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Blue Flower Trail Ride
Saddle up for a true Western adventure! Perfect for beginners and pros alike, experience the spectacular scenery of Paradise Valley on this guided horseback trek along the Blue Flower Trail. No worries about directions or navigation; simply follow your guide and you can focus on capturing photos of the striking vistas. Each of our members has a passion for the outdoors, animals, and wildlife. They will entertain you with facts about the ranch and the surrounding area. With the majestic Absaroka Mountains as your backdrop, learn about the land’s original inhabitants, the Crow tribe, and the local ecosystem. Be sure to bring your binoculars – and camera! – as you may have the unique opportunity to view some of Montana’s natural inhabitants, including mule deer, golden eagles, fox, elk, and more! It is the Certified Horsemanship Association’s recommendation that the weight of the rider does not exceed 20% of the weight of the horse. We can accommodate a maximum weight of 200 pounds. We ask that you meet at the Lodge 15 minutes prior to the start of the ride so that you can be given safety instructions. Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Also bring a water bottle and your sense of adventure! Finally, this trail ride is completely dependent upon weather conditions. In the event that the weather is not suitable for the ride, we will reschedule or refund your tour.
Goat Farm Visit-pet baby goats- milk goats-walk with goats
The baby goats are arriving NOW for 2024! 2 kids born on February 6! We will relax and pet goats in the fields or hike to the river. This is a small herd of friendly milk goats. My son and I have raised these goats since they were babies, so they are very friendly and calm! All of the activity will be on my farm in field and woods. The amount of walking or exploring is group dependent. Goats love to eat and go on walks! They will also impress us with their climbing and curiosity. Many times of year we have baby goats--"kids" that are fun to pet. We also milk the goats-primarily in the summertime--you will get a chance to milk goats if you'd like! My son Adam will also be hosting some of the walks.
Learn to Split Wood, shoot Bows and Arrows and more on Hike
The Scavenger Hunt on our 100-acre property will take you on a 2-hour-long adventure through the forests and mountains of our property -The Hohnstead. Along the way, 6 active stations await you, such as splitting wood, panning for GOLD, using a slingshot, guessing riddles, identifying trees and wildlife, using a bow and arrows and more! Covering around 3 miles of a mountainous and forested area, should give you a great workout, a memorable adventure and a chance to connect to nature. We believe that the more time you spend in the forest, the better you feel, they don't call it Forest Therapy (Shinrin Yoku) for nothing.
Alpine Lake Float and Guided Backcountry Hike
Join an ex-chemical engineer on a day hike with incredible scenery, wildlife, and good conversation in the Bitterroot Mountains. You and your guide will carry ultralight packrafts up to a serene alpine lake, where you'll inflate the rafts, float around and bask in the sun! Then you'll paddle back to shore to enjoy a backpacker's style picnic lunch before finally heading back to the trailhead. During the hike, your guide will identify wildflowers, berries, and trees and teach learn interesting facts about the native plants in the area. You'll also learn about how the mountains in the region formed! Leave No Trace! Learn how to leave no trace from an expert's perspective and take newfound confidence with you on your next outdoor excursion! The standard route is about 6 miles round trip with 1300 ft of elevation gain. IMPORTANT: Hike includes sections of steep uphill hiking, climbing over obstacles like trees and crossing creeks using small and sometime unstable stones. Trekking poles are lent to you free of charge! Includes: - First two spots booked has their rafts carried for them! - Lunch, Snacks, Tea, Coffee - Guide carries first aid, Satellite Communicator, water filtration, sanitary products. - Packraft setup (less than 10 lbs) for each adult ticket. Be prepared to carry your own gear. - Backpack - Trekking Poles - Bear Spray
Scenic Five-Mile Hike in Missoula
I've been hiking in Missoula for 22 years and know the best spots to see the most wildlife, wildflowers and solitude. I'll take you on one of my favorite secret 5 mile hikes in Missoula, home to wild animals such as deer, black bears, red-tailed hawks, bluebirds and dozens of other bird species. Our hike passes through a mature ponderosa pine/Douglas fir forest and a 19-year old burn that has lush regrowth and lots of wildlflowers. From the highest point of the hike you will see the entire Missoula valley as well as the spectacular Mission Mountain Range 20 miles north of Missoula. I am a Master Naturalist and Certified Interpretive Guide and if you are interested I can share my knowledge about the flora and fauna as well as the fascinating geology of Glacial Lake Missoula while we hike. I'll provide new, high-quality binoculars to borrow if you need them! Homemade cookies too! *This hike is for those in relatively good physical shape. It ascends a total of around 500 feet in elevation then drops 500 feet in elevation and the terrain has rocks and tree roots in places.
Floating Big Springs River Experience
Morning float: We will meet you at the boat dock with our kayaks and help you launch onto the kayak. Then we will float down the river enjoying the beautiful views. We will give you your own space ahead of us but close enough if you need assistance. At the end we will pick you up and take you back to the boat launch area to pick up your car(s). Other things to note The river is very shallow through most of the float. The river ranges in depths of zero to eight feet deep. You may have to pull your boat for a second if you hit a high spot. Afternoon float: Same as morning except a lot more people other than us on the river.
