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Aurora with Arctic Action & Lappish Camp Fire Menu
Aah yes, the beautiful pictures of Aurora Borealis! The best that Lapland has to offer, the Northern Lights, right? Im going to be totally honest with you: To see the Aurora is all about luck. Thats why I want you to experience other great Lappish things in a small group; to have a good time for four hours with open fire, Lappish / Finnish food, drinks & treats, stories, views, the polar night, the surrounding nature and atmosphere. And if we are lucky, the skies are clear and the universe serves us right, the Aurora Borealis will add a final touch to our shared traditional Lappish experience in the winter nature. Heres what is going to happen: –Maximum amount of people on the experience is 4. – I will pick you up at 18.00 sharp – I use four different locations depending on the weather & forecast, all of them have roughly the same “schedule”: – A short walk through the night forrest – We start a fire at the lean-to. – Free hanging around the area, spotting the borealis ect. while I cook. – The Dinner – We can try to figure out do the Borealis really hum... – I will watch the borealis radar – If theres no Borealis by the first place, we head on top Ounasvaara for different views & change for Sledging – I will drop you off where you want Other things to note: The car we use is a 2017 Dacia Duster 4x4. I have warm clothes & shoes to borrow.
Aurora hunting & photography tour
This tour will take you on a guided northern lights hunt. I will pick you up from your accommodation and drive to the optimal dark location away from the city centre. If the weather is cloudy, we could visit other locations to find a gap in the clouds. I will choose the location based on current weather conditions and the Aurora forecast to maximize our chances of viewing northern lights. However, I can't guarantee a 100% chance of seeing Aurora. When we arrive at the location, there will be a warming campfire where you can enjoy a barbecue with snacks and hot drinks. Also, I will bring a professional camera to take photos of you with the Aurora. Tour highlights -guided northern lights hunt. -pick up and drop off included -small group activity -photos included -barbeque, snacks and warm drinks
Northern Lights Hunting Photo Tour with BBQ
We will pick you up from you accomodation around 20:00. and go far away from city light to perfect location with open view to north to maximize our chance to see northernlights. I will let you know everything about northernlights and hunting. We will make photos as well on professional camera. You will be provided snacks by campfire (sasauges/vegetarian oprion, cookies, marshmallows, hot berry juice). Included: - Transport - Photos on next day - BBQ by campfire - Info Please note: there is no 100% guarantee that we will catch the Northern lights even in case of ideal weather and sun activity conditions. It is all up to the mother nature. Remember to dress up according to the weather conditions. See more photos: IG: record_travel
The night barbecue - a call for auroras
Nous allons nous retrouver à la réception de votre de votre hébergement. Nous montons dans une voiture, puis nous nous échappons du centre-ville, vers le spot à proximité du lac (le temps de conduite estimé depuis la ville centre environ 20 - 30 minutes, selon l'état de la route). Nous allumerons le feu après l'arrivée s'il n'y avait pas de feu déjà. Au cours de notre soirée , nous profiterons de l'obscurité, des saucisses finlandaises traditionnelles grillées au feu de bois, du jus de baies chaud ou thé - boisson de Noël traditionnelle finlandaise (en fonction de ce que je préparerai pour la journée en cours). Au cas où nous aurions de la chance, je peux prendre des photos de vous si j’ai la camera. Les photos peuvent être envoyées ensuite par email si vous le souhaitez pour 25 euros supplémentaires par personne . Après la soirée barbecue, vous serez reconduits à votre logement. Remarque: il n'y a aucune garantie à 100% que nous verrons les aurores boréales, même en cas de conditions météorologiques et d'activité solaires idéales. Tout dépend de la mère nature. Il est aussi possible de louer la combinaison termique et les bottes pour 10 euros supplementaires.
