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Dharavi Slum Tour
Dharavi is the largest slum in India. We would love to give you an educational insight of the area, by visiting different neighborhoods and discussing everyday life and social issues of the locals. People in Dharavi are very friendly and welcoming. We start our tour from the working district where you will be able to see locals engaged in different professions and jobs and other half we will tour the residential area. We intent to dispel the negative image of the slum and plan to put part of the profits from tour for social activities.
Must-Try Unique and Authentic Mumbai Food Tour
If you have an adventurous spirit and want to taste the authentic flavours of Mumbai, this is the tour for you. 8-10 Tastings This tour includes 8-10 food and drink tastings. Being a food vlogger I have-picked each one of the tastings. These are some of the most unique and authentic food places with a lot of stories to tell. The Greatest Hits A gastronomic tour of Mumbai would be incomplete without sampling the city's most popular and well-known meals. Take a mouthful of the ultimate classics to get a real experience of the region! Favorite Restaurants in the Area Try some distinctive Mumbai-style cuisine Highlights of the City This trip is more than just about cuisine; it's also about culture! Discover city sights in between food breaks for a well-rounded experience that will whet your hunger for Mumbai. Allergies or a Special Diet? Please inform in advance if you are on a particular diet or have a food allergy. I'll make sure to take it into account so that you may have a fun and safe time. Other things to note Food is not covered in the price Wear comfortable shoes Uber is very cheap to the meeting point The tour is dynamic and could be modified to suit the guest's needs and wants You should arrive very hungry! A lot of food to try At Least 8-10 food stops Gratuities are kindly accepted Tour price includes 20% Airbnb commission + Tax
Walk with me back in time at Elephanta Caves
Hop with me on a ferry to Elephanta Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where we will witness the magnificent shrine of Lord Shiva, the Hindu God, that has been carved out of a hill. We will explore labyrinth of caves, temples, and shrines. The Elephanta Caves are man-made caves carved out of solid basaltic mountains and were revered as holy sites by Hindus and Buddhists from the 5th to the 7th century. These rock-cut cave temples have a collection of halls, shrines, courtyards and a hall with perfect symmetry. We shall spend the most time in the main cave which is the grandest of all the caves and contains numerous carvings depicting various aspects of Lord Shiva. We will go into details about each of the main sculptures present in the complex. After which, we will proceed to see more caves on Cannon hill. In the end, we will walk back to the ferry point and catch the next ferry back to the mainland. Additional Info * It takes 1hr to reach the Elephanta island * Minimum of 2 People * No strict dress code is enforced at tour sites. However, please be advised to dress accordingly for places of worship * The Elephanta Caves are closed on Mondays * Elephanta Caves are accessible only by ferry. Ferry ride operation is subject to clear weather conditions Please note The duration of the experience may vary as per the visitor rush at the venue & ferry travel time
Indian Cooking Class & Spice Market Tour with Akasha -AirCon
We will meet at my home and we will involve ourselves in cooking activity. While cooking I will be sharing a lot of information about cooking and our culture. We will prepare traditional Indian dishes. Mushroom Tikka Masala Mushrooms marinated in a yogurt sauce with herbs and spices and baked, then served in a cooked tomatoes gravy Onion Pakoda Onions dipped in a batter made from gram flour and spices and served with salsa. Mint Chutney Palak Paneer Fresh paneer serves in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with garlic and other spices. Special Jeera Rice. After everything is prepared we will sit together and eat later I would take around to show you my neighborhood Other things to note If you need anything special write in advance. I also have vegan option. Facebook project page Akasha Cooking Class
Cooking class & Authentic Indian Meal
We shall start this experience with a cool and refreshing glass of seasonal drink. Make yourself comfortable while we chat a little and relish some local appetizers I would have prepared for you. After you have made yourself comfortable, we shall put out aprons on and get cooking. We would be learning 1 appetizer, 1 main and 1 salad. The class will last for 70-90minutes. You would be surely hungry by now, so we would head to the dining area to relish the local delicacies that I have cooked for you. All the food would be cooked using local ingredients and filtered water. The food would be served in a traditional manner, in a Thali. Other things to note My home is around 45mins from South Mumbai and 10 mins from the International airport by car. The meal experience will happen at my family home and would be very authentic.
