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Bar Crawl Experience
We will be going deep into the night life of Sofia. I'm a native guy that know every inch of the city center and has been working in the bar entertainment industry in Sofia for more than 7 years. We will have a magnificent bar crawl through which we will explore the Bulgarian way of partying and having fun. You can be sure that you will fully experience the native culture and be drowned in the terrific native way of living the nightlife ,exactly how we in Bulgaria do it. We will have a couple of drinks and I will get to know you with other locals so you can have more friends from Sofia. I'm expecting you on my tour!
Plovdiv photo session
Capture beautiful memories in the enchanting city of Plovdiv with our exclusive and personalized photo session. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, embarking on a romantic honeymoon, or simply want stunning portraits to treasure forever, our professional photographers will ensure your moments are captured in the most magical way. We'll guide you through romantic poses and candid moments that showcase the beauty of your relationship. Families can also indulge in this unforgettable experience, creating precious memories together. Book your Plovdiv Photo Session now and let us transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime. The session lasts 60 minutes. Prices are set per person In case of rain, the venue is switched, not canceled. Within 3 days you'll get the 40 HD edited photographs via Wetransfer. If you have further questions about anything, feel free to send me a message! Try not to carry along more than one bag, and wear comfortable shoes You CAN bring a change of clothes if you would like! Additional charges may apply for some specific places - the Ancient Theatre of Plovdiv, and Historical Houses in the Old Town of Plovdiv.
Sofia Communist Tour
Discover the main landmarks of communist history in the city of Sofia. Start your tour by passing by the former headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Continue on to see buildings such as the secret police investigation facility and the destroyed mausoleum. Head on towards the monument of the Soviet army and the National Palace of Culture. During the 3-hour-long walking tour, learn about the theory of communism and what Marxism-Leninism is. Find out about the history of communism in Bulgaria, the pros and cons of the period, and the relation between the communist government and religion, industry, economy, culture and everyday life of the people. End the tour with a fresh perspective on the city and a new insight into the country's communist past. Please note group size may vary depending on the season.
Unforgettable journey through ages
After meeting in the morning, we will head to the first stop of our tour, the Monastery of Saint Dimitar of Basarbovo. Dating back to the 12th century, it is surrounded by legends and is the only functioning rock-hewn monastery in Bulgaria. We will spend about 45 minutes there. We will continue to The medieval fortress of Cherven - one of the most important centers in the Second Bulgarian Empire. We will tour the well-preserved fortifications and look over fortress walls. The visit will take us about 90 minutes. Our next stop is Orlova chuka cave the largest cave in Bulgaria open for tourist visits. There we will see some rare rock formations in the beautifully lit galleries and learn about the geology of the region.Then we will stop for a lunch of locally sourced delicious Bulgarian food and refreshments. The cave visit lasts around 45 minutes. Total, including lunch - 2 hours. Next, we will head to the Ivanovo rock-hewn churches. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this complex churches and chapels hewed out of the white rocks above the winding river, is famous for its well-preserved medieval frescoes dating from the 12-13th century. This visit will last about 60 minutes After that, we will go back to our start point. Other things to note As most of the places we'll visit have an open season from 1st April till 30th October, this is the period the experience is offered.
Become a beekeeper for a day in Bulgaria
First, we will have a short lecture about the basic tools, and terms. We will speak about the bees' life cycle, how honey and other bee products are made by the bees. Then, we will get equipped with protective costumes and gloves and we'll move to one of my bee yards. There I will open a few hives and will show my guests the bee colony - how it is organized, how it works. All questions will have answers. Any time my guests feel ready to make their first touch, they will take the chance, supervised and encouraged by me. We will make real beekeeping, depending on the season. Multiplying colonies, extract honey, queen bee production, disease prevention, etc. We will have lunch, with delicious food homemade by me. Lunch will finish with a tasting of different kinds of honey. After lunch, we could have a discussion "how to start professional or own needs beekeeping". Other things to note Please, have in mind, that bees can and often sting even through the protective costume. This experience is not suitable for people with insect sting allergy. To avoid getting bees stinking, the guest should not use strong fragrances such as perfumes, aftershaves, deo, hair styling, etc.
