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Urban food tasting w/ Panama blogger
Get ready for an immersive tasting menu as you get to experience the real Panama - from the gritty to the most Insta-gramable, and everything in between. Our day starts in the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood at a trendy rooftop where everyone in the group will get to know each other. I’ll give you the quickest history lesson on Panama City and how it’s changed throughout its development before we start our adventure. We will then walk a few blocks to one of the most luxurious hotels in the neighborhood to try a street food delicacy gone gourmet. Next, we’ll head to Santa Ana, the most vibrant part of the city where locals still live. The we will take photos in front of colorful street art, and walk down Panama City's only pedestrian avenue to buy fresh ingredients for our mojito-making workshop later on. From here, we are going to ride the underground metro to the city center to explore the laid-back Via Argentina neighborhood. While here, we’ll be eating at an old-school restaurant to try classic Panamanian food with a twist. For our last stop, we are GOING UP to a rooftop bar for a mojito-making workshop where you’ll get to make your own cocktail while watching the sun go down over the city and try fresh ceviche.
Panama Canal Tour
We will visit the Amador Causeway, a road that connects four small islands on the Pacific, and was made with the excavated materials from the Canal. The Amador Causeway offers stunning views of Panama City skyline and the Pacific entrance of the Canal. Depending on the traffic, I will drive you through the Bridge of the Americas, one of the bridges over The Panama Canal. After crossing the bridge, we will visit a viewpoint, a special spot where you can take pictures of the bridge, the Pacific ports, and the ships. Then, we will stop at the Goethals Monument, a beautiful white Vermont marble structure built to honor George Washington Goethals for his achievements during the Panama Canal construction. Behind the Goethals Monument, you will see the Panama Canal Administration Building, a landmark of the Panamanian history built in 1914. Our next stop is at the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks Visitor Center, where you may see the ships while they pass through the Canal. You will learn about its history, operation and recent expansion. At the Panama Canal IMAX Theater, we will watch the 45-minute 3D movie "Panama Canal, a Land Divided, a World United". After the tour, you will be driven back to the meeting point. IMPORTANT: The Canal Visitor Center in Panama City is going through renovations until 2024. The observation area is limited and it might be crowded.
Jungle, Chocolate & Snorkeling Adventure in Dolphin Bay
A fresh 'pipa' (young coconut) awaits you at the dock of our farm, located in the heart of Dolphin Bay, a quiet lagoon surrounded by mangroves. Before exploring Finca Montezuma's cacao grove grown under centuries-old shade trees, we follow the lovely hibiscus path & have some time to greet the farm animals (sheep, cows, horses, dogs, cats,...) & learn about the fruit trees (biriba, jackfruit,...) & exotic flowers (vanilla orchids, gingers & heliconias). Keep your eyes open for sloths, monkeys, toucans & other birds while we're harvesting fresh cacao pods & discover their morphological diversity. From the majestic fig tree, the leaf cutter ant trail leads us back to the farmhouse. Try your hand at winnowing & grinding our artisanally fermented cacao beans into cacao liquor while we indulge in cacao drinks & treats, including some of our prized chocolate creations. We'll then hop on the boat to our favourite local snorkeling spot to explore sea gardens of sponges, anemones and starfish and spot majestic rays and the occasional octopus! The lush mangrove island is also home to birds like pelicans, egrets & cormorants. Along the ride you may even get to see the resident bottle nose dolphins of Dolphin Bay in their natural habitat. Are you ready to experience Bocas in a unique way...? We're happy to help organize transport from town & elsewhere.
