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Noosa Everglades Kayak, an award-winning nature tour
-2022 Winner of Australia's Most Magical Experience- Easily accessible: Just minutes from Noosa Junction and conducted in calm shallow waters. Stingrays: The Southern Everglades provide a serene sanctuary for stingrays, keep an eye out and you should spot numerous juvenile rays darting through the water. Stunning & Tranquil: Take in the tranquility of hidden waterways and the stunning vistas of Lake Weyba as you explore the unparalleled beauty of Noosa's enchanting UNESCO World Heritage protected Southern Everglades. Swim in the Pristine Everglades: Take an optional swim (weather dependent) Diverse Wildlife: The Noosa Everglades are celebrated for their biodiversity, encompassing a multitude of bird species, fish, and diverse flora. This unique ecosystem also serves as a crucial habitat for numerous vulnerable and endangered species. Interactive Games and Quizzes: Be attentive, there is a test! Engage in lighthearted games and quizzes while earning points to conquer "Stevie's Quiz." Picnic on Secluded Shores: Experience something truly unique by enjoying a leisurely bite to eat on exposed sandbars or tranquil, hidden shores. It's the perfect opportunity for a relaxing You'll have a lovely time but expect to get wet and be in the sun for a few hours. We recommend wearing your beach attire (sun safe & water safe)
Best surf school in Coolangatta
We meet at our surfing trailer at Rainbow bay beach,we offer wetsuits and rash vests,and our clients put their belongings in the back of our trailer where its all locked up safely .Our learn to surf introduction is 10 to 15 minutes long,the lesson is 2 hours in duration.Once we have people surfing[we push our clients into the waves first, to practice the two different stand up techniques]We then teach them to catch waves by themselves. Other things to note We have three group lessons daily,some lessons are of better quality regarding the tides,we operate on Q.L.D time.9AM,11AM and2PM.We also provide board hire .
Glow Worms - Nocturnal Rainforest/Waterfall Adventure
On our nocturnal walk into the rainforest to the base of a waterfall we will search for wildlife and other critters lurking in the wilderness. Ever heard of a Pademelon? Or a Tawny Frogmouth? Maybe we'll see one if we are lucky! We'll definitely see lots of Glow Worms and learn some fun facts about them! Guaranteed Glow Worm Sighting! (Free return trip if none are seen). This experience is designed to avoid other people and see as many new things as possible, most nights we wont see any other people near the Glow Worms at this secret spot. If the sky is clear it is a beautiful spot to see the stars and the night sky or watching the sunrise over the Gold Coast from a beautiful viewpoint if you would prefer an early morning. Pick up included from central Gold Coast locations. Other things to note Subject to weather conditions, will be cancelled if considered unsafe, but will continue in light rain. For Private Charters or any date that isn't listed, group bookings or any enquires please message or email
Paddling Adventure Pumicestone Passage
Arrive at beautiful Golden Beach on The Pumicestone Passage, just a 5-10 minute paddle across from the seclusion & adventure of Bribie Island NP. This is one of SE QLD's best kept secrets, as the beach one visits to get away from the crowds & feel like you are in your own personal paradise. After a safety briefing & orientation on the map, you are free to explore the Passage & Island at your leisure, spotting wildlife and stepping into the beautiful natural surrounds. If you aren’t confident with your paddling skills, the team at Golden Beach Hire are very keen to teach you all the skills you need to paddle confidently on the Passage, whether it be just a casual paddle close to shore, or a challenging fitness excursion on the water and surrounding islands. Grab a dry bag to take a phone, and be sure to take lots of pics, so you can tell everyone about your adventure on the water. Have a swim in the crystal clear waters if you wish and/or stroll around the many islands and bars choosing your own paths and adventures. Feel the seclusion & privacy only the northern tip of Bribie Island & the Pumicestone Passage can provide with no roads or 4WD vehicles permitted for miles. When you are done, you will be wondering how you missed this beautiful piece of paradise and why you haven’t done it sooner. Activities Weather Permitting, closed in 15 knot winds & above. 130 kg max weight.
Palm Cove Private Yoga Meditation
This is your opportunity to enjoy the transformational experience of a private yoga meditation session developed specifically to meet your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an advananced yogi, a special program will be developed to develop your yoga and meditation practice. You can book a session on your own, or come with a group of friends. We will meet at my home, (which is 5 minutes from the beach) to commence the session. Before we begin we will complete a yoga, meditation and health questionnaire that allows you to identify your specific issues and needs. We will then commence your private yoga meditation session and enjoy 1.5 hours of: • Pranayama ( breath work) • Asanas (poses) • Shavasana (relaxation) • Meditation (guided). Other things to note Your practice will be specifically designed for you. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced yogi and meditator, your class will be designed to meet your needs.


