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Cow Cuddles, a Bovine Therapy & Dinner
We will visit our beautiful family of rescued cows. They’re a bit non-traditional for American pets, but they are definitely furry, and super cute. They just love attention. We will spend time petting, feeding, brushing, and hugging them, sometimes, cuddling with them. If you are lucky, then we will show you how to milk them too! Great For Groups and Team Building. When you book a session with the cows it will be about getting close to the natural world, slowing down, taking time to breathe, and experiencing something new & exciting! We’ll tell you about their personalities, their likes & dislikes, and funny things they like to do. Cows are sentient beings, they are individuals just like you, and it’s wonderful to get to know them. We will be there with you to create a safe environment for everyone involved. After the cows have licked you to your satisfaction, we shall serve a warm and delicious Vegan dinner. You would go back filled to the brim both in the heart and stomach. How to dress? -Make sure you wear shoes with closed toes (no flipflops or slippers) -Dress in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Note: Birthdays, graduation, and wedding parties - we handle all small or large groups. We can also provide catering with our award-winning vegetarian restaurant - Gora's Grill.
Reiki & Equine Therapeutic Interaction
The Sanctuary offers Reiki OR Equine Therapeutic Interaction. Please request availability 3 days ahead. All questions welcomed. Free Experiences if The Sanctuary is booked (see Airbnb listing)for 2 nights. Reiki is an alternative healing therapy that stimulates, replenishes and balances the body’s natural energy system; promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health; reduces stress and enhances immune system functions; stimulates the body’s natural inclination to heal itself. Mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s self are all connected energetically and dysfunction in one aspect can manifest in another aspect. Stress in any area can be alleviated and healing induced by Reiki. EQUINE THERAPEUTIC INTERACTION is for those interested in experiencing the benefits of interaction with horses. Working with horses is known to be soothing, therapeutic and empowering. Guests will be working one on one with a horse of their choice under the guidance and supervision of Marion. CranioSacral and the Tellington TTouch ® can be demonstrated. Easily learned, you can practice on the horses and use on your own animals. Other forms of interaction will be offered and utilized according the guest’s needs and wishes. All of the work involved will occur on the ground. Questions are encouraged. The host facilitates the interaction. YOU control the conversation or lack of.
Learn Horsemanship at Tenbrooks Farm
When you arrive guests will park at the horse barn and will need to sign a waiver forms. Your 'Horse safety' is important to learn. You will brush your own horse and learn how to put the tack on. You will learn how to clean out the horse hooves and how to measure a horse. You will learn about how to communicate with your horse and then will lead them to the outdoor sand arena. Guests will mount horses and will be given instruction on guiding the horse and how to use the 'riding aids'. You will be directed in preforming a series of exercises to use your skill. More advanced riders will be given higher level skill training and may be able to go on a trail ride after the arena lesson. Guests will untack the horses and rub them down, let them graze and give them a treat. Guests will then have access to cold drinks and a snack. Farm Address: 16311 County Road 436 Frazeysburg, Ohio. Please park at lower barn driveway. Other things to note: Please wear appropriate outdoor attire. Long pants and boots are a must. Be aware they may be muddy, rainy or buggy conditions. Guests over 220lbs may not be able to participate in the mounted portion of the lesson. Please note that we offer Airbnb accommodations on the property: The Rustic Cabin & The Swedish cottage at Tenbrooks Farm Frazeysburg , Ohio
Cincinnati Photoshoot/Photowalk
Join me on the photoshoot experience that is bound to complete your visit to Cincinnati! Enjoy the historic architecture and rich history while posing it up with your family, significant other or make it a solo occasion. We will begin at beautiful Washington Park located in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, make our way over to classic Music Hall and finish off on Vine Street in front of the most spectacular murals in the city. I hope you leave with a greater appreciation for this quaint midwest city. The age old architecture and history behind the walls of each building are worth more than just a visit, they want to be remembered and photographed with you! !!OTHER THINGS TO NOTE PLEASE READ!! If you CANNOT WALK, this will NOT be the experience for you. If you are FROM THE CINCINNATI AREA, please DO NOT book this experience. This is a special experience JUST for people visiting from out of town. If you would like to book with me privately, please send me a message! The average time this experience takes is 30 MINUTES. Experience/photoshoot images are color edited and 10-20 final photos are sent to the guest via email. !!CANCELLATION!! Please read the cancellation policy, I've had misunderstandings due to people NOT reading the policy!