Wildlife on lake Gatun - Monkey island
***Min. 2 persons for the tour to happen, if you are solo travelers, please book a date with people booked already or contact me first*** My tours usually have low occupancy; you have lots of chance to get a private tour at at a very good price ! A trip to Monkey Island and Gamboa region represents one of the best wild excursions from the City. The meeting point will be the Gamboa public dock . You will have to leave your hotels 45 minutes prior the agreed time at the Gamboa Public dock which is the time for the ride in Taxi or Uber. The fare shouldn’t be more than 20 dollars. If needed, I can organize the transport for you as from 80 dollars total (2 persons) - 100 dollars (3-4 persona) - 140 dollars (5 and more “mini van”) You will have the chance to observe the white-face monkeys, howler monkeys, and Geoffrey´s tamarinds and birds. The observation is from the boat. You will not only to get to see the flaura o fauna but also to see transiting ships on the Panama Canal, Rio Chagres River. The excursion duration is approximatively 2 hours. I will act as a captain and helps you to spot birds and other animals. I only speak few words English, however, we can exchange email in good English before your arrival. I will act as a captain and helps you to spot birds and other animals. I only speak moderate English, however, we can exchange email in good English before your arrival.
Salsa Lesson and Night Out Social Dancing at Local Clubs
Have you always wanted to learn salsa, but did not know how to start? Would you like to hit the dance floor in a club with confidence? You've seen the canal, gone snorkeling and whale watching... you even bought a Panama Hat, and now you're looking for the next fun thing to do in Panama? Come dance with us! You'll have a blast - guaranteed! No experience, and no partner necessary! We are a team of instructors, so don't worry if you're a solo traveler. If you are couple or a group, our team will make sure everyone has individualized attention. Meet us at Salsa Safari studio, where we are waiting to welcome you! Our team has over 40 years of experience, so you are in good hands! The relaxed atmosphere of our studio is perfect setting for our lesson. If you are a new dancer, we will cover everything step by step to help you quickly master the basics & beyond! Or, if you are an experienced dancer, we will meet you at your level and help you expand your moves to reach your next dance goals. After our lesson, we will go out dancing 'in the wild' at a local club, so you can show off your new skills. We will also show you where the best local clubs & hot spots are in Panama to dance the night away!! Feel the electricity in the air & become a part of the Latin dance community. With love from your friends waiting to welcome you here in Panama!


Explore The San Blas Islands In Panama - Day Trip w/ Lunch
READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION Explore 4 Locations on our trip: Isla Perro Chico Isla Diablo Natural Pool & Star Fish Pool Head to the Caribbean coast of Panama with our day trips from Panama City to the San Blas Islands. Traveling by boat, you'll visit several Islands, check out a sunken shipwreck, a natural swimming pool, Snorkel with star fishes, and enjoy the tropical scenery. Our tour is guided by our professional family of local Kuna guides who speak Spanish, Basic English & some European languages. Sea San Blas is the most popular sightseeing tour agency in Panama with trips and tours to the San Blas Islands. Our day trips to San Blas Island are a very popular choice for travelers looking to experience this paradise for the very first time. Our family are all fully licensed and insured for your protection and safety. Your satisfaction is our highest priority at all times. NOTE: Guna Yala Territory Entrance Fee - $22 For Foreigners & $7 Panama Residents Itinerary Provided After Booking. Included: Roundtrip transportation from where you are staying in Panama City, Panama to the San Blas Port. Islands Shuttle Boat For The Day, Island Fee, Meal + Drink (Lunch), Paddle Board & Snorkeling Equipment.
The Panama Barcrawl
***The meeting point varies depending of the vibe of the night - Check your Airbnb App messages: email, spam and junk mail for further instructions the day of your booking - Wear comfy shoes. Get ready to experience the ultimate party time in Panama City's Old Town! Join us on a walking tour that hits five different bars along the way. As a solo traveler, meeting new people can be a challenge, but not on this tour. You'll feel like part of the gang in no time, mingling with locals, expats, and tourists from all over the world. Sip on drinks, hit the dance floor, and make unforgettable memories with new friends. Drink options are Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Gin or local beer. Please note, while we'll cover the cost of one drink at each bar, if your beverage of choice is Cognac, Brandy, or Whisky, it will be on you. Get ready to experience the nightlife of Panama City's Casco Viejo like a local. Book your spot now and let's raise a glass to a night you won't forget!