Rainforest and Wildlife Night Tour
Your Night Time adventure starts with pickup from your Airbnb accommodation and takes you off on an adventure to find wildlife in it’s natural habitat. Most of it doesn’t come out until after sunset so we stay out after dark to see it! We start around 1:30pm so you can have a relaxed morning and you will be back around 9:30-10:00pm. Afternoon tea and dinner will be provided so no need to worry about food. We get to see some very rare animals, like Platypus and Tree Kangaroos, and the region we visit on the Atherton Tablelands is a beautiful place. It is close to Cairns so drive times are short. We visit several areas too so you get to see different places. We do spend a few hours in the afternoon to see the Rainforest but it really comes to life when the sun goes down. Being in the forest at night is an experience you will never forget. It is magical to hear and feel and see what it is like to be in there after dark. I use special lights so we can all see what’s around us and provide you with binoculars so you can get a really good view of the animals. You will come away from this with a whole new understanding of Australia’s special environments and it’s wonderful wildlife. Other things to note Bugs and mosquitos are not usually a problem. If the weather is wet I provide umbrellas. There is no need for you to have flashlights or torches. We are not hiking so just comfortable shoes are needed
Night Walk Cairns Botanic Gardens - Lets Go Buggin
The magic of the rainforest comes to life after dark and welcomes you with a chorus of frog croaks and the sparkling of a million eyeshines. A walking tour especially for nature enthusiasts and photographers in the heart of Cairns. Every Night Walk is different. Being in nature offers an exciting and unpredictable experience full of surprises. The tour will introduce you to the much-loved White-lipped tree frogs, Northern Stony Creek frogs, and many other species of amphibians. For those who like spiders, there are many that can be seen on the tour such as Net-casting spiders, Mirror-ball Spiders, huge Orb-weavers, and Huntsmans. People not fond of spiders will be relieved to know that they are usually happily weaving their webs or sitting on tree trunks. We see an abundance of nocturnal insects like moths, crickets, beetles, and stick insects. Most of these animals only come out at night and therefore are unseen by most people. Other animals that can be seen on a Let’s Go Buggin Night Walk include Micro-bats, Papuan Frogmouths, Striped Possums, Speckled Flying Foxes, Pythons, Bandicoots, Pademelons and Echidnas. The tours offer a great opportunity for photographers who would love to just ‘go to’ that spot to capture amazing photographs of some nocturnal critters.
Sunset SUP or Kayak at Lake Tinaroo
Our pick up starts at 2.30 pm I will pick you up from your accommodation then the adventure begins! We head up the beautiful Kuranda range which a world heritage rainforest so the chance to see a cassowary or two is a possibility. As we drive the range you will feel the temperature drop a fraction as its high in the mountains and thick forest so take it in. 10 min out of the rainforest its turns to bush you may see huge termite mounds, kangaroos and bird or prey flying high in the sky. It takes about 1.5 hrs to get to the Lake Tinaroo but the drive is stunning with rolling hills and amazing history which I will tell you about on the drive. We soon arrive at Lake Tinaroo around 4.45 pm we get ready to have all our briefs and hit the water for an amazing SUP experience and take in the colours of the sunset. The wild life is amazing up there, Platypus spotting, pelicans, turtles and the bird life is spectacular. When we hit the water I show you skills, rescues and much more then the tour begins with a paddle around the lake spotting as much wildlife as we can, then the sun starts setting and we start snapping our cameras and lap up the colours of the sky and relax and enjoy ourselves. The tour finishes around 7.30 pm with hot homemade pumpkin soup by the lake and yummy local bread, as you eat and relax I pack up all the equipment and join you for soup, then its back to Cairns. Other things to note So just a wee reminder BYO: extra clothes, a towel to dry yourself off, water and any snacks you may need. I do dinner and I pick you up from your accommodation or meet me at Cairns central shopping center for 2.30 pm.