Local Tour of hidden Mumbai
I have 15 years experience being as a local To every each monument and hidden places wich even not recommended by guide book. Lats start warming welcome as hospitality with special kullhad masala chai(chai in clay cup) then we go to see dhobighat( open air loundry) were around thousands of people wash clothes by hand an machine, mostly people see this place with arial weiw but the way i show the place we directly to the place meet them, see the all sections like washed,driyer, iron, all the tools and old machines. sasoon dock wich is 144 year old and the first constructed wet dock in Bombay(mumbai) then we go to chhatrapati shivaji terminus train station wich is used to call VT-victoria terminus when british ruls in india, fascinating and historical station stabilised in 1878 People see there own but with me from out side to interior architecture as well. Crowford market (Spice market) jain temple, hanging garden, Antilia the billionaire house one of the most expensive house in the world for a single family you can imagine., Thereafter queens necklace (Marin drive) we also call Miami of India.. then will go by walking causeway street market in colaba, Taj Mahal hotel by the sea side, then gate way india. after we gonna having a lavish mouth watering street food choupati. Guest will have my experience with there kids as well no charges kids under 14 years old
Mumbai City Sightseeing Tour
Discover Mumbai's wonders with me on Airbnb Experiences! I've been a local guide since 2018, eager to showcase the city's best. We'll kick off our adventure by meeting point in a easy ride. Throughout the day, I'll lead you on a comprehensive tour, covering everything except meals. Get ready for an incredible journey through Mumbai's rich tapestry. We'll visit iconic landmarks like the bustling Crawford Market, the majestic Gateway of India, and the serene Marine Drive. But that's just the start! Our exploration includes historic sites, lively markets, and peaceful parks that reveal the heart of this vibrant city. Prepare to be captivated by the history of the Bombay High Court, the bustling energy of Colaba Causeway Street Market, and the picturesque beauty of Hanging Gardens and Kamla Nehru Park. Along the way, I'll share personal stories and historical insights to enrich your experience. Join me for an immersive and delightful tour, where you'll uncover the essence of Mumbai's culture, history, and beauty. Let's create lasting memories together in this incredible city!
Mumbai Dharavi Slum Tour
>Itinerary: Place where Slumdog Millionaire was shot Leather Industries Pottery Making of soap Bakery Colour Dye Small Alley Schools & Hospitals Houses in Slum Plastic Recycling Muslim people making a shrine for Hindus Recycling of veg oil can The most interesting thing, guide himself lives in slums Slum market
Eat your way to a foodgasm
Looking for a food trail: *to activate your taste buds? *to finally come to know about all the Indian cuisines? *to remove long-held myths and misconceptions about Indian Food? *to traverse different parts of Mumbai while living the life of a Mumbai citizen? Then, you've come to the right experience. This is a curated and customizable experience. The highlight is dishes and cuisines from different parts of India. This is all within the huge metropolitan city of Mumbai. This will be a food trail with a generous topping of sightseeing the popular spots in Mumbai. I'll take you to the food spots which are more frequented by the Mumbai local citizen. There won't be many tourists in these places. There will be a good amount of traveling during the experience. To give you a sneak peek into the life of a Mumbaikar, we will travel by local trains, autos, and black-yellow cabs. I can guarantee you an explosion of taste and flavor in your mouth and tastebuds at all these places. If this is the first time you're tasting Indian cuisine, I'll help you get started off. I will break down any notions you might have held about Indian cuisines. I assure you that this trail will be an eye-opener. Other things to note Please keep Google maps downloaded offline for Mumbai. Also, please download m-indicator app from Play Store. All spots are inexpensive & easy on the pocket. Message me to know more about food prices.
Mumbai as a local City and Slum Tour by Aircon Car
Before letting you know the Itinerary let me tell, Pick-up and drop is FREE on the Western side of Mumbai also timings are flexible. We will be visiting VT Station now known as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus built in 1888. As the suburban trains are the lifeline of Mumbai, I will be sharing anecdotes of how we live and commute daily. We drive to Dhobi Ghat, place where the washermen wash the laundry for the last 150 years. Proceed to Mani Bhavan the place where Mahatma Gandhi used to live whenever he visited Mumbai between 1917-1934. Visit the Pannalal Jain Temple , said to be 120 years old (optional). Drive along the Marine Drive also know as "Queen's Necklace". Time to take a break for lunch at the famous Leopold cafe started in 1871. On our way back we visit the Rajabai Tower and other iconic buildings. Post lunch we visit Colaba Street Market, Hotel Taj Palace built in 1903 and Gateway of India built in 1924. A cup of Masala Tea and how it is made by a fisherwoman, St. Thomas Cathedral and Flora Fountain. During our journey I will be explaining and showing you the Dabbawalla, a unique Tiffin delivery systems. This tour can also be personalized so that Sassoon Dock which is one of the oldest fishing dock in Mumbai. Other things to note Please do not give alms to beggars or people who ask money. If you are buying things on the street try to bargain for the price.