All Inclusive Catamaran Tour to Taboga Island
Relax and discover the art of sailing on board the biggest open boat of the city while you sunbathe, lay down and enjoy our big deck with huge nets and speakers. We offer All Inclusive Excursions to Taboga Island: Snacks, Lunch, Open Bar, Stop to swim, Visit to the Beach and Town.
Afro- Panamanian Cooking experience
I am offering you an authentic cooking experience in the heart of Panama city. We will focus on Afro- Panamanian dishes such as Bacalao, Arroz con Coco, Sancocho, Mariscos mixto, pollo guisado, Ojaldre, empanadas and patacones. Depending on your wish there are also other African dishes like Swahili Pilao , Pepper soup, Jollof Rice, Swahili Biryani, Peanut Chicken , Mahamri, Swahili samosas, Swahili traditional soup, ugali , beans in coconut sauce, Swahili seafood curry .
Jungle tour, waterfall and Embera lifestyle
After convenient pick up at your accommodation in downtown of Panama City, we will head to the Chagres National Park, 45 minutes by car. Once at the Chagres River, the friendly Embera people will take us, by a traditional canoe, up in this river which is the main source of water for the Panama Canal. We will leave the canoe at certain place of the river where we will walk 20 minutes in a difficult trail in the jungle, this is walking over sand, dirt, mud, through water as we will be crossing a creek several times to get to a pristine waterfall and swim in its refreshing water, then we will walk by the same trail back to the boat and head to the village where you will be welcomed by the Embera community. At the village, we will have fruits and lunch (fried fish and plantains) while one of the leaders share with us about their way of life inside a traditional hut. This visit is complemented by a performance of their traditional music and dance. You will have free time to explore the village and shopping of souvenirs. Finally, we will go back to the port and then rest in the car while you enjoy the way back to your place in Panama City. Note: This experience is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Pick up from Playa Bonita is provided for private reservations only for the total cost of USD $30 round trip, group reservations will receive a meeting point in Panama City.
Eco aventura a Isla Mono con transporte
Disfruta de la experiencia de estar dentro del Canal de Panamá y conocer la biodiversidad que lo rodea. Pasaré a recogerle a su casa o alojamiento en la Ciudad de Panamá para dirigirnos hacia la Zona del Canal donde charlaremos sobre la historia del Canal de Panamá a medida que pasamos por distintos lugares hasta llegar al Parque Nacional Soberanía donde tomaremos una bote para ingresar al Canal de Panamá. Allí pasaremos al lado de enormes barcos y experimentará la escala e importancia de esta magnífica obra de ingeniería. Dentro del Canal llegaremos a un grupo de islas en una zona protegida con el fin de avistar tantas especies de animales como sea posible (y hay muchas!!), entre ellos veremos monos, cocodrilos, aves, iguanas, perezosos y otros. Aprenderás sobre los tipos de barcos que pasan por el Canal, identificarás animales y desarrollará su visión para avistarlos. Esta es una experiencia extraordinaria y memorable, completamente en exteriores y que disfrutarás mucho, te espero! Otros aspectos destacables Hay que recordar que no es un zoológico, visitará un hábitat natural, si bien uno de los objetivos es la observación de animales, no es sencillo encontrarlos y se hará todo lo posible (y con su participación) para que podamos observarlos pero en algunas pocas ocasiones es posible no encontrar algunas de las especies.
Monkey Island tour include the Panama Canal
#1 Tour in Panama Passenger pick up is included from any address in Panama City ! Cold drink provided during the trip. Transportation from Panama City INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! I will pick you up from your location in Panama City. After we will go together to Gamboa. During our way you will have many historical information about the Panama Canal. I would like to show you the lake of Gatun natural environment. You should come to see the lake and part of the coast. I will take you through the part of the Panama Canal. It's a perfect moment to see how the big ships crossing the canal. You could be the part one of the most interesting encounters with the different kind of animals like monkeys, crocodiles, birds. This lake is one of the untouchable wild territory area. A professional boat captain will care about your safety. I will pick you up in Panama City and take you to Gamboa. The transportation is include in the price. And many more...... :-) If you are a solo traveler and you want to come up alone please contact me before you book! Thank you!