Native Plant Identification Walk
We will stroll approximately 1 mile on a dirt trail to see Missoula's best array of wildflowers. I will teach guests how to identify native forbs, shrubs, trees, mosses and lichens. We will also talk about their unique uses for food, medicine, dye and cordage, to name just a few. We will also learn how animals use these plants for survival. There is some elevation gain and loss.
Yellowstone National Park Self-Guided Driving Audio Tour
Experience the raw power and beauty of nature at Yellowstone National Park. The enormous volcanic caldera has captured the American imagination for decades thanks to its explosive geysers, prismatic hot springs, and astonishing waterfalls. Home to some of the only wild bison and wolves on the continent, this park can't be missed. This 276-mile-long tour covers the essentials of Yellowstone National Park in 5-6 hours.
Make cozy Slippers, Mittens or a Hat from Montana wool
If you don’t see a time in the calendar, you can request a date & time! Make your own slippers or mittens from raw wool! Have you always wondered how wool is made into a wearable, felted clothing or accessory? This class will show you the transformation of fluffy wool to cozy slippers/mittens! This experience will walk you through how to make your own slippers or mittens from wool. We will use the "wet felting" technique to shape & size your own warm and cozy mittens or slippers or make a pair to give as a gift! We will start in a rustic Art Studio cabin & I will show you the basic steps prior to starting & work with you as you layer the fluffy wool into the shape of the pattern. As the class progresses, we will add warm, soapy water & start the felting process! The final step is finishing your mittens or slippers by fitting them to your hands or feet while they are still damp. You will take them home slightly wet, but they should dry by morning. Wet felting is method interlocking & compacting of wool fibers which are first drenched in soap water & then rubbed until fabric has the same thickness. Individual wool fibers are covered with small scales. When water & pressure from rubbing are applied the scales open up & the fibers tangle together. When the felt dries fibers stay tangled. Great for team building & corporate events!
Guided Yellowstone Wildlife Experience
Spend the day looking for wildlife through out Yellowstone, with the chance to see bison, elk, bears, wolves, coyotes, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and numerous other animals found here. Explore rivers corridors, valleys, forests, and other habitats where you are most likely to come across the animals of Yellowstone.
Keep Calm and Brush On
Spend an hour in our rustic barn with a guide and one of our beautiful horses in what can best be described as an equine spa day. You will get to groom and pet the horses—then tack one up (place saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, and harnesses), for a ride in our indoor arena. You can bask in the serene energy of these gentle giants, and in turn they will benefit from kind touch and some extra TLC. Horses are known to mirror their rider’s emotions, which means they can easily establish connection with humans. This hands-on experience is designed to be an hour of immersive collaboration between man and beast. Other things to note: Please note this tour is designed for up to 4 participants, so come alone or bring a friend. When registering please provide rider’s heights and weights, as our horses can hold various sizes. Too tall or heavy? No worries, you can still participate!
Atv Tour Big Springs & more
Let's head to the Big Springs and Johnny Sack's Cabins, then to the continental divide, and circle around Sawtell Peak. The whole drive has breath taking views of the mountains, aspen groves, and more! 1. We will meet at the specified location to go over some brief instructions on how to use the UTVs. 2. The UTVs we use are two person side-by-sides (Maverick Trail 800s by CanAM) that are safe and comfortable to ride. 3. Big Springs and Johnny Sack's Cabins are two great sites to visit. Here, we get to see the huge trout that swim at the start of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. We see the beautiful cabin that Johnny Sack built via hand tools only and take some photos. 4. Then, let's head up the mountains for great views and cross over the continental divide. Only 50 inch UTVs can make it over this terrain making the trip extra special! 5. We will then head back down and go through aspen groves and take some more photos with Sawtell peak in the background. 6. Then a great ride back to our starting location.
Snowshoeing at Erik's Ranch
Snowshoeing at Erik’s Ranch gives guests the opportunity to hike through the gorgeous winter wonderland that is Paradise Valley. The beautiful, snow-covered landscapes and sparkling, icy trees will serve as the backdrop for your amazing expedition through the valley. Be sure to bring along a camera to capture the peaceful and idyllic winter scenery. Join us for this incredible, beautiful journey that Erik’s Ranch is offering for the first time during the winter of 2022-2023!
Mere Magic's Rainbow Soup Flights
First guests will arrive and we will have an ice breaker meet and greet. Host will present and pour flavor soups into beautiful, plum bottom, 4 oz. glasses to sip and share and rate in the order of their choice. I’ll talk about some of the produce grown in the area and local goods used to make the soups and share a few stories. Guests will leave with their tastebuds alive and a smooth outlook on a souper life; with tasty soups and a transformational experience in health and digestion.
Montana mountain biking
Safely experience some of Montanas best trail riding with astounding scenery. Learn new skills with experienced riders while using top of the line custom built mountain bikes. Bikes and trails for cross country riding, down country riding, enduro and downhill shuttle services as well. Excursions for just an hour or all day supported rides.
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