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Upper Carniola的獨特新鮮事

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Sail & walk magical Ljubljana
This locally guided boat & walking tour allows you to explore this unique city and cruise around whilst doing so! See the best Ljubljana's spots from the river (boat) ground (walking) and sky (skyscraper) point of view. We will explore some of the greats of Ljubljana's, history, architecture, monuments and sail through the beautiful scenic canal of the river Ljubljanica. We will sail with a beautiful licensed boat of Ljubljana (official boat) which is spacious enough to feel comfortable and safe. The boat is open which will give you the true feeling of being one with the river and its beautiful surroundings, but it can be closed with panoramic windows as it can be cold or a bit rainy this time of year. Blankets are there to keep you comfy and they serve wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, and coffee to keep the inner you warm. For the other part of the tour, we'll walk through the beautiful Baroque old town, Art-Nouveau new town, Town Hall, Dragon Bridge, Farmers Market, and of course experience life of the local people. Last but not least, we will visit old skyscraper with its remarkable architecture and enjoy a panoramic view of Ljubljana from above the sky. Yes, I would love to show you my home town. Let's go for the extra (s)mile! :) I would love to hear from you if you would like to start the tour at a different time of the day. Feel free to check my other tours.
E-bike tour Škofja Loka
We will meet in Škofja Loka center, from where the tour to wonderful Škofja Loka hills begins. The tour will take us through old part of the city over old wooden bridge "Hudičeva brv" to the closest valley of Hrastnica. From there we will ascend to Sv. Ožbolt hill and visit a church with a view over the city and surrounding area. The continuing part of the tour will be mostly on top of the hills where we will pass some small villages like Črni vrh and enjoy the panorama views along the way. The next nice location is village Bukov vrh, where we will make nice pictures of a photogenic church. A descent ride to Poljanska dolina valley, with a stop at mansion Visoko (a home of famous Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar) will be perfect for sharing some local history and have a drink under old mansions trees. From there we will slowly return back to Škofja Loka. Other things to note On this tour can participate anyone who knows how to ride a bike.
Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Waterfall Savica
Join me on a full day trip to Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj and Waterfall Savica in national park Triglav We are meeting at Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana at 9:00am We are going to Waterfall Savica in national park Triglav, there is a half and hour hike to reach Waterfall Savica After Waterfall we are going to visit lake Bohinj located in national park as well After Lake Bohinj we are going to visit Lake Bled There is a entrance fee for Waterfall four euros
Sunrise on Šmarna Gora with a view of the capital Ljubljana
Are you sunrise lover? Do you want to experience sunrise and meditation with a view of Ljubljana with some tea and traditional Slovenian breakfast afterwards, on the top of the hill called Šmarna Gora? Then this experience is for you. Join us and we will create memories you cannot forget. When you register you will recieve the timing details and exact destination, where our adventure will begin. We will start our hike with lamps, because at the beginning it will be dark. On the top we will wait for beautiful sun to rise and have some Slovenian traditional breakfast (bread with honey/butter and apples) with some mountain tea. What will you get: lamps, sunrise and meditation in nature, traditional Slovenian breakfast and tea. What you need to bring: sneakers or hiking shoes and some water. Dress well because in the morning it can gets very cold even in summer season. Walking time: 45 min up and 30 min down When we start? It depends on the season. In summer the sun rises at 5.00 o'clock and in the winter at 8.00 o'clock. Note: We cannot influence the weather conditions, hence we cannot guaranty the perfect sunrise visibility - that all depends on Mohter Nature. Also there is possibility of transport, with additional 15eur cost, with pick up point anywhere in Ljubljana. The access is easy with the bus, number 8 (towards Gameljne).
