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Reiki Experience & Luxury Afternoon Tea
I will guide you in the fascinating Oriental art of Reiki, an incredibly effective method to quickly and easily clear the body’s blocked energy lines. It will restore your natural equilibrium, alleviate aches and pains, energise you both mentally and physically and generally elevate your mood. Following your Reiki treatment, you will leave me having not only learned about Reiki, but also feeling deeply relaxed, physically refreshed and emotionally energised. Your Reiki Experience is followed by a Traditional Scottish Afternoon Tea, served on fine vintage china. You will enjoy a range of mouth watering delights, including a variety of tasty, freshly made sandwiches, delicious, piping hot scones served with Ayrshire butter and local Scottish strawberry jam, all topped with luscious clotted cream! Your Traditional Scottish Afternoon Tea is completed with scrumptious cakes and an endless pot of the finest Indian Assam tea - pure luxury and decadent indulgence! This unique and fascinating afternoon begins at 1.00pm and a typical duration is approximately three hours. The Reiki Retreat and Traditional Scottish Afternoon Tea is ideally suited for one to six adults. The afternoon is very informal, relaxing and personally very rewarding. This is also available from 7.00pm as an Evening Retreat, when it is served with a delicious supper.
The Dark Side of Glasgow Tour
Recently named ‘Europe’s murder capital’ and voted the ‘UK’s friendliest city’ in the same week! It’s fair to say Glasgow is a confusing city, which means you need a true Weegie to show you the ropes. Lets share a dram and explore famous landmarks and gritty street art, while I tell you of Glasgow’s crime and macabre past! Its ties to the slave trade, its gangs, its godfathers, its ghosts, and its twisted serial killers! This is not your average tour, full of dull architectural facts and dates. No! We are absolutely bursting with trademark dry Glaswegian humour and have all the feisty, entertaining tales the tourist industry likes to leave out! 'People Make Glasgow' and this is a tour dedicated to the people and their thrilling, hilarious, and sometimes terrifying adventures. Want to know about Bible John? The Human Crocodile? The Gorbals Vampire? Arthur Thompson and his kin? Look no further! These are not the stories you will find in museums, they cannot be summed up in a book. We Glaswegians are known to spin a yarn and are the world’s greatest storytellers. I will add in my own anecdotes passed down from my family, including both the historical facts and the mythical imaginings clearly defined. You will learn to admire our working-class charm. Our brutality, our humour and most of all our complexity. Edinburgh might be Scotland’s brain, but Glasgow is its heart!
The Iconic Glasgow Street Art - Unique Glasgow Tour
Immerse yourself in a different side to Glasgow on this unique street art and modern culture tour. On this 1.5 hour walk there’s no cathedrals, grand buildings or monuments, you will experience the real Glasgow. You’ll meander down alleys and under bridges to uncover some of the city’s most beautiful pieces of art that are taking over the walls by storm. All with a local, expert guide. From world-renowned heroes to local artists you’ll hear the stories and inspiration behind each piece whilst learning about how the art scene in Glasgow has developed dramatically over the last decade and beyond. Not only that, you will also hear about modern life in the city today, it’s nightlife, creative industries and much more. The vibrancy of Glasgow is just waiting to be explored and is something you shouldn’t miss out on during your trip to this cultural powerhouse. Among the 8+ murals you will see include: - ‘Fellow Glasgow Residents’ - Smug - ‘The World’s Most Economical Taxi’ - RogueOne - ‘Glasgow Panda’ - Klingatron/James Klinge
Guided Running Tour of Glasgow
I'll take you on a guided running tour starting and finishing in Glasgow’s city centre, where I'll share my passion for the city and local history with you. We’ll take in the major sights - George Square, Cathedral, Necropolis, Glasgow Green - but also some more ‘off-the-beaten-track’ sights and local knowledge that you won’t find otherwise: the architecture and statues, the hidden river under the city, the amazing street art. There will be stops along the way to talk through the sights and history and, of course, for photo ops! I’ll also give you local recommendations for your trip - running routes, bars and restaurants, or events. If you can't see a time/date that suits you in the calendar, please message me. Please come ready to run! Dress appropriately for the weather. You should be physically capable of running 8km / 5 miles with stops. The pace will be tailored to your requirements: a rough guide is if you can run 5k in 35 mins, you can do the tour.
