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Views Over Amman Photoshoot
(PETRA dates available: March 26th-28th) Join me as we have a photo shoot and walk of the Amman Citadel. We'll walk around the site and take a variety of shots, and I'll share my personal favorite spots for photography. I'll get to know you more, and share my thoughts about living in Jordan as an American ex-pat. Includes 40+ photos on a private online gallery. I strive to take flattering portraits with interesting natural compositions. It's perfect for solo travelers who rarely get shots of themselves. Or a great choice for couples and families exploring Jordan together. Message me for a longer shoot at either Jerash or Salt Beach at the Dead Sea! With transportation included. Anticipate receiving your finalized images in approximately one week, or up to two weeks during peak seasons. However, I'm more than happy to provide you with sneak peeks on the same day!
Desert Adventure
Come with me discover the Wadi Rum desert! My unique experience will introduce you to the most scenic places of the desert and to the traditional way of life of my tribe, the Al zalabieh. During a whole day, I will make you discover the sand dunes of the white, red and black deserts, the mysterious Nabatean inscriptions and the iconic shooting locations of Star Wars or Dune. I will lead you to these locations by camel and by foot. In the morning we will start at Lawrence Spring, with its water source in the middle of the cliffs. I will then show you the white, red and black deserts. You can do sandboard there! In the afternoon, we will go to the heart of the desert to see the Nabatean ruins. We will end the day by enjoying the sunset from the top of the Jabal al-ash Mountain. During the entire day, I will be more than happy to introduce you to the traditional Bedouin culture through its cuisine, traditions and music. Traditional tea, water and breakfast are included.
Classic Petra & royal tombs
This unique tour of Petra takes you through a live experience of the charming landscape of the world wonder city of Petra, enjoying a deep understanding of history, culture, and local stories. We start walking through the main gate of Petra, into the canyon siq of high sandstone rocks, feeling how brilliant old people were in water engineering and surviving hard nature. The treausry is a must to do part of the tour, after which an uphill hike of 200 steps will take you to the spectacular view of old Petra and royal tombs. A place and a feeling that you will never forget. Capturing the best moments of your visit to Petra, and having a long lasting deep memories are what we will offer to you! Starting time is flexible. The tour usually takes 5 hrs
Petra Oasis Family Restaurant
Enjoy cooking with the Jordanian family, and we will teach you Jordanian cooking and how to prepare the most famous Jordanian dishes. You will be part of a Jordanian family for one day, and you will join us in a unique experience. You will start drinking Arabic coffee in traditional dress, cooking with the family according to your choice, and then we will prepare the food table and eat with each other, and then we will take dessert and tea within family environment Join us at our family restaurant and let us share the joy of Jordanian cooking with you. From the tantalizing spices to the warm hospitality, we promise an experience that will leave a lasting impression.
The Bedouin Way - A Day in Wadi Rum with a true Bedouin
Hello, my name is Ali! I am a born Bedouin raised in the Wadi Rum desert like the generations before me. I am passionate about our traditions, and I want to share with you an authentic taste of our basic, but rich desert life. I will pick you up from Wadi Rum Village, from where we enter the desert. We will drive through history, visiting the famous Lawrence Spring and exploring the inner walls of the Khazali Canyon, which are covered with Thamudic, Nabatean, and Islamic inscriptions. I will also take you past the three famous sandstone rock arches and take you on a beautiful little hike through a canyon to stretch your legs (optional - around half an hour). In between we will have traditional lunch in my family´s authentic Bedouin tent, away from the crowds and with traditional coffee. (Yes, we actually used to drink coffee, not tea. One of the many traditions I will tell you everything about!). We will finish the day watching the famous Wadi Rum sunset! You will be very welcome!
Eat like a Local, Downtown Tour
Join us as we walk to our favorite spots in Jabal Amman's local neighborhoods and into the hustle of the city center, all accessible on foot. (Ramadan dates are now open for 2024!) Visit small food stands on one of the oldest streets in Amman, to the largest market downtown. With at least 8+ food and drink stops with all food included, hosted by Omar. On our walk chat with us about the relationship between culture and food, and learn more about the Levant Arab region as we share stories about living in Amman as a local and American ex-pat. As well as enjoying the city's vibrant street art along the way. Eat as the locals do with us!
Eat with local family in Aqaba
Join my family for a delicious and authentic Jordanian dinner at our home in Aqaba. This is a unique opportunity to experience the warmth and hospitality of a Jordanian family, while also enjoying some of the country's best food. Our dinner will begin with a selection of traditional Jordanian appetizers, such as hummus, baba ghanoush, and tabouli. We will then serve a main course of either grilled chicken or lamb, with rice and vegetables. For dessert, we will enjoy some of Jordan's famous baklava. Throughout the dinner, you will have the chance to learn more about Jordanian culture and traditions from my family. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our country, our way of life, or our food. This experience is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Jordanian culture and experience the warmth of a Jordanian family. It is also a great way to try some of the country's best food. **Here is a more detailed description of the experience:** * Upon arrival, you will be greeted by my family and offered a welcome drink. * We will then start with a tour of our home, so you can get a better understanding of Jordanian culture and traditions. * After the tour, we will sit down to dinner. I will explain each dish to you and tell you about its significance in Jordanian culture. * During dinner, we will chat and answer any qu
Scuba Diving for Beginners
Try Scuba Diving programme is a short try-diving experience for adults and children aged 10 years and older. This introduces you to the basics of diving but doesn’t certify you as a diver. The ‘TRY DIVE’ is usually a 2 hours activity, so it’s a great option if you’ve been thinking about trying SCUBA for a while but don’t have much time while you’re on holiday. It’s also perfect for building up confidence in the water before jumping straight into a full course.