Bled eBike Tour
This is a local experience of Bled and no way better doing it, then on comfortable step-through top quality 2020 model Scott electric bikes. Means even if you are not an expert cyclist, or you just simply want to spend this time in comfort, relaxed, then these eBikes are for you. With them, you do not have to bother with uncomfortable electric mountain bikes, which for some people can prove being too powerful, with hard narrow seats, uncomfortable sitting position and most importantly, tricky step-on/step-off's. I was the first one in Slovenia and Bled offering e-biking and in my 10 years of experience I know what I'm talking about, believe me. Bled eBike Tour will start with getting the eBikes and yourself all set-up for the ride. You just make sure you bring a good spirit, wear comfortable clothes & shoes for biking, poncho is always a good idea to have. Helmet, bottle of water will be provided and if available at the time and if you require some side panniers can be provided. For the eBike, a minimum height of 150 cm is required. Your guided eBike tour will take you through Koritno, Bodesce, Ribno, Selo, Mlino, Zasip and Podhom villages, around the Lake Bled for a bit, you will also visit the island with traditional Pletna boat. If you are late 15 min or more, tour will go ahead without you, no refunds in this case.
Food & Wine tour with a Sommelier
[Small groups- max 8 guests, PRIVATE TOUR also possible.] You love FOOD and you love WINE? Than this tour is perfect for you! We'll taste all Slovenia's regions, diverse in flavours, landscape, customs, traditions and dialects. So much diversity! You'll also get an abc on Slovenian wine. As a sommelier I can't help myself - I'll give you a short intro into food and wine pairing and it's gong to be great fun! We will meet at the Farmers Market, THE place for local produce and specialties! I always say food is the best way to feel a nation's soul. The diverse and vibrant market tells a story of Slovenian people, culture and traditions and is also very famous for its architecture. Get ready to try different wine, cheese, delicious locally produced meat, traditional soup, seafood (did you know Slovenia has 43 kilometres of coast!) and among other things some sweets too. You'll also learn about typical Slovenian dishes with protected geographical status, like a delicious traditional pastry filled with walnuts. As I'll take you around I'll tell you all about Slovenian cuisine, culture and customs that are very old but still alive today. All in all - be prepared for some good times while learning about the tastes of Slovenia through the eyes of a local food & wine lover and a sommelier. If the tour is not available at your desired time please contact me.
Cooking class; Traditional sLOVEnian Štrukelj
How to explore a traditional Slovenian culture better than through its local food? Slovenia is a country with and old and rich cuisine history. From my grandmother, to my mother and now to me, recipes and different ways of cooking a traditional Slovenian ŠTRUKELJ have been passed on and now I want to share this with you! Together we will dive deep into Slovenian traditional cuisine. After a warm welcome we will put our aprons on and get our hands dirty! Did you know that there are more than 13 ingredients in the traditional štrukelj and many natural flavor enhancing additions, some that are secrets from our grandmothers? I want to invite you to come and find out! The class is led by Luka, a local with an aptitude for cooking and love for Slovenian culture. He will make sure your štrukelj is a success and that you will be in a food & laugh coma at the end of the experience! Included in the cooking class: - homemade traditional wine liquor in viljamovka - cheese and prosciutto plating - beverage/juice - printed and digital recipe - group photo - 100 % good company
Top choice Postojna cave and Predjama castle
Welcome with us to Postojna cave, you will experience amazing system a series of caverns, halls and caves 2 millions old and about 24 km long distance underground. In the entrance you will take electric train it will takes you into a Great Mountain cavern for a distance about 4 kilometers and walkable 2 kilometers around stalagmites and stalactites. Visit will take about 1,5 hour. After we take a drive to Predjama castle wich is world wide famous and it lies on the mouth of cavern half way up a 123 meters high cliff. It is 9 km away from caves and you need a transport. Please contact us before booking, attractions is very visited.