Mary Valley Tour from Noosa with Lunch, Kenilworth, Train
You’ll be picked up to start the day with a beautiful scenic drive to the historical Gympie Station with time to explore. You will then depart on your train ride for a one-way, one-hour experience on the Mary Valley Rattler classic steam locomotive to the historical Amamoor station. Here you will have time to appreciate this small country town and watch the steam engine get turned around on a historical turntable. Next we take a nice country drive to a picturesque little town called Imbil, previously nominated as one of Queensland’s top tiny tourist towns. Here we’ll explore the corners of this pretty little town, including the town lookout with a panoramic views of the Mary Valley. We then continue our scenic country drive to the heart of the Mary Valley, Kenilworth, where you will be treated to a delicious lunch and drink of your choosing with free time to explore after lunch. After exploring Kenilworth you will be taken on a 1.2km guided fig tree walk through giant figs and a forest alive with birdsongs. This walk is paved and flat and optional. Alternatively, guest who don't feel comfortable doing this walk can enjoy the creekside park nearby the conjunction of the creek and the Mary River. We will then complete our journey with another country drive towards the coast to drop you at your accommodation in time for sunset and dinner.
Connect with rescue horses at The Kind Farm Inc
Learn how to connect with a horse and meet rescued horses. You will learn how to connect with even a timid or untrained horse. The Kind Farm Inc is a registered charity that rescues horses who would otherwise have been slaughtered. Proceeds of this experience support horses in care at The Kind Farm Inc.
Maiala Rainforest Tour
After your booking, we will look for the right pick-up location. We will then drive up to Mount Glorious. The winding road to the Maiala walking track goes through the subtropical rainforest of the D’Aguilar National Park. The tour will show you the rich flora and fauna of a subtropical rainforest with its majestic trees and beautiful canopy. The characteristic calls of the Whipbird, Catbird and Woompo Dove will hopefully help you to spot them. Besides the countless little birds, you might be lucky to see skinks, Land Mullets or Lace Monitors. A smaller-sized kangaroo family member called Pademelon also lives in Maiala. They are often seen close to the walking track. The track is around 5km long and will take about 3 hours, giving you plenty of time to learn about the area or take photos of your favorite spots. We will have our lunch and refreshments at the beautiful picnic area. After lunch, we will walk on the mountain's western side with its beautiful lookouts. Note: You can book me for a guided tour without the drop-off and pick-up. This starts from the Maiala car park.
Magic photoshoot on the Gold Coast
Join me on a relaxing walk to explore the photogenic beaches of the Gold Coast. Whether it is your first time seeing this beautiful place while on vacation; celebrating anniversaries, or honeymoon; or just wanting to experience Gold Coast in a unique way, this will be the experience I'd love to share with you! I'll take you to my favorite beach, and capture moments of you in a stylish but natural way. I just need you to be yourself and make sure you enjoy your time! I love to shoot pictures in the best lighting, so a golden hour is what we hope for! I'll also help you find poses that are right for you, to allow you to feel and look your best natural self! Check my work on @the.gazephoto It's an LGBTQ+ and Poly-Friendly experience. After our photo shoot, you will have many great pictures to keep! You will receive 15 edited and high-quality pictures via a link to download within 48 hours.
騎馬和ATV之旅,上午10: 30進入寵物動物園 房客抵達KUR-Cow上午11: 00 第一個是30分鐘的騎馬課程。您將學習基本技巧,並帶著您的新朋友在我們的競技場進行一些練習,然後前往稻田。 我們第一次/缺乏體驗的騎手,我們可以帶領您的馬,直到您覺得自己騎馬。 上午11: 45 30分全地形車之旅即可抵達!我們會完成我們的安全程序,並為您提供我們的裝備。 騎車會穿過我們的牧場,在那裡我們的牛放牧。你可能會遇到一隻公牛和他的女朋友,但別擔心,因為他們很友善! 中午12: 30 ATV完成 我們有一個寵物動物園,有許多小動物,如雞、小山羊、小馬和馬可供餵食。 巴士接駁巴士從凱恩斯出發:星期二、星期四、星期六和星期日。每人40美元/人 凱恩斯、空中鐵路、雨林站、Kur Cow、Kuranda、Cairns
Maleny & Montville Tour from Noosa with Lunch & Wine Tasting
You will be picked up for a nice country drive to picturesque Mapleton Falls for a complimentary tea/coffee • A lovely ridgeline drive will then land us in Montville Artisan Village, the prettiest and most unique little village on the hinterland • You will have plenty of time to explore the Village • Lunch with a drink at a charming cottage cafe • Next, a ridgeline drive will take us to a panoramic lookout with views of the entire Sunshine Coast coastline, from Noosa to Caloundra and as far as Moreton Island on a clear day • We continue the journey along the ridgeline to the Maleny region where we will go for a guided nature walk through a mesmerising remnant old-growth rainforest • We will follow this with a visit to a panoramic lookout where you will experience one of the most stunning and photographed views in Australia, with unimpeded views of the the picturesque Glass House Mountains • We now indulge is some of the finest artisan Belgian chocolates in the region with a chocolate tasting included • Our last stop will give you a chance to reflect on this amazing day as you participate in a mountain top wine tasting with ocean views at the local’s favourite winery and vineyard • We will have you back to your accommodation by approximately no later than 5:30pm, in time for sunset and dinner.