The wonderful world of honey bees
Come and explore the wonderful world of honey bees and bee keeping. During this three hour experience you will learn all about honey bees - interesting facts; who lives in the hive; the lifecycle of the honey bee and how they make honey and beeswax. We will also take a good look at the equipment that you need and the bee keeping year. We'll look in detail at the various bits that make up a beehive and you'll also make your own simple beeswax candle to take home. After dressing up in 'the beekeeping gear' (provided), we will make our way down to the Apiary where we will get in close and personal with the bees on a live hive inspection.
The Essentials of Glasgow City Walking Tour
Get your bearings and discover Glasgow through a local ‘weegies’ eyes. A must do on any visit to Glasgow, all with a local, expert guide. Available every day at 10:30am (& 5pm in summer). The tour lasts around 1.5 hours. All of our guides are passionate locals who love Glasgow. The tour is different every day depending on the guide, as you see the city through a local's eyes. Get a feel and taste for the city, and discover what it's like to live and be in Glasgow. You will witness and learn about our rich, turbulent history and how it has shaped Glasgow into the vibrant city it is today. From being the second city of the empire, to an industrial hub, Glasgow has been through a lot. ​Throughout the tour you will take a look at some of the famous and lesser known figures to Glasgow, such as our patron saint St Mungo, and even Dr Who! Hear their stories as we travel through the centuries and explore what Glasgow has to offer. Some of the sites you will cover include: - George Square - Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis - Glasgow Green - The Clyde - The Duke of Wellington As well as some hidden treasures of the city that you wouldn't see by yourself! Other things to note: We operate whatever the weather! Please come suitably prepared for all conditions.
The Wee Food Tour of Glasgow
We will be eating our way around Glasgow starting in the heart of the City Centre followed by a trip to the West End and finishing in the historical East End. We will talk about each area and why they matter to the culinary and cultural map of Glasgow. This tour is an introduction to the must try 'Bucket List' of Scottish food and we encourage adventurous and curious eaters! Interacting with the locals and business owners allow us an intimate look at why the city of Glasgow is so incredible.
Discover Scotland Off the Beaten Track
We're going on a trip around Scotland's countryside, where we leave the noisy cities behind and drive by some really cute villages, where you feel like you stepped back in time, then it's just raw nature with lush forests and meadows, old fashioned stone bridges and walls, friendly sheep and horses giving you a farewell. After admiring all these beautiful scenery, we get to a place where we continue our journey on foot. We get on a footpath that is barely visible from all the lush vegetation and flowers and keep going until we gaze into the distance and see this amazing waterfalls far away, surrounded by greenery and majestic rock formations. We keep going until we start hearing the rumbling sound of the water and suddenly the entire gorge and waterfalls cascading down one after the other, enfold as a mesmerising picture in front of us. Once we arrive to the place, we roam around to discover the hidden parts, where we can take in the views and even go on an adventure, climbing down the rocks and take the best photos of the place, that we can even show our grandkids in the future, while telling them about a Fairytale when we went to visit Scotland. Other things to note This trip is for Everyone! All ages are welcome! It is not a strenuous hike, so nobody should be worried of anything. it is up to Everyone of which places they want to choose to climb down to.
The Magnificent and Mysterious History of Glasgow
This walk starts in George Square, the very centre of Glasgow’s Georgian New Town, an area known today as The Merchant City, then onto Queen Street, along Ingram Street and down Candleriggs towards the Trongate and Glasgow Cross, then onto High Street, the main thoroughfare of Medieval Glasgow the original heart of Glasgow. Bruce Downie is an author, historian, tour guide and storyteller. He started Historic Walking Tours of Glasgow in 2021 with one clear vision, to share stories about Glasgow’s long and colourful history, stretching back over 1500 years, including some of its famous characters and its magnificent architecture. Visitors to the city and even local residents, are often encouraged to ‘look up’, to see more of the historic buildings that surround them, particularly from the Victorian and Edwardian era, but there’s so much more to Glasgow than just the architecture. Join Bruce for a few hours during your visit to discover some fascinating, dramatic and occasionally hilarious stories about Scotland’s biggest city.
Join the Dark Side of Magical Nature
Imagine a place that is mysterious, magical, looking like out of a fairy tale. It's already known as having a dark past and there has been a legend about it as one of Devil's favourite place where he used to preach to the Monks. Deep in the forrest, there's a gorge surrounded by 100 foot tall majestic rock formations, an out of this world hidden place where you feel remote from the world and only the moon is required to produce the most weird and awesome effect. The water is dark red, like blood flowing in the veins of nature itself. We'll embark upon a trip at night, riding through winding country side roads, enclosed by darkening trees, looking at the horizon, where the edge of the mountains meet the stars, gazing upon the grazing cattle on the fields, like ghosts of the past. When we arrive, we get on our head torches and head into the forrest, which comes alive with moths fluttering their wings and every breath you take, there's thousands of glittering miniature lifeforms right in front of your eyes. Once we arrived, everything is quiet and alive in the same time, you're one with Nature and your senses are heightened to the maximum. You're in awe and humbled in the same time. Other things to note Being in middle of the night in the forrest is safe, there are no dangerous animals in Scotland, no snakes or anything that might concern you. Maybe some bats around, but they don't come close to you.