Chai and street food tasting tour with a Mumbai local
Experience the rich culture of Mumbai through this authentic tea and street food tasting tour. I'll take you to some of the most loved shops in the city, where you will sample a variety of teas and street foods of Mumbai. We will start your tour at a quaint tea café - greeted by the stimulating aroma of tea brewing as soon as as you walk through the doors! Here, you will sample 2 varieties of teas - one green/black tea variant and a special tea which I'm sure you will love! I'll also tell you about the different flavors of tea, and how different states in India love to consume their chai. We'll end our first tea-stop by visiting a tea store, where you can buy your favorite tea leaves! Next, we will go to a small street-side shop to witness the process of making Indian chaat (a type of street food). You can also buy some Indian sweets if you wish! Throughout the tour, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions! The tour will last for ~2 hours, and you'll leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich tea and food culture of Mumbai. Please advise if you have any allergies. PS: The tour charges includes 2 tea samplers and 2 street food dishes as well as airbnb fees + taxes. You're welcome to explore tea pairings - Indian snacks outside the tour inclusions at the cafes. Both locations are carefully chosen to be hygienic yet authentic.
Mumbai Night Tour by Aircon Car, Food tasting & Slum tour
Before I start let me say Pick-up and drop is FREE on the Western side of Mumbai. Mumbai is a one of the cities in the world which is on move 24 hours. The night life is very energetic and thrilling. I have been rated with 5 Star reviews by all my guests for my Mumbai as a Local, City tour. Airbnb has mentioned me as ' Top Rated Host'. In this unique Night tour of Mumbai city not only we will be visiting different places and heritage buildings that are illuminated but a walk in one of the Slums and also taste local food and visit the Colaba street Market. You will be picked from your Hotel or Airport and the sights include Victoria Terminus Railway Station now known as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus built in 1888. This is the first Railway station built in India and also get a glimpse of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Building, built in 1893. Flora Fountain Built in 1869 dedicated to Greek Goddess Flora. Asiatic Library (1804), Gateway of India (built in 1924) and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel (opened in 1903). Food tasting at Bademiya Street food or at Leopold Cafe. Fishermen's settlement seeing the night life in the Slums. Nariman point and drive along the Marine drive. This ends our Night tour and you will be dropped at your Hotel or any place you prefer in the City.
Walking tour of historic Panchwati and Old Nashik
The old city of Nashik is a treasure trove for visitors who are looking for an adventure deep down the history lane. We will start our tour in Panchwati, at the iconic Kala Ram Temple, where I will not only talk about this particular temple but also introduce you to the basics of Indian temple architecture. We will take the narrow lane, which will take us to Ramkund, the world-famous site of Kumbh Mela. I will narrate the mythological and ritualistic importance of this place. We will take a stroll along river Godawari and see many more heritage sites like NaRo Shankar Shiva Temple, Sundar Narayan Temple, Gora Ram Temple, and the ghaat constructed along the river. We will stop at the most Instagram-worthy places along the way. We will take one of the oldest bridges of Nashik to cross over to the Old Town part where we will see Bhandi Bazaar (vessel market) and visit SarkarWada museum located in a 18th-century building. This building is in the heart of Saraf Bazaar (jewelry market), where we will spend some time taking photos. Note: Please book a Wednesday afternoon slot to experience the vibrant farmer's market at the ghaat. This part of the old town is famous for old shops and beautiful wadas (residential complexes) unique to this part of the country. We end our tour with a cup of steaming hot tea.
Mumbai Food and Temple Tour
I'm excited to share with you a one-of-a-kind food and sightseeing experience in Mumbai, India. We'll visit a mix of cultural sites and local food spots that offer delicious food. By the end of this tour, you will have a great feel of the types of places Mumbaikars hang out and the types of food they enjoy eating. My overall goal is to give you a fun, safe, and friendly experience in my City of Mumbai. The first stop will be at the famous Shree Mahalakshmi Temple. We'll visit the temple together and I'll introduce you to the rituals one performs when visiting a Hindu temple. Next, we will get a bite to eat. If you haven't tried Pav Bhaji before, a local delicacy, we'll experience this together. Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from India consisting of a thick vegetable curry served with a soft bread roll. After our meal, we'll visit the Babulnath Mandir for another cultural experience. Our next stop will be ISKCON Chowpatty (Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir), one of the most frequented spiritual landmarks in South Mumbai. The sandstone temple there is magnificent. Next up, we'll take a food break and try Chole Bhature, a popular North Indian dish made with chickpeas and served with deep-fried bread. After trying Chole Bhature, we'll visit two more temples - Shree Hanuman Mandir and Mumbadevi Temple. We'll wrap up our tour with a delicious Rose Falooda dessert.
Photo Shoot & Walk in Mumbai
The idea is simple, to create a photo story which is unique and personal to you. Unlike other photo shoots, where you take a photo against a beautiful backdrop and move to the next, this would be a real portrait session where I will endlessly hunt for that perfect light and angle for your portraits. + If you can't find an available date on my calendar, or an available session is full, please let me know, and I will adjust the time and open a new slot for you. + The group size is limited to 2 persons to keep the experience personal. Please contact me if you are a group so I can open additional spots. +You will receive 20-30 high-resolution digital photos within a week. + You can check out my work on Insta @arora.yogesh