Tour en Bicicleta por la ciudad de Panamá y Casco Antiguo
Tour en bicicleta por la ciudad moderna y el centro histórico de la ciudad de panamá pasando por diferentes lugares representativos con hermosas vistas, paradas, miradores, lugares históricos y sus historias como iglesias y plazas. Incluye Bicicleta. Una experiencia con el guía original, no company, más privada y personal.
Vida nocturna en la ciudad de panama
Haremos un recorrido único y especial, te sentirás como si salieras con tu mejor amiga. Recuerda no siempre es el lugar si no la buena compañia. Tendrás la oportunidad de una experiencia agradable y gozosa, donde habrá mucho ambiente, baile, risas e interacción cultural. ¡¡Una ronda de SHOT!! para dar inicio a esta travesía. si quieres seguir la fiesta cuento con opción de after party (pero es un costo adicional). ¡¡¡¡POSDATA!!!! EL RECORRIDO VA A VARIAR SEGUN LOS DIAS QUE VAYAS RESERVAR. LAS ENTRADAS VA POR SU CUENTA. solo se pagará la primera ronda de shot y agua y en la última discoteca se pagará solo una ronda de shot que ira por parte de la casa. LA DISCOTECA QUE HACE SHOW DE FUEGO ESTA ABIERTA DE MARTES A SABADO. :)
Visita al Canal de Panama y City Tour por la ciudad
Inmerse yourself in the history, culture and natural beauty of Panama city in the company of a local. Discover it all- from the charming colonial atmosphere to the grandeur of the Panama Canal! Live an enriching experience at each stop. This Tour not only provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the history of my home land, but it also connects you with the very essence of Panama and its people. Do not miss discovering the magic of this country through this unforgettable city tour. As a local guide with years of experience, I have a deep knowledge of the city and I will make sure to offer you an authentic and enriching perspective of Panama. What will we do? Heading to the hotel and picking you up at 7:30am, we start the tour visiting: - MIRAFLORES VISITOR CENTER (Panama Canal) You will learn how the locks work and lockage on the vessels live from the pacific side to the Gatun Lake. In Addition you will watch a documentary movie in 3D Imax technology. -ADMINISTRATION BUILDING (The monument of George Washington Goethal) -CASCO ANTIGUO (The Colonial City of Panama) We will visit Tomas Herrera Square, La Plaza Mayor, France square, Simon Bolivar Square and some church such as: Mercy Church, San Jose Church, The Metropolitan Cathedral among other. -AMADOR CAUSEWAY -AMERICA'S BRIDGE
✨ Welcome to Panama ✨
Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the charming historic district of Panama City. Join me on an unforgettable walking tour within this historic gem! With over 13 years of experience, I'll take you on a journey through time, immersing you in the rich history, vibrant culture, local customs, art, and culinary delights of this captivating neighborhood. Without its basic history, it's not possible to understand Latin America. As we stroll along, I'll provide fascinating insights into the history of Casco Viejo, sharing tales of its evolution and significance. While wandering through the charming cobblestone streets that tell the story of Panama's past, be prepared to admire the beautifully preserved colonial architecture and connect with warm-hearted locals, their customs, and their vibrant traditions: the true heart and soul of Casco Viejo. I'll make sure to provide engaging insights into the flavors of Panama, discussing traditional dishes of the region's cuisine and give you personal suggestions of where to savor these culinary delights. Welcome to Panama! *Due to weather conditions, the experience can be extended IG: @TourGuidePanama
Conoce los secretos de Penonomé- Walking City Tour
Hola! Somos Ivonne & Rafael, dos personas aventureras que aman vivir en Penonomé. Queremos mostrarles los lugares secretos de este hermoso pueblito tradicional fundado en 1581. ¿Qué sitios visitaremos? -Comenzaremos desde la catedral San Juan Bautista a las 9 am -Continuaremos al mercado principal de Penonomé donde podrán encontrar artesanías y comidas locales (les explicaremos a detalle como se cocinan y de que trata cada una de ellas). -Luego recorreremos el histórico barrio de "San Antonio", un rinconcito donde aún se encuentran casitas de barros de los primeros modelos desde la fundación. -Pasaremos por un pasaje secreto para llegar a la central donde podrán quedarse y hacer compras locales a muy buenos precios. Tenemos otros tours a cascadas y fincas de café en Coclé. Pregunta por nuestros otros recorridos
