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Discover Argyle & Andersonville, two of Chicago's best neighborhoods, on one tour! Enjoy foods from Vietnam, the Middle East and Sweden as you walk the tree-lined streets of this beautiful area. - Explore Asia on Argyle. Chicago's 'other' Chinatown is now home to the city's Southeast Asian community. - Experience the mouth-popping contrasts of Vietnamese flavors and learn how the cuisine has evolved over time. - Meet the generations of migrants and immigrants who have crafted Chicago's Uptown into the unique neighborhood you'll see today. - Stumble on a forgotten silent film studio and hear why Hollywood's biggest star turned his back on Chicago. - Celebrate Andersonville's Lebanese, Persian and Turkish cultures with a guided Middle Eastern spice tasting. - Follow the footsteps of Swedish settlers as they reshaped Chicago and browse the beautiful Nordic-inspired gift shop. - Find a treasure trove of quirky, independent shops that you won't see on the Mag Mile. - Sink your teeth into the pie that made Food & Wine's list of Best in America. SPECIAL DIET NEEDS? I will communicate before the tour to provide alternate tasting items as appropriate to your diet concerns. Other things to note Tours take place rain or shine. Rain ponchos will be provided if necessary. Wear comfortable shoes! Our total walking distance is 1 1/4 miles.
Explore Dazzling Architecture Interiors of the Chicago Loop
Take the architecture tour voted #1 by TripAdvisor users! We will be taking a leisurely 2-hour walk exploring some of the most beautiful and often overlooked buildings in downtown Chicago, both outside and inside, and learning about the most important and interesting parts of Chicago's architectural history. Visitors often don't know where to go, or even where they're allowed. This experience takes them inside places they'd never even consider, to show off more than 100 years of architecture as it developed here in the Windy City -- including stunning stained glass, atrium-like spaces, 19th century skyscrapers, and more! Great tour for photographers and travel buffs! Some things to note: Bring a camera -- this is an AWESOME way to practice your architecture photography! Also, dress for the weather, and if it's raining, bring an umbrella. Also, please note that if you provide a non-US phone number as your day-of contact number, we **CANNOT** call you if you're lost or late!
IF YOU DONT SEE A TIME FRAME THAT WORKS FOR YOU PLEASE CONTACT ME AND WE CAN ARRANGE THAT We’ll start with a talk in Chicago Cultural Center by the bull and get to know each other. If it’s a small group during the experience, we will walk together around various locations but everybody has their own personal time with me while I photoshoot. Together we’ll discover the places and pictures that YOU NEED TO HAVE from Chicago , from the magical MILLENNIUM PARK, THE BEAN (currently has a fence, but we will have this photo as well, photographer tricks ;) , CHICAGO THEATER AND RIVER WALK while I capture moments of you and/or any friends or your partner to take home. Feel free to tell me your ideas or preferences Other things to note THIS IS A SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCE AND EVERYBODY HAS THEIR OWN TIME (YOU CAN ALSO HAVE PRIVATE PHOTO SHOOTINGS IN CASE THAT YOU NEEED SOMETHING MORE PRIVATE) Please feel free to visit more of my work on IG at carrascoocampo
Trickery Chicago Magic Show
Chicago’s most entertaining magic show! Fun, intimate, sometimes outrageous, and always hilarious. Door opens 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. Venue is BYOB. Cups and bottle openers are available if needed. We do not stock ice but there is a 7-Eleven just down the street (3407 N Halsted). Performance runs approximately 1 hour. This experience is ongoing. Future dates will be continually added. Also available for private appointments by request (Monday-Sunday). For corporate bookings: Great for groups, great for teams, and great for team building! Please note that Airbnb is a third party partner for marketing Trickery’s show. Guests find us through various avenues so there may ultimately be as many as 30 other audience members for any given showtime. Social distancing is not a local requirement or feasible in our space. If uncomfortable being around strangers, this experience may not be for you.
Learn to fly a plane above Chicago
Take an introductory flight lesson with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. You will be given a pre departure briefing and explained what to do. You will have full control of the aircraft under the supervision of the instructor and can officially log this time towards the required hours for gaining a pilot's license. Let your dreams take flight! Other things to note This experience is for one person only. To bring an additional passenger and pay extra please call 224-592-5553. **A weight limit of 250 lbs per person applies**


Smell the flowers and eat them too
Expand your appreciation for nature. Enjoy a leisurely hike while learning how to identify at least 20 edible and medicinal native plants. Each hike is unique as new plants emerge from week to week and season to season. All participants will receive a digital copy of a recipe featuring a wild plant identified on the hike. All hikes take place at local parks or forests. Hikes will be 5k (3.1 miles) in length. Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable walking shoes, insect repellent, sun block, sunglasses, and water to ensure their experience is as enjoyable as possible.
