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Traditional Turkish Cooking Experience At Home
CONTACT ME FOR A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TIME AND DAY LETS SEE WHAT I CAN DO:) We will meet, cook and eat together. It is a 3 hours activity.First i will meet you in front of Atatürk Statue than we will head to my flat. When we arrive the flat we drink a turkish tea. And then begin to cook. Each guest will enjoy a complete meal (4 courses). -Main dish (İt depends on the season ) -Sarma, dolma or içli köfte -Börek -Seasonal salad We will prepare them together. And eat together. Other things to note -You do NOT need to have a high level of cooking skills :) Please do not hesitate to join us... - I do the class also in german:)
Picnic with Photography at the Secret Place of Fethiye
Hello Everyone, What will our event entail? During the picnic session, we can talk about Fethiye culture, traditional food, music, sports, photography, and also current life in Fethiye. You can ask me whatever you want about Fethiye's things to do. I use high-quality mobile phones for photos. I will share your nature photos end of the tour. (Usually, i can share your photos and videos on the same day) Share options: Drive, Airdrop, QuikShare, WeTransfer(E-mail), etc. These places are don't known by everyone; we will take you there and take amazing photos and share the special knowledge! If you want a different date or time, you can contact me. Ig: @btlittlehappiness
Horse Riding in Kayaköy
Get a basic lesson in horse talk and controlling your horse. Horse riding is a great sport to get involved with and is an activity for all ages and ability. We can walk, trott or canter depending on your experience level. There is real sense of exhalation and freedom when you ride. Ride for a hour on the old city and mountain paths. We have good roads to ride a horse. Other things to note It is best to wear jeans, that are not too tight, riding pants or long pants. It is also best to wear shoes with a half inch heal, boots or hiking shoes work best. If you can not see a date or time that suits you, please contact me to request another date.
Discover Fethiye with Tunca private tour
A wonderful mediterranean city... A convertible car... Speed boat adventure...Cyristal clear water...Wonderfull view points...Historical sites... Great videos and photos that you can share on your social media... A fun-filled 5 hours... Our first stop is Aquarium Bay.We'll make a 20 minutes speed boat journey for this bay.On the way you will enjoy beautiful Turkey coasts.When we get there you will be amazed at how clean and perfectly colored the water is.After spending 1 hour at this paradise we'll head back and start our journey with convertible.Next stop is Amyntas Rock tombs. You will admire these structures built by the Lycians 2400 years ago. Later we'll go Fethiye view hill.From here, we will be able to see the Gulf of Fethiye, the peninsula and a 1600-year-old ancient theater from the Romans.We will drive to our next stop, Kayaköy, on a magnificent mountain road full of pine trees. While looking at the abandoned Greek houses in Kayaköy, I will tell you the story of this place. Next is the Butterfly Valley view point.I'm not going to take you to a place that everyone knows, but to a secret place where you can see the valley completely.
Come to our office at any time of the day and we will take you to Babadağ. Our team of pilots, carefully selected for you, and we will delight you by giving you the maximum pleasure you can get from this adventure.
Portrait shooting session in old town
Walking route plan: Total walking distance is about 250-350 meters Meeting at previously agreed location(Anatolia bar) Walking to take shoots at old town street entrance Walking in the streets and taking photos through Castle museum street Going down by Castle street End of the session at the exit of the Castle street entrance I know some spots in Marmaris old town and Castle area to take great shots and I would like to share, guide to help you to take great photos and accompany you. Having great time while walking in the old town streets, taking photos, and a friendship what you will get in this session. Other things to note Take green color minibuses. Ask me if I am available for a specific time.
Yoga, Mantra and Meditation in Bodrum
We start with a conversation, meeting each other and then passing to our Yoga practice ( Pranayama, VinyasaYoga, Meditation). After releasing our mind through the body and the physical practice, we pass to our meditation during Shavasana. You will experienced the live sounds, which are including gongs, singing bowls, as well as other instruments. We will end the session by singing mantras. The experience will take place in my peaceful house studio in Ortakent, Bodrum. Don't hesitate to ask me about available times (I am flexible). You can contact with me for any of your questions. Put your comfortable clothes on and come to session.
Cuisine, Crafts and Culture Guided Walking Tour in Bodrum
*I have other starting hour option for private groups, please ask. *Vegetarian options available, please check from Guests Requirements. Curious about Bodrum’s food culture? Would you like to experience local, hidden design stores, visit local neighbourhoods and interact with friendly Bodrum artisans? Experience the best of Turkish tradition, creativity, and cuisine on my experience. Follow me through the narrow streets, and smell the heady scent of blooming bougainvillea in the air. Experience Bodrum Through its Delicious Cuisine: We explore the role Bodrum’s home-made street food plays in the local culture and sample tasty home-made food such as döner, midye tava, baklava, sucuk, köfte, şalgam and ayran. Stroll Through Bodrum Bazaar Like a Local!: Discover specialty stores for products such as Ottoman Hammam peştemal, wood block-prints, handmade leather bags made in Bodrum. Visit a famous carpet atelier with 50 years’ experience. All the stores we visit on the tour are owned by local families. I will share Tips to Enjoy the Best of Bodrum: We’ll see traditional Bodrum houses where families have lived for generations. I will share the local stories and helpful tips. *Local carpet and rug store appointments are by reservation only. Please text me after booking. The prices are lower, they ship for free. Serious inquiries only as this is an individual owner.