Grumman Flight Experience
Take flight in our 1972 Grumman AA-5 aircraft. Your pilot will take you on a sight seeing ride with views of the Caesar Creek area or downtown Dayton for a 30 minute flight. (30 minutes total engine time). Once straight and level, the person in the front seat of the aircraft may have an opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft. This experience is good for up to 3 people {one person in front, 2 in back} with a combined total weight of 435 lbs or less. **This experience is priced per experience, NOT per person. Price is the same whether it's for 1, 2 or 3 people. After your flight experience please enjoy our 1600SF aviation and military museum located in a climate controlled area of the hangar. View artifacts ranging from Civil War to the most recent Gulf War...everything from newspaper articles, uniforms, soldiers mess kits and much more. *There is no minimum age, however if a car seat/booster seat is required to ride in a car, it is also required in the aircraft.
Fairchild Aircraft Flight Experience
Take the controls of a real WWII aircraft! You'll get to experience flight as the WWII Aviation Cadet experienced it, with an opportunity to take the controls. Over 70 years ago, young men and women took their first steps into the world of flight in aircraft just like this one. Referred to as "The Cradle of Heroes," the Fairchild PT-19 trained many of the famous WWII aces and bomber pilots of the 1940s. This is a one person, 30 minute flight experience, but plan your visit to be about an hour or more. *There is a weight limit of 235lbs, but if you are slightly over, please contact us to see if we can accommodate. **We fly year round, but this aircraft is not heated and does require a minimum outside temperature of 40 degrees** After your aircraft experience, you can enjoy our WWII Museum inside a historic 1930's hangar, with artifacts ranging from newspaper articles to uniforms and much more.
Bob Ross Painting Class by certified instructor
I am a certified Bob Ross instructor. I will teach the guests how to paint using the wet on wet technique made famous by Bob and his Joy of Painting series. Guests will make fluffy clouds, almighty mountains, and of course happy trees. They will complete a painting to take home with them. Classes include all supplies. Classes are held in my second floor workshop/studio on my home property.
Ohio Scenic Bikeways CyclingTours - Adaptable Starting Spots
This tour has some really nice features that all lead to a fun memory-making cycling adventure. Ohio is a leader in dedicated bikeways. The majority of the planned routes are rail-to-trail and rural. Each tour is custom tailored to the listed area of adventure. Most of the tours run alongside or cross over scenic rivers using rails-to-trails and community bikeways. Some even run alongside lake shores. The five-hour routes are either loops or out-and-backs paced to an average of 11MPH, which is adjustable.. Many include historical, archeological, cultural, and geographical attractions. With numerous scenic vistas and tourist attractions to take in on these memory making tours the pace is relaxed and accommodating for sight seeing, pictures, and selfie poses. Along the routes are refreshment stops at tasty spots and points of interest. Restroom facilities are conveniently positioned along most of the bikeways. Tour areas include Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Elyria, Mansfield, Massillon, Mt. Vernon, Xenia, and Youngstown. Reserve your bikeway tour today and let's begin planning it out together. Everything from the date and time, length of tour, points-of-interest, starting and turnaround spot, and pace are custom designed for you and on tour day, led by me. Adventure awaits! Jef
Aeronca Flight Experience
Take to the skies in our 1941 Aeronca L-3E Defender! You'll experience a 30 minute flight in this historic aircraft, sightseeing over Middletown and surrounding areas, with an opportunity to take the controls. This 30 minute flight is a one person experience, with a strict weight limit of 170lbs. Allow additional time to visit our aviation and military history museum which includes artifacts ranging from newspaper articles to uniforms and much more, from the Civil War through the Military's response to the Pandemic. This aircraft was manufactured right across the street from our historic hangar at the Aeronca factory and was completed on December 24, 1941. She spent time as a trainer with the Army Air Corps in Lubbock, Texas until November 1942 when she was removed from service. We recently acquired her and have restored her to the paint scheme she had when she was in military service. *This experience is weather dependent, and can not take place in inclement weather, including winds of 20 knots or greater.
Southern Michigan Sugar Making
Upon arrival, you will be given a brief introduction on the process of making maple syrup. You will receive a tour of the sugar bush (the grove of maple trees) and depending on when in the season you arrive, you will partake in a variety of activities including: tapping trees, gathering fire wood, gathering sap, boiling sap, and/or filtering the final product. Other things to note Dress for the weather. Maple syrup season is in March-April so weather ranges from cold and snowy to wet and rainy; you can always count on mud.
Hocking Hills Stained Glass Beginner Class Logan, Ohio
We are waiting for our new photos to be approved by Airbnb, if you would like to see examples of the pieces please send a message. Beginner stained glass (copper foil aka Tiffany method). In this class you will make a completed stained glass piece and take it home with you. The class is approximately two hours long for a class of two, it may take a little longer if you have three or four people in your group. In this class you will learn how to safely cut glass and shape your pieces with a stained glass grinder. You will also learn how to solder your piece together and if you like, how to use patina. We provide a piece of chain so you can hang your piece when you get home. All of the equipment you need will be provided. We have a first aid kit, just in case, since we are working with glass. Closed toe shoes are required and we provide all the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment). Unfortunately we cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18. There are several options for this class, if you scroll through the photos there are examples of each piece. The crescent moon option is the simplest design, therefore it is the fastest and least expensive class. It should take approximately two hours. The hummingbird, cardinal, and trillium(flower) options are a little more difficult. These designs use more glass and may take a little longer. These classes may take 3 hours.
