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Moroccan cooking class with a local family
welcome to my cooking masterclass. Vegan and vegetarian are welome. You will live the experience to cook different Moroccan dishes wich you will show off to friends and family on a later stage. we accommodate any specific date/time requests. Just message us. The working time is from 07:00 AM to 22:00 PM. --Optional-- we will go to the souk ( market that local people use on a daily basis) to buy our ingredients(included) then we will get back to our house to start cooking together. NOTE: The local market closes only on Friday. You will discover the secret tips and skills of our traditional Moroccan cuisine. I will teach you how to make Moroccan tea too. In my cooking class you will learn how to make popular Moroccan dishes and have the opportunity to ask local questions about Moroccan life. All the steps will be done by yourself then we will eat the meal in a joyful and familial atmosphere.
Traditional moroccan food experience
Après notre rencontre, et autours d'un thé à la menthe, nous prenons connaissance . Nous irons ensuite en balade au marché locale (à proximité du lieu de l'expérience) pour prendre connaissance et admirer les senteurs des produits de l'art culinaire marocain, ensuite acheter les ingrédients qui vont nous sevir â preparer ensemble nos plats que nous dégusterons plutard (couscous et tajine ) Autres remarques Si vous cherchez à connaître le secret d'un bon couscous au maroc en le dégustant, mon adresse est la meilleure, Airbnb m'a donné le statut de superhot. Mon couscous est toujours apprécié par les voyageurs Airbnb qui ont séjourné chez moi, c'est confirmé dans les commentaires
Local experience on foot
We start up our tour in the morning with a traditional breakfast at a local spot to craft our local experience. Then our walking tour starts together with Mohammed V Square "Pigeons Square" that forms the central hub of Casablanca’s new town and is home to some of the most striking architecture in the city. Along with the neighboring United Nations Square. It’s a large palm-tree lined public square represents the place where the old and new town meet. Followed by a relaxed walk through the Medina (old town) of Casablanca. Dip into the daily life of the locals and travel back in time while rambling through the narrow streets. Discover some influences from the French colonial era after visiting the bustling marketplace where clothes, spices and traditional leather goods are offered by handi-crats workers. Up to a real must-see monument “Hassan II Mosque” with its impressive world’s tallest minaret. Admire the building from the outside and listen to the incredible facts about its dimension.. The mosque is known by its high minaret of 210 meters. Finally, we’ll get to know La Corniche. At the magnificent seafront as we may enjoy a walk or simply relax in a cafe with a view of the Atlantic Ocean that offers a less traditional and more holiday escape-side of Morocco. You can dip into the water if you feel daring. Last, we finalize our tour with a delicious Moroccan lunch Other things to note * To join a guided tour in Hassan II mosque: 1- You have to buy a ticket as entry fee there (130 DH). 2- Women should bring a scarf to cover their arms to be allowed to enter.
Get to know Casablanca & Morocco better with me
Hello fantastic travelers, I welcome you to all my "Amazing Tours Casablanca", My tours are unique and diverse as long as I focus on providing my guests with a broad insight into Moroccan culture and explaining some history of Casablanca . Let's start the day with a traditional breakfast at a local spot to craft our local experience. My tours are focused on local experiences, I can show you typical Moroccan food and local products, etc. We will visit some of the important sites, including: - Mohammed V Square - Sacre Coeur church . We will discover the streets of: - The Old Medina (old city behind the walls) - Traditional shops. -If there is one thing you don’t want to miss when you’re in Casablanca, it’s visiting the Hassan II Mosque. This is the one largest mosque in the Africa and YES, outside of prayer hours, they will us allow to go inside as a visitors!The mosque is known by its high minaret. -Finally, we’ll getto La Corniche.
Visite de Casablanca en voiture avec chauffeur professionnel
La visite commence par une prise en charge de votre hôtel, de votre Airbnb, ou de la Gare Casa Voyageur, de la Gare Casa Port ou *de l'aéroport Mohammed V CMN, ou à n'importe quelle adresse à Casablanca. Nous allons se balader dans la ville de Casablanca en voiture agrémentée de Transport, et par un chauffeur professionnel qui conduit à Casablanca plus de 13 ans. Donc la conduite sera tranquille et en toute sécurité et confort sans avoir besoin d’un guide. Nous allons visiter les endroits les plus populaires à Casablanca, la mosquée Hassan II, L'ancien quartier qui se situe à coté du palais royal, un marché pour les produits artisanal et aussi un marché pour les produits bio comme l'huile d'argane, l'huile d'olives, Le miel, pain fait maison et tous les produits bio marocains. Nous allons visiter la partie moderne de Casablanca, Maarif, le centre ville, la corniche de la plage Ain Diab Et nous terminerons l'expérience en vous déposant ou vous vous logez ou à n'importe quelle adresse sur Casablanca. Vous choisissez votre lieu de départ, juste mentionnez le dans un message dans le site Airbnb. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer ! *La prise en charge de l'aéroport Mohammed V de Casablanca CMN, à 38 Euros jusqu'à 6 personnes. Car la distance entre l'aéroport CMN et le centre ville de Casa est de 30 kilomètres, une durée de 40 Minutes.