Street Food Walk in Marmaris
CONTACT ME FOR A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TIME AND DAY LETS SEE WHAT I CAN DO:) Skip the tourist traps and discover the local bites of the Turkish culture.There will at least 10 traditional and delicious tastings.I'll explain to you how to cook all the dishes we'll try, I'll share local insights about recipes and discover you all culinary traditions. At the end of or foodie venture, feeling full & satisfied, we'll sip our Turkish Tea and discussing the Turkish way of life and the city's history & present. I cannot wait to taste the flavors of Marmaris with you! Food is included in the price. And no problem if you are vegan or vegetarian! I can order a lot of options for you so you can eat real local food without any worries. Also, as someone with personal experience dealing with food allergies, I can navigate your concerns so you can still enjoy the food. Contact me for a special request for time and lets see what we can do:) PS: I do this experience also in German Other things to note PLEASE COME HUNGRY (I mean really hungry;) PLEASE BRİNG WİTH YOU SUN GLASSES AND A HAT And when you have any question please please do not hesitate to ask me ...
Sound Healing Journey in Bodrum
The session will include a short breathing and easy body movement introduction. Then with our own vocal sounds we will meet our own vibration in order to prepare the mind and body for the deep relaxation. The main part of the session will be lying down and experiencing the live sounds, which are including gongs, singing bowls, as well as other instruments. Tibetan bowls are one of the oldest healing instruments found in the East. The harmonics that they create are the closest to those found in nature. When exposed to these vibrations, our bodies recognize them and use as a source to tune in to and re-calibrate. Gong is one of the most powerful instruments that can take you deep into your soul and heart and create space for self-discovery and healing. We all have our personal vibes. This personal vibration of ours can be affected by the vibration of the world and other people. No matter how it affects us, being able to shine our natural vibration is what we really need. If you would like to schedule a sound healing on a day/time that is not scheduled, or at a specific location, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you. I can also accommodate private sessions for you or your group by sending me a message.
Traditional Baklava Experience at Home
CONTACT ME FOR A SPECIAL REQUEST FOR TIME AND DAY LETS SEE WHAT I CAN DO:) I will meet you at the meeting point.(After booking I'll send you the address) .We will begin with a Turkish tea , then i will give you a short introduction about ' baklava'.Afterward, we'll prepare the ingredients and baking starts. You will make the baklava dough.This includes everything from kneading the dough to rolling out at least 40 layers.You'll learn everything there is to know about making this delicious treat;) At the end of the class, we eat our masterpieces together with either tea or coffee ;) Other things to note I will send you my address and location if you need.
Slow City Photography Tour
Need some Insta-piration? As a local I will take you to the most iconic Instgram spots in Akyaka and provide you with images that will impress your followers and boost those likes. Forget everything and follow me to get the most Instgrammable feed from famous and hidden spots. All you have to do is strike a pose and I will do the work for you to catch your perfect angle in a perfect backdrop. Make your Vacation Photos make you look like a fashion super star or an avid urban explorer, or a romantic couple on a honey moon trip, lets talk about what direction you interested. You will receive at least 30 - 35 Social Media Photos per person, ready to be the envy of all your friends back home and increase your instgram followers! as well as the High Definition Photos ready to be printed on your home! Other things to note My schedule is available all Winter long. If you see an unavailable date on calender Please DM me. Thank you
Stratonikeia photo session
Walking route plan: Total walking distance is about 1 km from entrance to the amphitheater. Meeting at previously agreed location(Stratonikeia Archeological Site)(inside of the front gate) Walking to ruins from the entrance. Walking through the streets. Going to the amphitheater. End of the session at the exit of the amphitheater. I know some good spots for photographing in Stratonikeia ancient city. Beginning from the ruins, along within the old ruin streets and the amphitheater. I will take photos of you with great backgrounds. We will have a great time while walking in the ancient streets, talking and taking photos. I will be editing photos, sending them to you in 2-3 days via cloud drives. Ask me if I am available for a specific time.
Social Sunset Ride with Vintage Bicycles
Sunset Tour from Old Town Paspatur to Calis Beach with Vintage Bicycles to meet new friends. We will start our route from Old Town before the Sunset time and with the help of bicycle way we will ride our vintage cycles to Calis Beach and more. In Calis Beach we will drink our Sunset beers and socialize and meet as a group. During the ride you can ask everything that you need to learn about Fethiye, places to visit, history, where to eat ect. All the bicycles are from 1950 to 1980 and i hope that it will be a good experience for all of us.
Set Sail in Bodrum with Captain Riza Tolga
Are you a thrill-seeker, eager to harness the wind and waves? Dive into an exhilarating sailing adventure in the heart of the Mediterranean on our comfy yacht, Amos. Embark on a journey where every moment is a lesson in navigation and sailing dynamics. You'll take the helm, feeling the yacht respond to your touch as you learn to unfurl the sails and steer through the azure waters. Beginners welcome! I'll guide you through the process, proving that with just a bit of instruction (and wind!), you'll be sailing confidently in no time. You will be active throughout the experience so be prepared to sweat a little! Our adventure begins in Turgutreis, Bodrum, where Amos awaits to set sail westwards. Within minutes of leaving the marina, you'll be actively engaged in sailing. The thrill of the sport is just the beginning; we'll anchor at the picturesque Çatalada for a quick snack and a refreshing swim break in crystal-clear waters. My boat has GPS, autopilot, wind instruments, radar, etc. Everything we need to travel comfortably and safely. Side note: you can safely park your car in the marina. This three-hour voyage not only promises the thrill of sailing but also immerses you in the lifestyle of the sea. Let's make waves together! [Special Offers for Groups: Duo Adventure: 15% off Team of 3-4: 25% off] This experience is subject to weather and navigation conditions.