Lappische Leckerbissen vom Feuer
Geniesse ein landestypisch zubereitetes Essen auf dem Feuer. Menue: - Pfannkuchen mit Sauerrahm, Paprika & geräuchertem Rentierfleisch - lappischer Käse mit Moltebeeren und Karamelsauce Ich begrüsse dich in meinem Garten, wo ein Tipi Zelt steht. Diese Art Zelte werden auch heute noch von Rentierzüchtern benutzt. In der heimeligen Lavvo am Lagerfeuer schmecken die lappischen Pfannkuchen doppelt so gut. Für Vegetarier / Veganer bereite ich die Pfannkuchen vegetarisch / vegan zu. Wir bewegen uns gerne in der Natur in Lappland, deshalb ist Kochen und Grillen auf dem offenen Feuer hier fester Bestandteil der Kultur. Die Einheimischen wissen ein gutes Lagerfeuer sehr zu schätzen. In gemütlicher Runde erzähle ich euch von meinem Leben in Lappland, der Kultur des Nordens, Natur und Tierwelt, Geschichten und Sagen zu den Nordlichtern, und alles, was ihr schon immer wissen wolltet. Bitte beachten: - Informationen zu einer speziellen Diät / Allergien bitte bei Buchung angeben - Diese Aktivität ist nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 14 Jahren Ich bin flexibel mit den Daten. Andere Daten und Zeiten auf Anfrage möglich. Update Dezember: Airbnb hat Probleme mit Buchungen. Bitte kontaktiere mich per Nachricht, um die Aktivität zu buchen.
Reindeer feeding in authentic setting
Experience a unique moment to feed reindeer with a local reindeer herder in authentic setting in the winter nature scenery in the peaceful location of Kairala village in Pelkosenniemi. Kairala is located 145 km from Rovaniemi (2 hours' drive). There is no public transportation in the area, so you need your own car. After we have finished with feeding, you can enjoy a warm berry juice or coffee with a local pastry by an open fire and hear more about the reindeer and reindeer husbandry in Finnish Lapland. You will be guided by an English-speaking local reindeer herder, who is eager to share this tradition and the way of living. Other things to note Please remember to dress up warmly, with many layers, to enjoy our time outdoors.
Aurora Borealis Hunting with Photography and Videography
Join a genuine Aurora hunting experience with a seasoned photographer! Former arctic tour guide with professional camera will lead you to the best spots by car (up to 250 km round trip) to maximise chance to see the northern lights. At the spot you can enjoy a customised photo and video shooting session. As an Aurora expert, I utilises vastly collected database, thorough understanding of the region and solar wind data that keep my Aurora hunting success rate near 100% Thanks to the top notch camera gears specialised for astro and night time photography, I provide both photos and videos of the northern lights in the highest quality. To make the photography session personalised, I only run a small-group tour. Pickup time: 18:30 - 23:00 Departure time depends on the weather conditions and Aurora activity. You will be informed about the exact pick up time on the day of the tour. Free pick up and drop off (Within the range of 10 km from Rovaniemi train station) Tour duration: 4-7 hours Photo and video release on the next day *The tour can be cancelled when the chance of seeing Aurora is very low. (You will get a full refund) *Winter clothing can be rented for the tour. Third layer winter jacket and pants for adults (€‎10 per set) *If you have your own camera, I can help you with the camera settings to get the best photos during the trip. IG: kunbelievable
Northern Lights with Professional Photographer
Two of my biggest passions are getting combined in the experience I offer. Photography and Outdoors life. From picking berries and the midnight sun during summer to get amazed by seeing the Northern lights above you in wintertime! Join me and my camera to create memories together! I am not a big fan of big groups, so don’t you worry! We will drive away from the city hunting the Northern Lights on our way, making nice (and funny) pictures. All of them will be sent to you the day after the tour. The experience will also include warm juice (or a really good coffee), and some snacks. Alright, I will stop talking, are you in? Please note that the departure time will depend on Northern Lights activity, we will inform you the same day of the departure. Driving distance may vary from 40km up to 200km. Includes: -Free pick up and drop off from you accommodation (Up to 15km away from Rovaniemi City Centre) -Warm juice and snacks -Professional photos after the tour IG: mattgaitan
Northern Lights Hunting small group experience
