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Learn Georgian granny's recipes
Learn the secrets to cooking delicious traditional Georgian food with a local! I will show you how to cook khachapuri "Adjaruli" according to an old recipe of the families in Adjara (Georgian region). It is a famous Georgian boat-shaped cheese pie with egg yolk in the center. You will make the true Adjarian khachapuri under my guidance, and also you will make Georgian dumplings - "khinkali" in the style of local highlanders. Of course, after the class, you will enjoy the meal you cooked, with a glass of tasty homemade wine. Other things to note The cooking class takes around 2 hrs. If the time you would like is not available please feel free to contact me.
Хинкали и Хачапури - готовьте легко
Мастер класс Грузинской Кухни Научимся готовить Хинкали и Хачапури по-Имеретински под руководством Шеф повара одного из самых вкусных ресторанов в Тбилиси: – обучение мастерству приготовления 2 блюд Хинкали и Хачапури – тарелка с местными Грузинским сырами – салат из незабываемых Грузинских помидоров и огурцов с Кахетинским ароматным маслом – Грузинское домашнее вино – ну и забавные истории о городе Тбилиси План: - Вы приходите к нам в гости. Проходите к большому столу в зале. Надеваете фартуки. - Мы угощаем вас большими бокалами домашнего Грузинского вина и ассорти из грузинских сыров. Знакомимся и начинаем подготавливать тесто для Хачапури. - Пока тесто поднимается повар рассказывает о всех видах Хачапури и регионах их происхождения. - Потом мы готовим начинку для Хинкали под истории о них и забавные случаи. Учимся плести красивые складки на хинкали и правильно отрывать хвостики - Подходит тесто на Хачапури. Собираем и раскатываем хачапури и отдаем его на кухню в печь. - Пока все печется и варится повар рассказывает о Грузинских специях и способах их применения в ваших любимых блюдах. - Когда еда готова - мы подаем салат из свежих овощей с кахетинским маслом и приготовленные вами блюда по 5 хинкали на человека и один Хачапури на 1-4 человека
Explore Armenia & enjoy lunch in a local home
Visit Armenia from Tbilisi in only one day! Discover another gem of the Caucasus region as you visit UNESCO sites, enjoy the scenic landscapes and taste delicious Armenian food! We'll see mystic medieval monasteries surrounded by beautiful gorges and valleys and discover unique Soviet architecture in an old industrial town. On the list: - UNESCO listed monasteries of Sanahin - the blue frescoes of Akhtala fort - the pristine landscapes of Debed gorge - Haghpat monastery where you can test amazing acoustics And what makes the experience most authentic? Of course the people and the food, so please join us for a lunch prepared by a local family at their home! A truly memorable trip for everyone who wants to see more of the Caucasus region.
Wine Tasting in Historic Wine Cellar
We are a hospitable wine cellar in Tbilisi old town, which is 200 years old. Our production is exclusive and only sold in our cellar. There you can try 7 different types of wine, Chacha and our delicious cheese boards. As an owner, I will let costumers try our wine and give them an idea of where and how we make wine and what is the story behind our wine cellar . We will also tell them about the Georgian history, traditions and culture, because our wine comes with history. Our main mission is to accept the visitors in most hospitable way, to make friends with them and give them any information they ask about the wine, Georgian History and the culture. After leaving our wine cellar ,they will know ins and out of the Georgian winemaking and Georgia as a whole. But most importantly, they will have us as a friends.
Rainbow Mountains and David Gareji off-road adventure
Embark on a captivating one-day tour to the David Gareji Monastery complex, a revered and historic religious site located in Georgia. Situated about 100 kilometers southeast of Tbilisi, the complex was founded in the 6th century by Saint David Garejeli and featured buildings that have been carved into towering rocks. The monastery is home to ancient frescoes and offers stunning semi-desert landscapes to explore. During the tour, you will also visit the Natlismtsemeli monastery, also known as the Saint John monastery. The tour includes a stop at a cosy house for lunch and a wine factory where you can savour traditional Georgian wines. Please note that this tour requires a moderate level of physical fitness and involves walking approximately 4 kilometers (2.4 miles) on uneven ground. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and prepare for walking on the dirt path. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the rich history and cultural significance of the David Gareji Monastery complex.