Bliss Day Retreat Nourish the Nervous System
Your blissful day will commence at 10am on Sunday 4th February, concluding at 3.30pm. You will be nurtured and nourished with gentle movement and restorative yoga, high vibration food, pure essential oils, sacred cacao, soothing sound journey and healing hands. Your ticket includes • all props for your luxury and comfort • food, essential oils and cacao • a small donation to the wonderful doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation helping women and children who are navigating domestic abuse situations This is a unique and truly blissful experiene that deeply nourishes your mind, heart, body and soul.
Body Work with Yoga & Meditation a form of Breath Work
No previous experience is necessary. This will be a unique 90 minute personal experience, where you will learn to meditate with breathing exercises or visualisations and explore your body. Then you will be guided through an easy yoga practice, at a level suitable for you, that will cater specifically to your body needs. I will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Learn to breath more deeply, and let go of what no longer serves you in your life. Become centred and relaxed releasing anxiety, depression and stored up emotions, and welcome in more bliss. We will finish with a sound healing using a Tone Therapy System from N.O.W. This experience will leave you feeling connected to your body and feeling the peace within. IMPORTANT: If these time schedules do not work for you, you can let me know what time you would prefer! Other things to note Please wear appropriate comfortable stretch clothes, tights, shorts, singlet or T-shirt. Try and avoid eating a heavy meal before yoga. Let me know if you want to change your time.
Discover old and new Newstead
An easy walk around the suburb of Newstead to discover the history of this area from the beginning of European settlement. We will see remnants of the suburb's past and piece together the events, names and characters that have shaped the area. The walk will be illustrated by old photographs of the places we shall visit and accounts of the events - old and new - that have taken place in Newstead. Guests will see the area in a new light and be on the lookout for more clues to understand better the history all around us.
Woolstores and Riverwalk
We shall take an easy and relaxing walk along the Brisbane River in Teneriffe to learn about the history of the area and to understand its historical significance as a centre for the wool trade and as a former naval base during WW2. We shall also discover how the Urban Renewal programme meant Teneriffe became one of Brisbane's most livable suburbs. But don't take my word for it; come and see for yourself. Other things to note Don't forget your camera; and your inquisitive mind.
The Woolstores of Teneriffe
The tour will give guests a special opportunity to take a look at some of the oldest surviving woolstores in Teneriffe. Guests will hear about the special place that wool occupied in the history of Queensland, and the living legacy that the woolstores have stamped on Teneriffe. Learn about the features that made the woolstores special buildings, designed for a particular purpose and a particular location. You will also learn about the associated industries that occupied Teneriffe right up until the 1970s. Hear how changes in the wool markets lead to the abandonment of the woolstores and the decline of Teneriffe as a suburb. And learn how the area was included in the Building Better Cities Program, from which Teneriffe has emerged as a renewed suburb. Other things to note The tour does not require guests to bring any specific equipment. General photography of the building is permitted, but no photography of, or access to individual private residences is permitted.
The Sensational Royaltouroz small group comedy wine tour
JOIN ROYALTOUR OZ FOR FOOD WINE COMEDY MUSIC AND FUN we pick you up from your air bnb location and take you to castle glen at the summit try from over 300 different drinks then onto our chef led 13 dish lunch at donellys castle with bubbles then on to the wineries at Ballendean and another boutique wineries along the way thats drinks at four locations plus a trip through space and time to meet king tutt, better food best wines totaly original. THE CONCEPT .YOUR GUIDE IS AN EXILED CROWN PRINCE OF THE KINGDOM OF MOREBRONZIER. HE AND HIS SEVENTEEN TWIN BROTHERS TAKE YOU ON A JOURNEY OF FOOD WINE AND FUN , ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IMPOSTERS AND ASSASSINS ABOUND MADCAP FUN IN THE STYLE OF MEL BROOKS .YOU BECOME MOREBRONZIAN ROYALTY FOR THE DAY .
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