Updating how automated messaging works

Switching systems gives Hosts of Experiences access to more features.
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  • Hosts of Experiences will have access to more features, including the ability to edit or cancel messages before they’re sent

We’ve heard from Hosts that automated messages and quick replies can be helpful, time-saving tools for communicating with guests. So, in the coming weeks, we’re moving Hosts of Experiences to the similar but slightly more robust messaging system that’s being used by Hosts of homes.

The change is designed to provide a simpler, more cohesive experience across Airbnb. All your existing scheduled messages will be automatically moved to the new system, and some additional features will also be available to you. Here’s what you can expect.

More options

Previously, you could manage your automated messages when editing your Experience. Now, you can update your scheduled messages and quick replies in your inbox settings.

You’re also able to add more variables, or “shortcodes,” to messages that automatically fill in details like the guest’s name, directions, and more. The old system only supported one shortcode, for a guest’s first name. The new system lets you use up to nine shortcodes:

  • Experience name

  • Guest’s first name

  • Guest’s last name

  • Directions

  • Address

  • City

  • Zoom guest password

  • Zoom share link

  • Confirmation code

Less duplicate work

If you offer two or more Experiences, this update lets you reuse the same scheduled messages across all of your listings. You can assign one scheduled message—such as a welcome note or directions where to meet—to different Experiences, saving time and reducing duplicate work.

You’ll also be able to edit and even cancel a scheduled message before it’s sent. 

What’s going away?

The previous system allowed you to add custom translations of automated messages. This is no longer necessary. We recently launched an auto-translation feature for guests’ inboxes that delivers your messages in their preferred language.

When sending reminders and thank-yous, you previously had the option to send a single message to guests either individually or as a group. Going forward, you’ll be able to send reminders and thank-yous to guests as a group. Welcome messages, however, aren’t affected by this change, and will still be sent to each individual guest.

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  • Hosts of Experiences will have access to more features, including the ability to edit or cancel messages before they’re sent