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Incredible Aurora Viewing Adventure
Tour Details: * Depart from Fairbanks, Alaska.  * The adventure starts in our warm, modern van to one or more locations that, depending on weather, will be best for viewing. * Learn from a local expert about Fairbanks and Alaska in a small group setting * Training on how to take photos of the Incredible Northern Lights with hands-on assistance * Enjoy looking up stargazing into the universe, glamour at the constellations, maybe catch a shooting star, and chase the Aurora Borealis * On evenings when the Northern Lights are exceptionally active, we may stay out later for your enjoyment * Aurora Portraits are included if desired for FREE. * Adventure includes hotel pick-up and drop-off  Additional Tour Information What should you expect on your guided Aurora Adventure? * An email the day of the tour with a pickup time and information. * An education of the science behind the Aurora. * Understand what makes Fairbanks the perfect location for Northern Light viewing. * Perfect Aurora Pictures - your local expert guide will offer techniques and settings on your camera or smartphone Other things to note We will only go out when we know we are going to see some Aurora. With our key locations and experience we will view the Northern Lights or you can come out viewing with us again for free within the next 30 days.
Gold Rush Husky Dog Sledding
When you arrive for your dog sledding, we will meet a few dogs. These animals want love and they're not afraid to ask for it. Belly rubs and ear scratches, are all welcomed in this crew of love mongrels. After the initial greetings we'll make sure you are dressed appropriately, extra hats, gloves, jackets and snow pants are provided. Next we will have a safety talk about sledding. This is an interactive ride, sitting is an option, but we suggest standing for the full experience! Similar to riding a bike or going on a hike, we are not breaking speed records with these dogs, so great for even less active folks. The sledding will be approximately 20-30 minutes with time for photos. When the dogs are relaxed afterwards, we can take group and individual photos with your favorite pups or full team.
Aurora Adventure Tour with Photography and Hot Gourmet Pizza
We only book 9 guests maximum per tour to ensure a personal experience, this ain’t your grandmothers overcrowded Princess Cruse! ;) This is a photography adventure like no other. We'll embark together on a magical journey through the sparkling frozen tundra, chasing the colorful swirls of aurora borealis overhead as we learn the science behind the natural phenomenon and how to photograph it using your own camera. We’ll enjoy the winter wonderland under the northern lights, staying toasty warm in our heated warming shelter while eating stone fired, gourmet pizzas and enjoying hot drinks. The trek is about a 6 hour tour, we drive north of Fairbanks to select locations, some with an optional 20 min hike with 360 degree mountain top views and large rock formations. While we wait for the aurora to appear we’ll enjoy relaxing in the heated warming shelter with chairs, a flame broiled pizza oven and other goodies! We also enjoy photography activities like light painting, steel wool firework’s and launching flying Chinese lanterns.
Relaxed kayak and hike
Let's give AK a good paddle!! This can be a great way to begin your Alaskan vacation or an enjoyable and relaxed way to end your AK adventure! As a long time local I am happy to offer advice on what to do (attractions, eating, recreation). You will be paddling on a local gem, Beach Lake, were we will enjoying mountain views and Alaskan wildlife (possibly including eagles and loons, moose, bears, fox, coyote, porcupine ect.) This is a great time to take photos, chat or just enjoy the quiet calm waters of Beach Lake. After kayaking across the lake we will leave the kayaks and go for a short hike/walk through the forrest to a salt water inlet beach that offers great views and very limited crowds. Here guests can take in the views and enjoy a truly Alaskan beach. After a 20-30 minute walk at the beach we will return to the kayaks and spend the rest of the time paddling on Beach lake back to where we started. **Aug 15-Sept 30 submit request for your desired date and time**
Private Dog Sled Tour
Come visit our 40 acre homestead and learn about life with these amazing athletes. Learn about the loving and hardy dogs and why they excel as sled dogs. Get to know each of their fun personalities, as we tell you stories of where they each came from and the fun adventures we have had with them. After you meet the dogs it's off on a sled ride through the birch and aspen forest. Enjoy watching the dogs fluffy butts while hearing nothing but the soft sound of the sled gliding over the snow and the dogs gentle breathing. Join us on an enchanting winter dog sled tour with some of the best Denali views in the area! The dogs of Susuitna Sled Dog Adventures are more than working dogs, they are our family. We love sharing their passion with others and hope you leave our home filled with as much admiration and respect for these amazing animals as we are.