Metalsmithing workshop - handmade silver pendant
Did you thought about buying a jewelry piece as a souvenir from Morocco ? Why not make your own !! In this 3 hours hands-on workshop, we will create together a silver pendant that you are going to take home. No prior knowledge is required. My workshop, tools and materials are available and ready to welcome you for an unforgettable experience here in Casablanca. We will go through different silversmithing techniques : drawing, sawing, drilling, hammering, filing, sanding, finishing and polishing. We can make your name in Arabic or Amazigh or you can bring a design of your choice, just keep in mind that the design needs to be simple, not bigger than 3x3cm and in 2 dimensions in order to finish it in 3 hours. However, I can also make a very special design of a piece that holds your story. But for this service please note that it costs additional 20$, and we can discuss the details about your story before your arrival. So I have enough time to think and make a suitable drawing for you, and you will be the one turning the drawing into a real jewelry piece. It is the perfect activity for solo travelers. I currently have one jeweler bench only, but your friend/partner can come as a guest. Join me for this class, and you will make my day as I hope I make yours!
Photo Shooting in Casablanca
This experience could be either public or private photo session, through the streets of Casablanca and the iconic spots. We will be in handpicked locations capturing artistic portraits of you. Don't worry if it's your first time in front of a camera! I will help you feel comfortable and at ease in a fun way :) PRIVILEGES OF PRIVATE BOOKING: 1- Pick-up & Drop-off to the shooting site offered “Must be in Casablanca”. 2- Entry ticket to the mosque included. 3- Flexible duration of the photo shoot. 4- Wide range of edited photos so you can choose your favorites "10 - 50 takes". 5- Priority for you to deliver your results in 2-3 working days. 6- Chance to request a 2nd revision of editing + RAW photos upon your request. 7- Opportunity to filming Short travel clips of you "Perfect for Reels and Social Platforms". WHAT IS INCLUDED IN PUBLIC BOOKING: 1- Two hours experience of photo shoot + a guided tour in one iconic location in Casablanca. 2- A “Best Of” collection of edited photos "10 - 20 takes". 3- Editing gap of 7-10 days to deliver the final results. “The mosque tickets are on your charge in public reservation, they are available on the site”. Please feel free to ask me if you have any enquiries. Check my portfolio at Tarik_Belasri
Casablanca walking tour with a local
Hello everyone and welcome! Reserve your place on this Tour and come with me to discover Casablanca, how its inhabitants live as well as their customs. We will spend 3 hours together touring the city and see highlights such as: Al Hobos place Square of Mohamed v Al madina Al qadima ( the old town) The port of casablanca ( you can try there the Moroccan sea food, if you would like to ) La scala The mosque of Hassan 2 Ain Diab (one of the most beautiful beaches in Casablanca, there are many coffee shops and bars, restaurants, and they have a look at the Atlantic Ocean. -I’m offering also to suggest to you the good restaurants and places for trying the Moroccan food ! :) Always in a friendly and fun environment!
At-Home Cooking & Dressing Moroccan with a Local Family
* * Our cooking class offers the opportunity to not only master our traditional recipes but also to try on our authentic Moroccan clothing ** You'll feel like part of the family as we welcome you into our home and share our culture with you. Welcome to an unforgettable experience! Join me and my mother for a journey into the heart of Moroccan cuisine and culture. We'll teach you how to make the perfect Moroccan mint tea, a staple of our country, and guide you through the steps of preparing delicious Moroccan dishes like Tajine , Zaalouk , Taktouka , Couscous... But it's not just about the food - we want to share our traditions with you. During our time together, we'll exchange cultural insights and stories, and you'll have the opportunity to try on traditional Moroccan garments like the famous Caftan, Takchita, the cozy Jellaba, and more. So come join us for an unforgettable lunch, and let's create memories that will last a lifetime PS : Please text me before booking to arrange exact time.
Portrait Photography in Casablanca
In this tour we will meet at the Mosque Hassan II which is the main monument of Casablanca. We will enjoy the historical facts about the mosque and we will learn about the artistic craft that took them almost 7 years to craft it. At the same time, we will take few portraits of you for memory. After our tour inside finishes, we will go out the mosque and we will admire the architecture outside as we take beautiful pictures of it and portraits of you as well under the breathtaking architecture. .