Photo Tour Casco Viejo Panama
SEND ME A MESSAGE FOR A DIFFERENT TIME OR DAY, and don’t book it for your last trip day because if it’s raining we will need to reschedule that. We’ll start our experience going for a good coffee or tea and have a small talk to get to know each other a little better. The conversation helps you to feel more comfortable with me so the photos will be easier for you. You don’t need to be nervous, I’m gonna help you with the poses and whaterver you need. After the Cafe we are going for a walk in Casco Viejo where we will start taking the photos in different places (on colorful walls, beautiful streets, big doors and anywhere else that seems great to take pictures). Also you will get a travel tips with me! In 2 days your photos have been edited and uploaded to your online gallery. I am going to send to you the best 40 photos we took during the tour. You won't regret having this experience with me! Thank you so much!
Salsa Dance Lesson in the Old Town, Casco Viejo, Panama
Have you always wanted to learn salsa, but did not know how to start? Would you like to hit the dance floor in a club with confidence? Do you want to join the world wide (and welcoming) salsa community? No experience, and no partner necessary! I host this experience with a team of instructors so you don't need to worry if you are a solo traveler. Couples and groups are also very welcome! We will meet at the Salsa Safari Studio above the Beauty and the Butcher Restaurant in Casco Viejo. Our Salsa Safari team is waiting to welcome you! We have over 40 years of experience in dance instruction, so you are in good hands! The relaxed atmosphere of this hip local spot provides the perfect setting for our lesson, with an easy tropical Latin vibe, complete with rope swings hanging from the ceiling! If you are a new dancer, we will cover everything step by step to help you quickly master the basics & beyond! If you are an experienced dancer, please let us know in advance so we can bring additional instructors to meet you at your level and help you expand to reach your next dance goals. We will practice your new steps together with several salsa songs to give you the confidence you need to apply your new skills in a salsa club. Looking forward to meeting you & dancing with you soon! Martha & the Salsa Safari Dance Team
Day Tour completo en islas de San Blas visita cuatro lugares
Durante el recorrido junto a nosotros te mostraremos que las islas de guna yala son mas que un conjunto de islas hermosas. Estaremos encantados de mostrarle un poco de nuestra cultura a todos ustedes, la aventura comienza desde que abordamos los autos 4x4 rumbo hacia las islas, cruzaremos todo el país desde el océano pacifico pasando por las montañas de todo el país hasta llegar hasta el mar caribe. Si por que en esta excursión podrás estar en los 2 océanos en un solo día, ver el océano pacifico y el océano atlántico es posible visitando las islas de san blas, una vez llegado al puerto tomaremos la lancha y visitaremos 4 hermosos lugares, visitaremos 3 islas y la piscina natural Por el almuerzo no te preocupes que degustaras un rico almuerzo caribeño hecho con mucho amor por nuestros anfitriones de las islas, queras quedarte estamos seguros pero llega el horario de retorno nuevamente al puerto donde los autos 4x4 estarán esperándote para llevarte de vuelta a ciudad de Panamá centro, después de todo un día de tour llegaras cansado pero estamos seguros de que con gran satisfacción de haber conocido uno de los lugares mas hermosos que tiene nuestro país En esta experiencia los traslados terrestres, acuaticos y almuerzos estan incluidos. ¿Que no esta incluido en este experiencia ? No esta incluido los 22.00 dolares por persona de entrada a territorio comarcal Guna