Hot Springs Aurora Viewing Dream
Our Chena Hot Springs / Northern Lights Alaska Tours begin right at your Fairbanks hotel, so you don’t need to plan how to get to us and you will save additional taxi costs. Only 60 miles from Fairbanks, this world renowned resort offers an afternoon of rest and relaxation in the historical location discovered by natives and early miners. Enjoy the mineral hot springs in a beautiful natural setting and experience the dancing of the northern lights. Enjoy fine dining, Rustic Bar, and Café The world’s largest year-round ice museum and bar is your first stop at the hot springs. Created from over 1,000 tons of ice and snow the ice museum contains spectacular ice carvings for your enjoyment. 8PM to 11PM This your time to do what you would like to do! Get drinks at the bar, relax in the hot springs, shop in the gift shops, eat at the restaurant, or view the aurora from the Aurora viewing station. *Food and beverages are available for purchase at the restaurant. (not included in price) * seeing the aurora is not guarantee Other things to note We pick you up from your B&B or Hotel in Fairbanks. We pick up five miles from Fairbanks. If you are more than five miles from Fairbanks I recommend meeting us at Wall-Mart.
Ice Fishing in Heated Hut/cabin
Are you ready to make your Alaskan Adventure feel REEL!? We invite all Air BnB guest try your hand at catching a fish through the ice! This is an excellent all ages, fun for everyone activity. Once you complete a quick check-in, the guide will give you a simple demonstration on the best techniques to successfully catch a fish during your adventure. We encourage Catch and Release, this helps our groups have the opportunity at more and bigger fish, however your guide will cook the fish for you upon request. We fish for multiple different species throughout the Interior including Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout ,Arctic Grayling, Burbot, Pike and Whitefish. To make your experience even better while in the cabin there will be hot drinks available (hot cocoa/tea). Once booked we will email you detailed instructions on what lake we will be fishing and exactly how to get there.
Glacier Blue Kayak and Grandview Tour
Paddle around magnificent icebergs and up to the Spencer Glacier terminus. Hike onto the gravel moraine and get up close to the glacier blue ice. Enjoy two Alaska Trains: The Coastal Classic & the Glacier Discovery Train, traveling thru the most scenic Grandview & Tunnels sections of the AK Railroad. Glacier Blue Kayak Tour Itinerary: (Coastal Classic Train with Glacier Discovery Return) ANCHORAGE DEPARTURE: 6:45 AM – Coastal Classic departs Anchorage (Breakfast & Coffee is available on the train, but please let the onboard supervisor know that you will be getting off at Spencer Glacier and need to eat early) GIRDWOOD DEPARTURE: 8:05 AM – Coastal Classic departs Girdwood (Guide will board the train here) 9 AM – Arrive at Spencer Whistle Stop 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Kayak Tour on Spencer Lake and short hike 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch 2 – 5 PM – Scenic Train Ride to Grandview thru the Upper Placer River Gorge Canyon 5:15 PM – Arrive in Portage and board motorcoach back to Anchorage 6:45 PM – Arrive in Anchorage Other things to note: -A perfect paddle for beginners and expert paddlers. -Trip can start from Anchorage or Girdwood. -There is no tidal influence at Spencer Lake and the mornings are the calmest and beautiful time at Spencer Glacier. -We use tandem (2-person), sit-in kayaks to explore icebergs on Spencer Lake -Our max guest to guide ratio is 6:1
Majestic Aurora painting with a professional art coach
The “Majestic Aurora painting” watercolor class will start with short inspirational narrated painting demonstration, where experienced (with over 20 years of teaching Art) instructor Vladimir will guide you through the process of Wet-into-Wet watercolor painting technique, then guests will get one-on-one instruction, while working on their own artworks in a friendly, fun and creative atmosphere with all materials and supplies provided. On the end of this class every guest will walk away with their own wonderful one-of-a-kind “MAJESTIC AURORA” truly original watercolor painting and unforgettable experience to share with your kids and love ones back home.
A Walk in the Woods with Reindeer
Experience our one-of-a-kind arctic homestead with our lovely REINDEER and our historic cabin with its fabled ceiling murals that have been dubbed, "The Sistine Chapel of Alaska"! We’ll wind through our private nature trails observing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and learning all about this unique ecosystem and its edible and medicinal treasures with our 'deer, Sophie and Phoebe! Then we'll finish up in our beautiful cabin consuming our favorite homesteading goodies. We’ll first meet the 'deer and learn all about this mysterious creature of the arctic. They'll guide us through our cultivated homestead and natural boreal forest, as we sift through the many edible and medicinal plants. Depending on the season, here's what you may encounter: Witness the highly medicinal chaga mushroom emerging from a slowly dying birch tree. Pick some labrador tea to enjoy at the conclusion of the tour. See why Devil’s Club is so visually intimidating, but is also edible and medicinal. Taste the sweet astringency of plump black currants or the delicate floral notes of the abundant wild rose. Hear the soft music of the trembling aspen and smell the tell-tale spring fragrance of the poplar buds. We’ll conclude our tour in the cabin where we'll nibble on an array of homesteading snacks and drink tea made from the plants we just experienced, and also learn about some of our preservation techniques.