I will pick you up from your accommodation and take you straight out of the city light pollution to the spot with the highest probability to see Northern lights. In case it is cloudy, then we visit 2-3 places to increase the chances to find a gap in the clouds. While waiting for the Northern Lights, we can enjoy hot drinks and snacks grilled on a campfire. Note, if you are vegetarian/vegan, let me know before the tour. In case you do not know the right setting for your camera to take photos of the Northern lights then I can help you and take photos of you with the Northern lights. If you do not have a camera, I know some good tips on how to take photos by your phone :) The 3-hour tour includes: -Guidance -Snacks grilled by the campfire and hot drinks Not included: -Overalls -Photos Please note: Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and there are no 100% chances to see it. It all depends on the clouds coverage, Northern lights activity and a bit on your own luck :)
Aurora Hunt with BBQ
Faraway from light pollution, be brave the winter chill in search of the Northern Lights on this guided Aurora Borealis tour from Rovaniemi. Venture out into the countryside after dark, stop at distance view spots according to the Aurora forecast, and enjoy Lappish BBQ and Glögi as you wait for the Lights to make an appearance. - Maximize your chances of seeing the northern lights in Rovaniemi - Warm up with Glintwine and tasty Lappish sausages while you wait - Small group tour - Travel to the most optimal location to see the northern lights
Merveilleuse Randonnée dans la Forêt arctique
Nous nous retrouverons au point de rendez-vous où je viendrai vous chercher à votre adresse ! Nous partirons à une vingtaine de km à l'extérieur de la ville où nous commencerons notre balade dans la belle forêt, traverserons une belle rivière, profiterons de la nature et de son silence, nous arriverons à un point de vue en haut de la colline avec une vue magnifique ou nous ferons une pause en buvant un thé chaud avec des biscuits puis continuerons notre boucle pour revenir au point de départ. Il nous reste 1,6km pour arriver au belvédère et 2,2km pour revenir par un autre chemin. Le niveau de difficulté est facile, montée très progressive jusqu'au belvédère et retour en descente. Cette balade vous permettra de vous déconnecter en pleine nature et de vous ressourcer. Vous pourrez durant la balade poser des questions et vous pourrez apprendre des choses sur la culture locale et la région
Ski trek to the wilderness
Come to experience lapland`s wilderness on skis, in a small group ( max. 4 pers.), guided by a certified wilderness guide. We´ll drive to a remote area, half an hour away from Rovaniemi, far from towns and marked trails; there we´ll put the skis on and go through the base techniques of trekking-skis; then we´ll start to ski through snowy forests, frozen lakes and swamps. We´ll enjoy the landscape, take pictures and I will tell about local nature, wildlife and animal footprints in the snow. We´ll go take a break in our private kota, traditional lappish tent, where we´ll grill a snack on the fire, drink something warm and relax sitting on reindeer skins in front of a fire. The guiding of a certified and experienced wilderness guide makes the trek through Lapland snowy wilderness safe and enjoyable and provide you with the correct equipment and instructions, in terms of skis and clothing, The place is selected to offer you beautiful landscapes and a real wilderness experience. Included in the price: -transfers to and from accomodation(ONLY IF accomodation is within 10 km from city center) -guiding -skis and sticks -thermall overall and winter boots -grill snack and warm beverages Previous experience with the skis is not required, as they are easy to use and the terrain mostly flat. The trek difficulty will be adjusted by the guide, based on the physical condition of the clients.
Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls Hiking Tour
Breathtaking hike to Frozen Waterfall Korouoma Nature Reserve. Be brave to come down up to 130 m (430 ft) deep canyon. On a valley, we will see three frozen waterfalls, a challenge of climbers, and do traditional Lappish BBQ.
Ice Fishing with Campfire
We drive to a big lake next to Rovaniemi. We will have short walk to our fishing spot on the ice of the lake. The fishing will last about 2 hours. From the lake, we will walk back to the short to make prepare food on fire in a traditional Lappish hut. Other things to note Contact me for special rates. If you wish to have the trip organized other time, let me know.
Snowshoeing tour in Pyhätunturi
We will begin our journey to the wintery wilderness from Pyhätunturi ski resort area. You'll get to walk with snowshoes in the tranquil wilderness of Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Enjoy the clean air and nature of Finnish Lapland and experience the awesome wintery landscape. During the snowshoeing tour we will have a lunch by the open fire in a lean-to shelter which have traditionally been used by hunters, reindeer herders and hikers. Join me for a snowshoeing adventure in the arctic north! Other things to note: We will do a 2,5 hour long outdoor activity so prepare for moderate physical activity as we will be touring with snowshoes in the snow with some uphill sections. Let me know if you have any food restrictions and I'll do my best to address them.
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