Hand forged cheese knife and whiskey experience
Spend your time hand forging a steel cheese knife in the anvil at Swifts forge, a working blacksmith business full of exciting commissions and old tools. You will hand forge your blade flat, shape the knife and hammer in the bevels. After the blade you will work on the handle, incorporating decorative swists and shape to fit your hand. You will then rough grind to tidy the blade up and pass it over to Aaron, the blacksmith who will brin it up to a suitable sharpness and finish for use. While this is happening you can choose to watch or enjoy your hamper bag which contains local Wheaten bread, Irish butter, some local cheese and a measure of fine local Whiskey.
Elated Shades of Glaswegian Nightlife
I’ll drive you to some unique pubs and bars, hand picked by me from hundreds of places after a long search and local expertise of the area. Our first stop will be at a famous Scottish Brewery, where you can taste some of the best craft beers made right here locally. Next, I’ll drive you to a pub, that used to be a Church building, so it kept its original setting with amazingly majestic stone walls, old style chandeliers and stained glass windows. The following destination will be a little cobblestoned alley dotted with cute little pubs, where you feel like you stepped back in time, enjoying some live music in an Irish pub. Next stop is a pub with some unique décor with narrow stairwells, surrounded by tree trunks and branches, little hidden corners, each with a different feel to it. It’s an enchanted forest where even Robin Hood might “appear”. And last but not least there is one more bar to go to. This is a very posh place, where you can feel like a millionaire, sipping the best cocktails in town in spectacular, eye-catching surroundings. It has three floors with several bars, every one unique on its own. so lets get you going ! "Sláinte" or "Cheers" as a Scotsman would say ! Other things to note We will go over the exact itinerary with you and answer any questions you might have about it. Everyone buys drinks based on their budget.
Silent Disco Adventure in Glasgow
Join the Silent Adventures Team as we take you on a journey of song and dance through the famous streets of Glasgow. This musically instructed adventure aims to have your funky moves on display and your pop star voices serenading the people of the this great city! Hi-tech headsets will fill your body with beats, theme songs and your favourite hits from across the decades. As your inhibitions evaporate and laughter takes over, you will be part of the best all dancing, all singing walking tour in town! Ganging up with your super-stylish leader at the starting point, you’ll groove down the historic streets, passing famous landmarks, performers and the public- looking on in awe and jealousy! Your moves are awesome. You just don’t know it yet... It's a Flash Mob. It's a Silent Disco. It’s a roaming, rhythmic riot through Glasgow!
Unique Glasgow Whisky Experience, A Wee Walk and a Whisky
The perfect mix of a walking tour and drink tasting (three full drams included!), enjoy a wee walk and a premium whisky tasting in a local pub with a fun guide. Do something different on your trip and see a new side to Glasgow with this small group tour. You'll spend the first part of the tour on a walking tour with your guide, discovering the history and culture of Glasgow, visiting the key spots to see on a trip to the city. Throughout the tour you will take a look at some of the famous and lesser known figures to Glasgow, such as our patron saint St Mungo, and even Dr Who! Hear their stories as we travel through the centuries and explore what Glasgow has to offer. After the walking tour, you'll deserve a wee nip (three, in fact)! Relax with the guide and enjoy a premium whisky tasting, trying three full drams of Scotland's finest whiskies, learning more about the whiskies as you go. Since launching, this has been one of our most popular tours for those looking for some sightseeing with a twist! Everything is included in the price, just show up and enjoy!
Navigation Fundamentals
A practical navigation course based in the beautiful Galloway Forest Park, teaching the navigation skills you need to get out exploring the tracks and trails of the UK. Aimed at beginners wanting to start self-guided walks or individuals who want a refresh, the navigation fundamentals course offers a full introduction to navigation. Learn to navigate with map & compass Build hillwalking confidence Use a compass to set the map and check the direction of travel Choose appropriate navigation strategies Learn effective relocation techniques Learn about sustainability and reducing your impact on the natural environment ​
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