Sololaki - Urban Legends Walk of Bourgeoisie & Haunted Flats
We will walk through the Sololaki neighborhood and see gorgeous Art Nouveau, Baroque, and Rainessance-style architectural gems of the early 20th century that Sololaki is so famous for. While some of them are well-preserved, some require urgent renovation. We will see : - the magnificent handpainted hallways, etc. - Several residential houses that are quite unique with their architecture - supposedly "haunted" house - the only Gothic-style house - etc. And listen to quirky urban legends that you can't read in any guidebook.
Explore Bonsai art in Tbilisi
During the experience, we'll take you on a journey through the fascinating world of bonsai. We will speak about the aesthetics of these miniature trees and the techniques used to cultivate them, as we explore Alexander Meskhi's creations in our converted Soviet greenhouse exhibition space. Join us for a unique and unforgettable experience, where you'll gain a new appreciation for the beauty and craftsmanship of bonsai art.
* The Dezerter Bazaar is Tbilisi’s most unique and diverse food market. We meet up outside the market metro station and together with a shot of chacha I give you a short background about the history of the market and its significance for the city. * Then its eating time! I walk you around the market taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful chaos. You will get to taste food/drinks at each of our 10 stops and get to meet the producer of each food, people who have worked there for 30+ years. *The tour will include local pickles, local cheeses, dried fruit, fresh vegetables, spices, sweet treats and of course wine. There will also be a few surprises along the way. The only thing you need to bring is a big appetite! * If you are ready to set yourself free, explore something new and fully trust your guide in a gastro adventure with no borders - you are welcome! Other things to note: Dress appropriate for the weather. Please bring a bottle of water and an empty stomach! If you don’t see open dates for the time of your visit, feel free to contact us in private messages. We are quite flexible and enthusiastic. Our insta account is @tbilisifoodtours
Horseback riding on the river, lake and valley
Horse riding in the beautiful nature of Kazbegi with an experienced guide. You will visit the lake and walk through the valley by the river. We can also change the time zones.
Прогулка с пленочным фотоаппаратом по старому Тбилиси
Это закрытый тур, только для вас! В нем соединено все, что мне близко: душевные разговоры, интересные тайные и известные места, пленочные фото, истории старого города Мы встретимся в сердце города, на площади Свободы, прогуляемся по древнему району Сололаки, где свет красиво падает сквозь деревья на старые дворы и улочки. Кадры здесь получаются волшебными! Я поделюсь историями этой части Тбилиси, здесь бушевали нешуточные страсти! Затем мы увидим улицу-лестницу Бетлеми и ее знаменитость, пройдемся по мощеным улочкам до района Серных бань, сделаем прекрасные фото с лучшим видом на старый город (он должен быть не сверху, а снизу!) И после увидим самую древнюю и необычную церковь Тбилиси, в которой есть тайные рисунки, которых не увидеть больше нигде! Затем по пешеходной улице пройдем мимо моста Мира до театра мастера-фантазера Резо Габриадзе Через несколько дней после прогулки вам придут теплые кадры-воспоминания об этом дне и теплом городе! У вас будет примерно 25 отсканированных снимков Как забронировать прогулку для группы или получить больше фото? Очень просто. все зависит от количества фотографий, которые вы хотите получить. 25 фотографий - бронируйте индивидуальную экскурсию. 45-50 фотографий - бронируйте экскурсию для группы. Если фотографий нужно больше - напишите мне, я создам для вашей группы индивидуальное впечатление!
