佳做法」的表揚。





我們先從博福特郡社區大學 (BCCC),以及北卡羅萊納州東切羅基印第安人部落開始,展開與城市和鄉村的非營利組織、學術機構和政府單位的合作。 目前,我們正與 Brotherhood Crusade、Russell Center 和其他當地社區合作,將計畫拓展到全美的多元社區。了解詳情


我們與印度的自僱婦女協會 (SEWA) 合作,提供教育機會給住在鄉村的婦女,指導她們成為 Airbnb 房東與體驗達人。該工會在印度有超過 200 萬女性成員。了解詳情


過去 5 年來,我們與許多學術機構與組織合作,其中包括約翰尼斯堡大學及 Africa!Ignite 和 Tourism KwaZulu-Natal,協助來自鄉村與弱勢社區的女性與青年。了解詳情


2019 年以來,本學院與 Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda 合作,為奈洛比、基利菲與基蘇木鄉村、城市與沿海的社區 提供支援。了解詳情


We partnered with UNESCO to help entrepreneurs develop authentic cultural experiences that represent Mexico City’s unique, cultural and creative traditions across many diverse neighborhoods.Learn more


We partner with Australian Rural Tourism to provide resources to help farmers in rural communities embrace the opportunities of agritourism. Learn more


我們與哈維里亞那天主教大學 (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana) 合作,建立「女性賦權創新計畫」,藉此作為支援哥倫比亞的女性企業家的創新資源中心。了解詳情


我們與社群發展部門 (CDD) 和政府儲蓄銀行 (GSB) 合作,在泰國不同地區推廣社區旅遊。


我們與 9 個組織和機構合作,推出中國房東及體驗達人支援學習中心,並在此內容中心提供鄉村輔助課程、教科書及線上培訓系統。



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“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Airbnb in partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to host the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy program here in Cherokee, North Carolina. Community members learned that they could earn extra income by renting out space or sharing experiences that highlight the natural landscape, scenic beauty, and wealth of outdoor activities. The Airbnb model aligns with our eco-tourism strategy to preserve our natural landscapes and beautiful scenery while providing more places to stay that make visitors feel like locals in Cherokee, NC.”

— Sabrina S. Arch, Director of Enterprise Development for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, North Carolina, US

「我們很高興能與 Airbnb 合作拓展 Airbnb 學院,為有志創業的學生帶來絕佳的機會,擴大他們對旅遊及餐旅產業的視野。旅遊與餐旅學院重視產學合作,並期待與 Airbnb 攜手教育下一代的企業家。」

— 約翰尼斯堡大學旅遊與餐旅管理學院 (STH) 的院長 Diana Abrahams 教授

“Together with Airbnb, we implemented a pilot project aimed at empowering individuals and groups interested in developing tourism products or services based on their cultural heritage or diversity. Through this initiative, participants had access to digital tourism market tools, all in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Our goal is to promote a sustainable tourism model that is managed by the communities themselves, contributes to the conservation of heritage and cultural diversity, and promotes economic growth in areas of Mexico City that have historically faced barriers to tourism development.”

— Alexander Leicht, Chief of the Section of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at UNESCO, Mexico

“The partnership between the Washington Area Community Investment Fund, Airbnb, and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is an exciting opportunity to expand pathways to inclusive entrepreneurship and hosting in the D.C region. With 36 years of experience as a CDFI, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting small business development and are thrilled to align with like-minded partners who share our mission to increase equity and economic opportunities in our communities.”

— Sowmya Pelluru, Chief Brand and Communications Officer at the Washington Area Community Investment Fund (Wacif)

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