Supplier Diversity

Connecting more diverse suppliers with Airbnb.

Our Commitment

Airbnb Supplier Diversity is committed to promoting, increasing, and improving the overall participation of diverse suppliers.
"Airbnb’s commitment to diversity and belonging extends beyond our employees to all of our stakeholders, including the suppliers and communities in which we operate."
Dave Stephenson, Chief Financial Officer

Our Standard for Diverse Businesses

We recognize suppliers that are at least 51% owned and operated by a diverse owner(s):
How to Certify Your Business
Certification: A diverse supplier can obtain certification through a corresponding nation-wide organization. The business must submit verifying documents, go through an interview, and meet other requirements to be officially recognized as diverse-owned.

Self-Affidavit:We recognize that some diverse suppliers do
not have certification, either because they don't have the resources, or because they are in the process of doing so. For these companies, we may verify through our own self-affidavit system. Businesses may sign a self-certification affidavit form with Airbnb that states they are diverse-owned.
How to Register Your Business
Companies interested in doing business with Airbnb should complete our Supplier Discovery Form.

Airbnb Procurement will review your information to support connection and participation in broader opportunities. Responding to this form does not guarantee future business with Airbnb.
After review and approval, diverse-owned suppliers may
qualify for the following benefits:
  • Preferred Payment Terms for diverse suppliers.
  • Added to Airbnb’s Diverse Supplier database.
  • Increased visibility for opportunities in the Airbnb network.