Signature Scent Creation for Men and Women
upon entering Aroma Workshop in Chicago's Lincoln Park guests are given a card to indicate which scents from our "Scent Bar" they like, then a friendly Perfumer expertly blends scents on tester strips for the guests to sample. When their favorite is picked it goes into a choice of 1 oz. bottles. BOTTLE IS INCLUDED Also, we're are BYOB, so feel free to make it a little event. :) You'll have the appointment time for anywhere between 45min to 2 hours depending on your group size (45min for groups of 2, etc.). Women, Men, Couples, Mothers Daughters, Best friends all have fun creating scents together. **Groups of 5+ are $65 per person and have a 20% service fee included on the non-sale amount to be paid in shop :) 2.2oz bottles are given for this.
Cow Cuddles, a Bovine Therapy & Dinner
We will visit our beautiful family of rescued cows. They’re a bit non-traditional for American pets, but they are definitely furry, and super cute. They just love attention. We will spend time petting, feeding, brushing, and hugging them, sometimes, cuddling with them. If you are lucky, then we will show you how to milk them too! Great For Groups and Team Building. When you book a session with the cows it will be about getting close to the natural world, slowing down, taking time to breathe, and experiencing something new & exciting! We’ll tell you about their personalities, their likes & dislikes, and funny things they like to do. Cows are sentient beings, they are individuals just like you, and it’s wonderful to get to know them. We will be there with you to create a safe environment for everyone involved. After the cows have licked you to your satisfaction, we shall serve a warm and delicious Vegan dinner. You would go back filled to the brim both in the heart and stomach. How to dress? -Make sure you wear shoes with closed toes (no flipflops or slippers) -Dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Note: Birthdays, graduation, and wedding parties - we handle all small or large groups. We can also provide catering with our award-winning vegetarian restaurant - Gora's Grill.
Early evening goat walk
We will take a goat walk in the early evening outside of their pasture with a few lawn chairs, as long as weather permits. As the goats munch nearby, I will share a bit of history related to French alpine dairy goats and their physiology. We may sample a few of the farm delights and sip a cool beverage. Our experience will last about one hour or a little longer. Other things to note If you have a larger group, please contact me for consideration of a special request or family discounts.
Street Art & Aerosol Workshop
1. Guests join us at our space Studio W.I.P. and dive into the world of spray paint and urban art. All instruction is done by local artists. Each guest will go home with their very own piece of the mural to remember their night. 2. Upon entering guests can relax and enjoy our ever changing gallery. Feel free to bring a beverage. It's BYOB! Guests will unleash their inner street artist on a 50ft wall! This interactive workshop will turn guests into the artist and be guided along the way. Experimenting with lettering, stencils, aerosol, & cap technique guests will experience something truly unique. 3. Our main objective is to break down stereotypes that often are connected with spray paint. Guests will leave with curiosity and basic skills when applying aerosol to boot.
An authentic Indian culinary experience
Experience the joy of making authentic Indian food with us, knowing the secrets behind how simple it is to make Indian food. We will help you understand the basics of Indian cuisine, right from knowing the key ingredients to cooking a few mouth watering dishes from the heart of India. Me and my wife, both come from Rajasthan, the state known for its rich variety of culinary experiences, we try to bring a glimpse of that to this experience. About the Experience- We have a menu to select the dishes you would like to experience cooking. We will help you choose from the menu, based on your taste and dietary preferences. (If you have allergies, please let us know, Indian cooking is so versatile that it will be super easy to incorporate those) You join us at the scheduled time, we present you with a welcome drink. We go over the ingredients, and a few basics about Indian cooking. We spend the next hour or so cooking, understanding each step, with actual hands-on experience. Followed by enjoying a meal together, family style. We will also cook a few suggested accompaniments (rice or breads) to compliment the dishes we choose. You are free to take notes, pictures all through the experience to make it an everlasting memory!! If the date you are looking for is not available, please contact me, I'll try my best to accommodate your requested schedule.
Gangsters and Ghosts Tours
One of the best ways to really acquaint yourself with the infamous city of Chicago is to do it from the streets, through a guided Chicago Gangster Tour or Ghost Tour, detailing the crimes, deals, and charisma that made the city what it is today. We offer a 2 for 1 deal, hosting historically-based guided tours of Chicago’s gangers AND ghost stories, right from the Chicago Loop Vice District. Other things to note Bring your camera!
Yoga in the Park
Yoga in the Park at 8:30am every Tuesday and Thursday from June 21 to Labor Day. Since 2011, Charlevoix Yoga offers outdoor yoga by the Performance Pavilion in East Park downtown Charlevoix overlooking the Charlevoix Marina. All levels class. Bring a mat and water bottle and wear sunscreen.
Wild Foraging Mushroom Treasure Hunt
We will meet, introduce ourselves, go over the books and materials that I have brought. We will then venture out into the woods. We will look at and discuss the vegetation, and fungus that we see along our walk. We will collect specimens that are allowed to be removed from the National Lakeshore or Nature Preserve. We will identify what the group does not already know using the reference materials that I have brought.