The New Sofia Pub Crawl
Join us for a pub crawl around Sofia's great night life! Don't miss the best opportunity to have fun with travellers from all over the world enjoying a few drinks and the best bars around town. During the week when less people join us, we go to some smaller and hidden locations with their own history and atmosphere. During the weekend we go to bigger venues, as more people (10+) are joining us. During the week: Our second place is a hidden bar with its own story that our guides tell to the guests. Our third place is an art location with a unique vibe. This venue has a special story which the guests of the pub crawl will learn. Our fourth place is is a lively bar on a weekday where the people on the pub crawl already know each other and level of enjoyment go on higher levels. Our last place during the week is a lively place where you can dance and have fun the rest of the night. We get there at about 12:30 - 1 am and you can stay until it closes in the early hours of the morning :) During the weekend: Our second place is a lively bar/club where the guests start enjoying the nightlife music in Sofia. Our third place is a venue where quite often the guests can hear live music) We have the sole intent to provide our guests with a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Any individual or group that is only interested in getting wasted as determined by the guides will be asked to leave
Sofia Pub Crawl
Sofia Pub Crawl is a guided tour of Sofia's best bars, clubs and nightlife overall. You get to join a group of locals and tourists from all over the world for a night of exploration and drinking. What you get: - A 4+ hour tour of Sofia's best bars (unique, secret & local favourites) + a club - A free round of shots at each place - A free round of beers at one bar - Free entry to the club at the end of the tour - Meeting locals, as well as travelers from all over the world - Drinking games, challenges and other types of entertainment - Your very own fun English-speaking guide
Plovdiv Old Town Walking Audio Tour
This is a self-guided tour with an audio guide that you listen to on your phone and a route map. Plovdiv is the cultural capital of Bulgaria, the most picturesque city in south-eastern Europe. The history and culture of this 8000-year-old city presents vivid traces of all European civilizations. You will start the excursion in Plovdiv from the ancient Roman stadium and the Mosque. Further along, the route follows the Old Town with the stunningly preserved Ancient Amphitheater. Undoubtedly, you will add to the piggy bank beautiful photos of Bulgarian houses from the era of National Renewal of the 18th and 19th centuries. Our author's route is a search for little-known facts, legends and legends. One of the stories we will tell you about Argir Kuyumdzhioglu, a wealthy merchant who survived a period of lack of money and large debts. The Ethnographic Museum is located in its rich house. You will visit the hidden and little-known places. For example, during the internal restructuring of the building at the beginning of the 21st century, a valuable find was discovered - the second small sector of the Rome Stadium in Philippopolis. Today it is a shopping center building. The tour ends with a pleasant walk along the longest pedestrian street in Europe. Other things to note There is no live guide for this tour. It's self-guided with the help of a map and an audio guide.
Cook and Eat Bulgaria
I will take you on a culinary adventure of the national Bulgarian cuisine. We will prepare seasonal meals and use fresh and locally grown products from the small local grocery stores. Together we will cook a hands-on four-course, traditional Bulgarian meal, including banitsa, a main dish, a salad or a soup, and a light dessert. We will start with the preparation of the classic pastry for banitsa from scratch while talking about mystical Bulgarian food and culture habits stories. Our soup will be traditional Bulgarian cold soup - Tarator (we will cook it only when cucumbers are tasty and in season - spring, summer or early autumn time, for the wintertime we will prepare a winter salad) followed by the main course, which will be based on your food preferences (vegetarian or classic meat dish) and finishing with delicious Bulgarian yogurt dessert with homegrown/made ingredients. You will have the chance to learn classic recipes and secret tips for mastering Bulgarian cuisine. I will be happy to share with you products grown in my family's back yard with a lot of love and care, like homemade alcoholic drinks and classic Bulgarian preserves. Other things to note Vegetarian and Vegan options are available upon request. Please, inform me about any food allergies.
Wine tasting in heart of Sofia!
During your personal tasting experience I will guide you through the distinctive world of Bulgarian wines. Although Bulgaria has been producing wine for 5000 years it is still relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Now a rising new generation of Bulgarian boutique winemakers are devoted to the craft and bringing new attention to our country. You will taste 5 wine varieties of local grapes unique to Bulgaria, that can not be found anywhere else: Miskets, Melnik, Mavrud, Gumza and Rubin. Plus, local cheeses, artisanal bread and mineral water. The tasting is held in one of the best boutique wine shops in Sofia – Tempus Vini, which is located on an artsy street in the city center, known for its fine restaurants and boutiques. And just a few streets away from Sofia’s main pedestrian boulevard. During the tasting I can tell you about the wine regions of Bulgaria including the history and the wine culture of my beautiful country. All tastings are held in English or Bulgarian. Duration is about 1.5 hours. Then I can offer you suggestions of my favorite restaurants nearby to finish your evening. :) Other things to note Please inform me if some of the guests have any allergies. Thank you. We are expecting you!