Tbilisi Friendly Walking Tour, Food&Wine
If you are searching not a "basic history" tour, filled with tons of interesting facts, and personal stories about living in Tbilisi, that will make you feel like you learned a lot about cultural habits, the city, and the country, then you can continue reading! As you may know, the old town is the most atmospheric district of the city, full of traditional Tbilisian houses, different architectural styles, and historical buildings where you can enjoy walking the labyrinth of alleyways and discovering hidden restaurants, cafes, and shops. In this walking tour, we will explore all highlights of the old town, stopping to admire landmarks such as the Narikala Fortress, the Sulphur baths, the Juma mosque, the waterfall, and the Metekhi church, from where we will continue to see the modern Bridge of Peace, Rike park and with using of the Cable car we will see the monument The Mother of Georgia! For a better introduction to the city and culture, after seeing all the main attractions, we will go to the Wine boutique, where you will be able to try Georgian wines made in Traditional and European ways and after tasting them you tell me which one you liked more! At the end of the tour, If you would like to try Georgian traditional food, we can go to the authentic restaurant, or you can take notes of the places, that I will recommend going to!
Irine's Pub Crawl in Tbilisi
Unique Pub Crawls in Tbilisi with unlimited wine, drinking games and full of hidden gems - this is the short description of what is ahead! We meet in the lobby of Fabrika Hostel, where our adventure starts. This bar-hopping experience consists of 5 bars: The first one is a wine bar with unlimited Georgian wine and cheese boards. It is the best place to get to know each other, play games, and get ready for the hidden gems of Tbilisi that are ahead of us! Then we go to 4 local bars, in order to see Georgian nightlife, have fun, drink tasty shots, and maybe sing and dance as well! Welcome shots will be provided in each bar. My and Mariam's priorities on tours are to have friendly, safe and fun pub crawls for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, religion, sexuality and etc. See you there!
Exploring Tbilisi – walking tour
Don't miss out on our small-group tour (private options are available too) of Tbilisi's Old Town! It's a fantastic opportunity to explore the city, whether it's your first time or you're short on time. Even if you've visited Georgia before, we guarantee you'll discover something new and captivating on this tour. Immerse yourself in the eclectic mix of Georgian, Byzantine, Oriental, and Neo-Classical European architecture. Marvel at the impressive ancient churches of Sioni and Metekhi, and the grand Narikala Fortress. Don't forget to visit Freedom Square and enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the iconic Bridge of Peace, which gracefully spans the Mtkvari (Kura) River. Experience the harmonious co-existence of various religions as you visit the Synagogue, Armenian Church, Mosque, and Georgian Orthodox churches. This highlights the city's inclusive and tolerant nature. • If you prefer a more personalized experience, we also offer private tours with flexible starting times. • Please note that the group tours are available in English and Russian but on different weekdays. • Alternatively, consider joining our Brutal Tbilisi tour to explore the city's Soviet architecture and its intriguing brutalist suburbs. For a unique experience, our New Tiflis walking tour uncovers hidden gems on the left bank.
Тур по барам Тбилиси в формате игры - квеста
Тур по барам - (англ. Pub Crawl, Bar Hopping) - популярный вид развлечений в Европе и Америке. Это экскурсия-вечеринка, в которой люди из разных городов и стран знакомятся, общаются, танцуют и перемещаются от бара к бару большой веселой компанией. В среднем 10-15 чел. За один вечер участники проходят 5 баров-клубов, выполняя веселые задания. В финале самые активные участники получают призы, а вечеринка продолжается. В стоимость включено: - 5 баров-клубов - 5 welcome shots - Развлекательная программа - Весёлые гиды - Фотограф Другая важная информация - Переход между барами 5-10 минут в пешей доступности.
Create handmade Georgian ceramic magnets
Hello! We are Daria and Zoya, co-founders of MODI ceramic project, ceramic studio at the center of Tbilisi. We offer you to make very special souvenirs - hand made magnets with Georgian ornaments, that are traditionally used as a decoration for furniture, tableware and buildings. You will create magnets from clay, and at the workshop you will explore the process of making ceramics starting from a clay ball, than you will make unique objects, choose glazes and after firings get a better souvenir made by your own. Unforgettable experience with sense of Georgian history, traditions and hospitality. Ready magnets can be taken in about 7 days, if you want to receive items faster, please, contact us before booking and we will check possibility!