The Findlay Market Sunday Brunch Tour
Enjoy an early bird stroll through Ohio’s oldest Public Market. This tour is a feast for all your senses, as we uncover little hidden gems tucked in and around the market. We interact with local vendors while indulging in 10 different delicious treats. It’s a morning filled with education, food and fun! Findlay Market welcomes over a million visitors every year and Sundays are busy. For first-time visitors, the market can be overwhelming. But we make it fun with an in-person guide at your side. We can skip the lines and maneuver to our favorite spots. Your guide will entertain you with stories from the past and old photos that bring history to life. We begin in a sit-down restaurant for our first tasting. We visit market stalls and eateries, meet a few owners and enjoy food from all over the world. We may enjoy a Belgium waffle, homemade fudge, cheese, NY style bagels, homemade soup, espresso, fresh smoothie, bread pudding, German goetta, gelato and more. We promise you won’t leave hungry! Findlay Market-rated by Newsweek magazine as #1 of the Top 10 in the World!
Share Some Secrets with the Donkeys
Put a special memory into your holiday season this year! Our lives are so hectic-- in fact, the hustle and bustle of everyday living can be overwhelming at times. Slow things down for a bit and schedule a visit Al, Gus and Smudge as your new "secret" friends for the afternoon! Just less than an hour from Cincinnati, (in Augusta, KY) you can hug a donkey, brush, feed carrots, and celebrate this hidden opportunity to share some secrets with Al, Gus or Smudge. Situated along a rambling creek, this farm venture includes private time with a donkey. You may wish to book a private group option to have this space/venue all to yourselves. Hey, teams, corporate groups-- this is also the spot for you! Share these moments in fresh air with friends and/or work buddies-- have a sync with nature, or just push your "reset" button. These equine fellows won't tell your secrets, judge you, and they, definitely won't offer any advice--- Promise! Other things to note: 1. Ages four and up may participate in this experience. You will need a designated adult caretaker for anyone under seven. 2. A special tribute tee-shirt included-- the donkeys want to make sure you are on "their team"! 3. Plenty of things to do at the farm: see on-site tiny house, sustainable innovations, play games or take a walk down our sweet country lane. How about s'mores at our outdoor fireplace?
Cincinnati Top Ten Sites with Bites Streetcar Tour
Visiting Cincinnati? This is the perfect morning tour for first time visitors! Not only do we see the Top Ten Sites, we also enjoy the Top Five Foods that Cincinnati is famous for! This is a guided tour of Cincinnati from the banks of the Ohio River to Findlay Market in Over the Rhine. With the aid of the Cincinnati Streetcar, plus 2 miles of walking over the course of 3 hours, we take you on a whirlwind tour of the city. You receive a light lunch, ride the streetcar and tour the city with a local, friendly guide. This is the perfect tour for families and locals who want to see the new downtown developments. Our food servings are generous and enough for lunch. We enjoy full servings of an authentic Belgium waffle, Skyline chili cheese dog, a scoop of Graeter's black raspberry chocolate chip ice-cream, a sweet treat from a local bakery and a slice of goetta from a German Butcher shop. Ice water is provided at the first three restaurants. Please bring a bottle for hydration if needed on a warm day. This tour include sightseeing, history, art and architecture. The streetcar is handicapped accessible, but this tour involves 2 miles of walking in addition to riding the streetcar over a 3 hour period of time. Motorized wheelchairs are recommended. Please note: Findlay Market is closed Monday. We provide alternate stops and the same amount of food.
Cincinnati Food & History Streetcar Tour with Findlay Market
If you've never visited Cincinnati before, you'll enjoy seeing the city with a friendly local guide. We know the best places to go and the most delicious food to try! Join us as we hop aboard the Cincinnati Streetcar to visit 3 different neighborhoods and 6 different restaurants or eateries. We'll stroll past beautiful architecture while hearing the history of the Queen City of the West. We will enjoy savory dishes at 3 restaurants in the central business district and ride through historic Over the Rhine, a beautifully restored German neighborhood. We hop back on the streetcar and ride pass beautiful Washington Park, an 8 acre oasis as we head to Findlay Market, the oldest standing urban market in Ohio. We walk through the market and enjoy three more local treats. We may enjoy some delectable cheese and fudge from a family owned business since 1922, or a Belgium waffle. Other things to note: The Central Riverfront Garage Parking Lot is very convenient to our meeting point. There are multiple entrances such as 171 Joe Nuxhall Way, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. Gratuities for your guide are much appreciated
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