Matanuska Glacier Excursion - Hike near Anchorage, Alaska
Take a Hike - On the Matanuska Glacier! This is the COOLEST experience around! We provide transportation, including pickup and drop off at your AirBnB. We leave Anchorage by about 8am, stop along the way for a restroom break, where you'll also be able to pick up snacks or sandwiches for lunch when we're done with our hike, or grab a cup of coffee for the road. We'll arrive at the Matanuska Glacier by about 10:30 am, and our hike on the glacier starts at 11. You'll walk on the magnificent Matanuska Glacier for between two and three hours, about 2.5 to 3 miles. You'll learn all about glaciology and the local geology that created the glacier and keeps it healthy as other glaciers in the area are receding. All the gear you'll need to keep you safe will be provided. We'll finish up at the glacier around 2pm, and make several stops along the return drive to take in even more of the magnificent scenery of the Matanuska River Valley! We'll have you back in Anchorage between 4 & 5pm.
My off-grid homestead life w/ sled dogs
I will show you my personal Alaskan life at my off the beaten path homestead, just south of Talkeetna. Of course you will meet my Alaskan husky sled dogs. They are a rowdy bunch, but also super friendly and some (Sam and Hayden) even think that 50 - 60 lb is a perfect size to be a lap dog. You will meet each dog individual and learn about sled dogs in general. You will also learn about how the dogs are an integral part of my life and will sit at my kitchen table to see what it takes to live in Alaska year round without having any utility connections (no running water or electricity network hookup). I have setup many systems to still live a relative modern life in summer as well as in winter. You will learn about how me and the dogs collect our own water, haul our own firewood and building material, and how I grow, ferment, bake and gather 80% of my own food. Besides helping me with these tasks the dogs also provide me with winter transportation to explore the incredible back-country of Alaska in winter. It is a unique opportunity to see how and why we live here in the far north. Come visit me and my dogs. Note: * Guests have to be interested in working dogs and off-grid living. * I have no running water and sport an outhouse. No smoking, no animals of any kind. * This is not a large scale tourist destination, but my real life.
Rainforest/coast tours-gold, berries, history
3+ hour tour! I will take you on a customisable excursion based on what you would like to see here in beautiful Juneau and the rainforests that surround us. I am a geologist and amateur botanist with historical knowledge of the area including experience exploring the surrounding historical gold mines in the area. During the right season, we can choose to forage for berries or chantrelle mushrooms, and I can point out great fishing spots. A sample itinerary could include any of the following: A hike down a beautiful rainforest trail past 100 year old town ruins and historical mining machinery, and back out along the beach. A steep hike up Perseverance trail into the mountains, for more mining history with ruins and beautiful streams, with possible mountain goats and other animals. A tour of St Therese historic cathedral and the beautiful island it sits on in the middle of a beautiful rainforest with blueberry and moss cover, marmots running around along the coastal rocks. A hike to see jasper veins in majestic basalt rock cliffs against the ocean. A hike to touch the glacier ice on west glacier trail, across boulders and past rock cairns. Blueberry picking up a glacial river. Group sizes of over 6 should arrange transport to trailhead.
Paddle canoe, kayak, or paddleboard, at Chena Lakes
Paddle for a while in Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard at Chena Lake located at Cena Lakes Recreation Area right outside of North Pole. This is a great area for Waterfowl viewing on their migratory path. We often have Moose, Foxes, Eagles, Osprey, Ravens, and a sizeable variety of additional Alaska Wildlife visitors. There is also a great fishing opportunity with the lake containing Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, and Northern Pike and The Interior Salmon run comes right up the adjacent Chena River.
Paddle the waters in the Alaska interior
Paddle for a while in Canoe, Kayak, or Paddleboard at tranquil Cushman Lake located at Tanana Lakes Recreation Area right outside of Fairbanks. This is a great area for Waterfowl viewing on their migratory path. We often have Moose, Foxes, Eagles, Osprey, Ravens, and a sizeable variety of additional Alaska Wildlife visitors. There is also a great fishing opportunity with the lake containing Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, and Northern Pike and The Interior Salmon run comes right up the adjacent Tanana River.
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