Learn to Forge Hands-on in Beautiful West Michigan
You will learn the basics of forging iron with a coal-fired forge. You'll meet me at my shop, and with a hammer in hand you'll learn the basics of blacksmithing. You will square, taper, twist, bend, scroll, and flatten the metal into your unique wall hook. Other things to note This is a rustic hands-on work experience. Be prepared to get dirty! There are numerous dangers including smoke, fire, loud noises, sharp objects, etc.
Wine and Bitcoin
Do you like wine? Do you want to learn about bitcoin? In this experience, you will learn about the history, origin, and purpose of bitcoin, as well as what it is, how it works, and the effect it is having on the world. You will receive direct personal help in setting up your own wallet and making your first transactions - all while having a glass or two of vino :) We'll enjoy snacks and beverages - Mimosas are provided on the Friday morning events and wine on all other ones - if beer is more your thing, feel free to bring it. This is a relaxed learning environment where there are no stupid questions. After introductions, we'll start by putting things into context with a brief history of money, and then move on to the basics of what bitcoin is. From there we will move on to volatility, government involvement, energy use, environmental impact, and the El Salvador legal tender situation. Next, we'll discuss the basics of how bitcoin works. The Lightning network, major exchanges, wallet types and risks will be touched upon. Finally, we will set up wallets, learn how to do transactions, and conclude with a Q&A. If you have a large group, corporate entity, small business, or would like to inquire about a weekend event to fit your schedule, or would prefer that I come to your group (within Michigan), feel free to send me a message. Follow-up classes are available on request.
Art Institute of Chicago Walk Tour
A fun and historical walk through the world famous Art Institute of Chicago. This is a museum I know so well I can walk you around with my eyes closed - but don't worry I won't! I love art and art history, but I try not to take everything TOO seriously, as I show you some of the world's greatest art, and also make jokes along the way. You will learn the history of the museum itself as well as the history of the pieces in it. The galleries house everything from Oil Paintings to miniatures and everything in history from ancient Greek and Indigenous creations to early contemporary masterpieces: Plato to Picasso.* We will meet in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. Based on your interest, I can procure a specific walk for you. Otherwise I will take you through the galleries, starting on the second floor with the Renaissance and ending at the Impressionists. The Tour itself will last 1.5 hours, from 3PM-4:30 PM. At that time I can lead you to a specific place, end at the gift shop, or let you have time to explore on your own. There are reading rooms, food markets and peaceful places to sit and take it in. *Please note: If your only interest is Contemporary art I would not suggest this tour, but you can include it in your last half hour No food, uncovered drinks (only bottled water) or Backpacks in the museum.
Chicago Photography and Walking tour with a local
Explore Chicago through the eyes of a local! This tour is for you if: • it’s your first time to Chicago and you want someone to explore with • you‘re a solo traveler and need someone as your personal photographer • you and your family/friends want an intimate tour with someone who knows Chicago well Basically I created this tour to be your local guide/friend for the day :) As we explore the city together, I will answer any questions you may have while also sharing some interesting fun facts about The Windy City! Along the way, I would be happy to take photos of you/your group as I have a background in photography as well. Want a full on photo shoot? No problem :) I absolutely love meeting new people and love creating connections with people all over the world — so not only will you learn some things about Chicago, but I would love to hear more about where you are coming from! Please reach out to me with any questions you may have or any accommodations I can provide, and I look forward to meeting you! (IF YOU DON’T SEE THE DATE YOU WANT, JUST MESSAGE ME DIRECTLY!)
The Spirits of the Lake
Chaos to Clarity in 30 minutes Using a unique hybrid of spiritual and traditional life and relationship coaching tools, participants everyday life chaos will transform into purpose and murky turbulent minds will settle into clear peaceful ones. Each participant will receive a 30 minute individual spiritual guided session concluding with suggested “next steps” and follow-up. Topics range from increased spiritual connection, enhanced intuition, creativity, intimacy, general guidance, relationship, life path, career, finance, family, ancestors, and community. Process: We will do a meditation to center, discuss your needs, and then do each session. Cost: $37 pp plus Airbnb fees Maximum Group Size: 7 Delivery: In-Person or Zoom Review of participant:Susan instantly tapped into a meaningful connection. Steele eased my first-time jitters with her kindness, taking her time, finding deeper guidance than I ever expected from a single reading. I found her reading possessed spot-on relevance and I felt her presence was warm, inviting, full of light and encouragement. I highly recommend her experience to anyone seeking higher guidance in any aspect of life, whether you've had prior readings with other mediums or if this is your first experience. I will definitely continue working with Susan because she exudes generosity of spirit and compassion.
Pasta Cooking Class with a local Chef
I will be teaching you how to make 3 different types of pasta from scratch, how to incorporate a healthy twist into each one, show you how to make a delicious sauce using ingredients already in the pantry. We will also be eating 2 portions of pasta as well. It is byob and take home dessert is available for purchase. Other things to note Just bring yourself and remember to have fun!
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