The night e-scooter tour of Sofia
My favourite part of the day is the time when the sun begins to set and the locals start gathering in lively groups to enjoy the evening. The city lights turn on one by one, shedding light on Sofia's main landmarks. There is almost no traffic - the perfect moment to explore the city on electric scooters! I can't wait to share this moment with you! We will tour most of the sites in the centre and ride through Borisova garden (The local Central Park), which walking tours skip. We will pass by the Soviet Army Monument, the romantic Lilies Pond, and the small Astronomic Observatory of Sofia University. Then we will ride back to the centre. It will already be dark and I will show you some nice places where you can enjoy the rest of the evening like a local or have a late dinner. The itinerary is about 9 km (5.5 mi) long. It doesn't include any direct riding with heavy traffic. We will be going mostly through bike lanes and areas where cars are not allowed. The e-scooters' top speed is 25 km/h (15 mph). Max load is 100 kg (220 lbs). Min. age is 16. Helmets will be provided for everyone and we will start with brief but precise instructions on how to use the scooters. Safety 1st! Note that insurance is not included. Group tours are in English, privates can be in Bulgarian, Russian or French. IMPORTANT: if you can't ride a bike, you can't ride an e-scooter - they are quite similar!
Photo walk in the city centre or in the mountain
We will meet in the city centre and will walk around. We will visit the best places in the area and in the meantime, I will take pictures of the guests. I will also share exciting information about the places we visit and Sofia. I will bring the guests to every interesting place in the city centre and at the same time will save the moment, by taking professional photos. Please note that the time in the schedule is set by default and it's approximate. That means that we can make the photo walk in an hour that is convenient for you. If a certain date is not available in the calendar you can text me a message and see if we can make a photo walk that day. For a photo walk outside of the city, please make a request first. Other things to note The guests will receive all the photos in a week in an email. If you have any questions about available dates and hours, don't hesitate to contact me!
Hiking to the Seven Rila Lakes
Our meeting point will be behind Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, in front of "La Cattedrale restaurant". The departure is at 07:00 o'clock sharp. (GPS coordinates: 42.695601, 23.333790). We'll drive to Panichishte Resort chair lift, which takes us to the Seven Rila Lakes Cirque (chair lift ticket 25 BGN). Then we start exploring them one by one. Each lake is named after its most characteristic feature. The highest one (at 2500m above sea level) is called Salzata "The Tear", from where we have a bird’s eye view over all seven lakes, as well as surrounding outcrops and deep valleys; the next one in height carries the name Okoto "The Eye" after its oval form; Babreka "The Kidney" is the lake with the steepest shores of the entire group; Bliznaka "The Twin" is the largest of all; Trilistnika "The Trefoil" has an irregular shape; the shallowest lake is Ribnoto Ezero "The Fish Lake" and the lowest one is Dolnoto Ezero "The Lower Lake" (2100m above sea level), where the water that flows out of the other lakes is gathered to form the source of Dzherman River. Once you visit the last lake, we'll return to the upper station of the chair lift, ride it, and head back to Sofia. You'll be dropped off at the starting location. Other things to note: Be physically prepared for this hike. Depending on the month that you book, you might need winter clothes. Hiking boots are a must!
Wines & cheese tasting from Bulgaria
I will introduce you 5 types of the most popular Bulgarian wines from local grapes as well as two types of local cheesе. Along the tasting I'll recount you about our wine regions and the history. Our customers are some of the best restaurants in Sofia, so a recommendation for your next gourmet experience in Sofia will be provided to you at the end of the tasting. All you need to do is to enjoy the true essence of Bulgarian wines and cheesе.
Экскурсия по Старому Несебру
Это самостоятельная экскурсия с аудиогидом, который вы слушаете на телефоне, а движетесь по карте маршрута. Старый город Несебр возник 3500 лет тому назад. Его смело можно назвать Античной и Средневековой жемчужиной Черного моря. За его достоинства он первым из исторических и культурных достопримечательностей Болгарии был включен в Список ЮНЕСКО. В прошлом Несебр оставался не только неприступной крепостью в преддверии Босфорского пролива, но и загородной резиденцией античной и средневековой аристократии. Наша экскурсия по Несебру покажет места, где жили эти избранные люди. Наш авторский маршрут – это поиск малоизвестных фактов, легенд и преданий. Один из таких фактов, который мы вам расскажем, о находке археологами в 2013 году захоронения Вампира. А также покажем место где он был открыт. Предание о чудотворном дереве с его останками отведет вас в действующий храм Успения Богородицы. В предложенной экскурсии по Несебру для наших гостей мы разработали 15 объектов. А на карте марщрута мы отметили места для красивых фотографий. Экскурсия в Старом Несебре заканчивается посещением винарни. Уютная обстановка и приветливые хозяева расскажут вам о болгарском вине и угостят вас лучшими из них. Другая важная информация Для этого тура нет экскурсовода. Это самостоятельное управление с помощью карты и аудиогида.