Private half day tour with a local friend
Explore the vibrant city of Casablanca, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Join me on an unforgettable tour where we'll drive through the main streets, discover hidden neighborhoods, and enjoy breathtaking coastal views. We'll start with a car tour to acquaint you with the city's bustling streets. Then, we'll explore one of the oldest neighborhoods on foot, immersing ourselves in its architecture, local life, and delicious street food. Next, we'll visit Habous, also known as the new Medina, where tradition meets modern charm. Discover unique shops and embrace the lively atmosphere. Our journey continues to the historic Old Medina and its surroundings, where you'll experience the authenticity of Moroccan culture. As our tour concludes, we'll take a scenic ride along the coast and stop at a hidden spot to admire the mosque and witness a stunning sunset. As bonuses, I'm here to help you bargain with the locals, and I can guide you to a place to buy high-quality argan oil or local products (just let me know in advance). Join me on this captivating tour of Casablanca, filled with contrasts and unforgettable moments.
Journey Through Time Casablanca Heritage Walking Tour
Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco, offers a mix of historic charm and modern energy ! We will Begin our walking tour in Casablanca by exploring the sacrée cœur Cathedral an old church built in 1930 after that we will Stroll through Parc de la Ligue Arabe, a serene green space, and we will make our way to the city center to see the art deco buildings , showcasing Casablanca's unique blend of modernity and tradition. After the city center we will visit the historic Medina, where narrow streets are filled with vibrant markets and traditional Moroccan architecture. We will end our tour by visitin the Hassan II Mosque, a stunning masterpiece by the sea. This walking adventure offers a rich tapestry of Casablanca's cultural and architectural treasures.
Discover the Authentic Side of Casablanca
If you want to see the real Casablanca , walk with me and I'll show you the beautiful side and the authentic side of this intriguing city. -1- Our day will start in Derb Sultan,one of the oldest and most famous neighborhoods in Morocco!(exactly at Derb Sultan Tramway Station). I will tell you the story of this very dynamic and authentic place . You can shop there and we can go eat "Camel meat barbecue" or "Tajine" for lunch. -2-Our second stop is "El Habbous" , where you can see a beautiful moroccan architecture, shop for handmade Moroccan souvenirs, spices, pastry... and take the most amazing pictures. -3-Our third is the "Old Medina". I will show you how to take a White Local Taxi from "El Habbous" or the CasaTramway to our third attraction. We will walk though its narrow alleyways and discover the history of Casablanca through its old buildings and peaceful squares. -4- Our last and fourth destination is the magnificient Hassan 2 mosque. We won't get inside. Bonus: - I can be your photographer during this experience - I will give you a plan on what to do next after our walk , tailored to your needs - Lunch and transportation are included in the price Important information: -Try to wear confortable shoes and modest clothes because we will walk in local areas -Try not to bring valuable items like expensive jewelry ... for your safety -Pay attention to pickpockets
Atelier de calligraphie arabe Casablanca
✿ DEMANDEZ UN HORAIRE QUI VOUS CONVIENT !! ✿ Apprenez à écrire avec votre cœur grâce à cette pratique méditative. Notre atelier de calligraphie arabe sera un moment pour nos amateurs de revenir à l’essentiel, de retrouver et conjuguer leur créativité avec leur souffle, de découvrir le rythme, de s’apaiser et de tendre à la forme méditative. La calligraphe arabe vos fera voyager dans un monde d’expressions artistiques où les lettres arabes dansent pour raconter l’Art de l’écriture. On commence par : - la définition de la calligraphie arabe. - Initiation aux matériaux de cet art et présentation du Qalam. - Apprendre la façon de manier le calame (trois doigts ; position du corps ; lenteur et décomposition de traçage des lettres). - Après avoir parlé des « règles de base », on commence par la manipulation de la plume biseautée le Qalam et au chargement de l'encre. Ensuite, place à l'apprentissage: Exécution d'une série d’exercices . Formation de lettres arabe. Mots, expressions...
Casablanca by night
Hello everyone and welcome! Reserve your place in this Free Tour by night and come with me to discovering casablanca by night , how its inhabitants live as well as their customs. We will spend 2 h together to tour the city and see highlights such as: 1-the mosque of Hassan 2 by night . 2-Marina Shopping ( there is a really nice view for the port and the beach) 2-the souk of the old medina by night . 3-square of Mohamed V (pigeons square) 4-la sqala 5-Rick’s café 6-United nations square Let’s enjoy casablanca by night !