Full-Day Jeep Safari Wadi Rum Highlights
Ready for Adventure?? Experience the many Highlights of the Wadi Rum Protected Area in a 4x4 jeep as we climb the dunes and cruise the red-sand sea. Come with us on an 8-hour adventure in the most beautiful desert landscape in the world. Strap on a board and try Sand-Boarding the red dunes of Wadi Rum - a once in a lifetime experience! Want to learn to ride the Camel?? We will start at the Wadi Rum Rest House in the Wadi Rum Village located about 7km from the Visitor Center entrance where your Professional, English-Speaking, Native-Bedouin Guide will meet you. During this 8-hour jeep tour, we will explore all the most popular sites and a few secret ones, take breathtaking photos, share Bedouin tea and a picnic lunch and watch the famous Wadi Rum sunset over the mountains. We also offer half day and 2 hour tours. See pricing below. Prices full day tour 1 person: 90 JD / person 2 persons: 50 JD / person 3-4 persons: 40 JD / person 5-6 persons: 30 JD / person Prices half day tour 1 person: 70 JD / person 2 persons: 40 JD / person 3-4 persons: 30 JD / person 5-6 persons: 25 JD / person Prices 2 hour tour 1 person: 40 JD / person 2 persons: 25 JD / person 3-4 persons: 20 JD / person 5-6 persons: 15 JD / person
Wadi Rum full day jeep tour
Come and explore every hidden spots of Wadi Rum desert on a jeep tour. We will pick you up at Wadi Rum or your camp site and take you to the most unique spots of Wadi Rum. We will take you to Lawrence spring, after to the big sand dune, then to Kazakhi canyon, the small bridge and Um Footh rock bridge. then we prepare the bedouin lunch.after that will go to Rock mushroom, then to Anfeshiye ancient inscriptions, In the afternooni will take you to the best spot to watch the sunset and then back to our camp or end at Wadi rum village. Whole day tours include lunch, water and tea. Do not hesitate to contact us for more dates (even last minute). See you soon in Wadi Rum:)
Half a day driving around Wadi Rum
We will meet you in wadi rum village (or at your camp site if it's situated in Wadi Rum protected area), and take you to the Natabean temple, close to the village. And then to Lawrence's spring. There you can scramble up the small mountain and enjoy the view from the top. After that, you'll visit Khazali canyon and see some of the best preserved petroglyphs in the region. We'll then go to the red sand dune, where you can run down. We'll finish by going to the small arch bridge before heading to the wild desert and enjoy the sunset (if you choose to do the tour in the afternoon) or to the camp/village. If you have any special request, let me know! I'm at your service :-) Lunch is not included in this tour (7JD). Click on my profile Pic to see our other experiences and our accomodation options.
Craft a simple silver ring in a session
You have wanted to create your own astonishing simple Silver Ring but don’t know how you can do that, or you are looking for spending a nice evening with your beloved ones or friends? Let’s help you with all of that with our Silversmith session. Our Classes are packed with techniques and hands-on sessions that take you to a thrilling simple silver ring that you would wear right away. We are dedicated to teach and guide you on your journey of your ring making. We conduct individual classes (2-3 hours) for 1 to 2 people. Come and enjoy our Silversmith session in Amman today!
Jordan's Hidden Gem, Exploring the Epic Water Trail Canyon
An Epic Water Trail Adventure in Wadi Bin Hammad! Get ready to be mesmerized as we explore the stunning valley, complete with cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation, and breathtaking scenery that will make you forget you're in Jordan. Our thrilling 3-hour water trail will take us deep into the heart of the canyon, where we'll be surrounded by the sounds of nature and the refreshing cool waters of the gorge, and hiking into the water. And what better way to top off the adventure than with a delicious, traditional meal of Gallayet Bandora and Hummus, prepared right on site? So join me for a day of fun, excitement, and unforgettable memories!"
Float in the White beach of the Dead Sea
Buckle up as we leave the hustle and bustle of Amman behind and head towards the Earth's lowest point. Once we arrive, be prepared to be awestruck by the natural beauty of the Dead Sea. We'll start with an unforgettable swim, where you'll float effortlessly in the therapeutic waters while taking in the breathtaking scenery. And of course, we can't forget to capture the moment with some jaw-dropping photos! But that's not all - have you ever experienced the magical benefits of the Dead Sea mud? We'll immerse ourselves in a refreshing mud-bath and let the natural minerals do their work, leaving our skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. And let's not forget about the food - we'll head to the local cuisine at one of Amman's most authentic and oldest restaurants, satisfying our taste buds with every bite. Don't miss out on this incredible adventure that will leave you feeling invigorated and alive! Join us on this journey to the Dead Sea's White Beach 'Salt-beach' and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
Aqaba Walking & Food Tour -All Inclusive
Welcome to Aqaba:) Our walk tour should start in front of Macdonals Aqaba gate (the center of Aqaba). With me as local, you will discover in the most entertaining way, Aqaba, its modern history, and culture, as well as some curiosities and facts about local and religion. We will explore together the story of the city and give you an introduction to Jordan and Aqaba! then we go beside the beach side to enjoy the last min of the sunset at my favorite spot. tour begin with passing the oldest vegetables-food market and taste some of the local tea with different typical Jordanian food and satisfy your sweet-tooth with local cookies . we will continue through the Old market of the city and visit some local spots and some hidden gems . don't forget to make your belly starve before the tour. Just be aware we have no access for any historical places due to we perform the tour on evening-time time
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