Tasting amazing boutique local wines in Bled
We will try a beautiful palette of Slovenian wines, from white to orange to red one. All different in taste, but all brilliant. Stories and history about them will also be involved, so your knowledge will also be satisfied. You will also have a chance to pair wines with local chocolate.:) Other things to note You have to be at least 18 years old to join me
Discover Ljubljana with a local
[Small groups, max 10 guest.] ⚠ CAUTION! This is NOT a typical city tour full of boring data, history facts and rigid itinirary. Yes, we will walk by the most important and interesting tourist attractions, but we will also focuse on Ljubljana's local life. Do this tour if you want to get integrated into the local life and really get to know the city while having a great time! ▶ More reasons for discovering Ljubljana with me? ✔We'll visit the farmers market with special attention - the best way to get to know a culture is through food. ✔I'll tell you how to make the most out of my city, give you tips where to go and make sure you don't fall into tourist traps. ✔After the tour you'll get a list of additional recommendations - places where locals go and all tested by me. ✔You'll have great fun and meet new friends ▶Some of the places we'll visit: ✔Gorgeous city center- the new and the old ✔Central market ✔My favourite street that is still very authentic, a bit rock'n'roll and full of delicious street food ✔City's alternative cultural centre full of amazing street art and vibrant nightlife (plenty of stories there!) ✔Local residential district ✔The famous Dragon bridge ✔Ljubljana castle Be prepared for a local's perspective of Ljubljana and enjoy city's laid-back vibe in good company. If the tour is not available at your desired time contact me.
Personal photoshoot in the beautiful Ljubljana/Bled/Bohinj
During this 1,5 hour experience we will walk around the beautiful Ljubljana center where we will choose beautiful spots and I will take photos of you: along the river, little cute streets that you wouldn´t find by your own, we can also go up to the highest Café of the city, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the castle or go to Tivoli park. In the meantime we can have a great talk, I love meeting people from different parts of the world, hear their stories and share with them mine :) As you can see in my gallery, I like to take photos that tell a story, that feel natural and full of emotion. Being yourself and enjoy the city is the best way to catch unforgetable moments. I am happy to photograph all kind of travellers: families, couples, solo travelers, group of friends... Before starting our walk we can talk about what kind of photos you would like to have :) Hope to see you soon!
With a bike or hike up and down to explore Slovenian pearl
Greetings to all, with me you will experience Slovenia as I experience it myself, our time will be determined by how much effort you can endure. I can organize trips all over Slovenia and experience what Slovenia really is. Slovenia has caves, rivers, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, gorges, mountains, sea, vineyards, castles, a rich cultural and natural heritage, and I could go on and on. It is up to you to let go and trust me as a guide. thank you for reading and I hope to meet you.
Taste the world of Slovenian wines in the heart of Ljubljana
We will try a beautiful palette of Slovenian wines, from white to orange to red one. All different in taste, but all brilliant. Stories and history about them will also be involved, so your knowledge will also be satisfied. You will also get the chance to upgrade the experience with chocolate pairing (extra fee applies.) Other things to note You have to be at least 18 years old to join me
Clear Kayak Bled
Original Clear Kayak Bled tour, the only clear kayak tour you can do in Slovenia and Lake Bled! Great kayak trip on the world most picturesque and renown Lake Bled. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Lake Bled on a guided kayaking tour in a clear kayak. The night tour, it includes illumination/lights under the kayak (the exact starting time depends on the time (sunset) of the year, customers will be notified with a separate email)
Piran Walking Tour -> including tasting of local food & wine
Is there any better way to spend late afternoon in Piran than with a laidback walking tour through the narrow streets of the city which will take you back to the medieval times and give you great insight how people were living here few centuries ago? In 90 minutes walking tour I will share you some great stories from our granddads, local fishermen, salt producers and many more. During the tour you will visit important town squares, see lots of Venetian architecture and maybe even walk in 700 years old Minorite Monastery with rich history and interesting anecdotes. A great panoramic view will open on the top of the hill where church of St. George stands tall above the town. From this point you will be able to see Slovenia, Croatia and Italy at the same time. Great place to make some photos! In the end of the tour we will stop for a snack and refreshment with local food and wines (all included in the price). This region is widely known for it’s amazing wines like Malvazija (white) and Refošk (red), but you will be the judge which suits you better. After the tour I will be happy to recommend where to go for a nice meal, ice cream, coffee or a glass of wine. Don’t forget to ask where to buy a souvenir for a nice memory from this beautiful gem on the southwest edge of Slovenia.